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Who Wants a Free Game?!

by JW

Crackdown, for better or worse, has become one of the top games on the Xbox 360 library. If you haven’t bought it already, you have yet another opportunity to get your grubby little paws on it.

How, you ask? Simple.

I’m giving one away! …more specifically, 451 Press is giving one away, through me. The contest is simple: Just comment on this article with your e-mail, and should you win, we’ll contact you.

Not to mention, in addition to getting a game that can be pretty damn fun to play on it’s own, you’re gonna get your hands on the Halo 3 Beta! So if nothing else, you can be like one of the drones who bought Crackdown solely for the Beta, only YOU would be doing the smart thing and saving $60!

So enter, dammit!

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42 Responses to “Who Wants a Free Game?!”

  1. nate wychopen Says:

    I would like to win a free copy of the xbox 360 game crackdown.

  2. Quan Truong Says:

    I would like to win a free copy of the xbox 360 game crackdown.

  3. Joe Veen Says:

    I would love a copy of Crackdown and the Halo 3 beta would be icing on the cake. Just fixed my 360 with a new laser, so I’m ready to go. :)

  4. Joe Zamora Says:

    Crackdown is a fun game, I can’t get enough of the demo. It would be cool to win and finally try the 2 player co-op.

  5. Zeph Says:

    I just purchased a 360 solely for the purpose of Halo 3. I am way to cheap and lazy to “buy” a game. (Freeloading For The Win).

    I proclaim myself “winnar of ur un1v3ses”.
    Blah blah blah, all your halo are belong to me…. ect.

  6. Daniel Says:

    Hi, this is a really good offer and I appreciate your kindness. Thanks,


  7. oriol Says:

    Hi I run a halo website called gruntsrus.com I really want to get the Halo 3 beta to cover and review it for my members thanks for giving me a chance.

  8. Ferg426 Says:

    I want one!!!! Thanx!

  9. Mike Says:

    Hi, just discovered your site. Looking good. I wanted to pick up Crackdown, I’ve heard so much good publicity on it. Please enter me into the contest,

  10. Dan Raffe Says:

    I would love a free copy of crackdown. Your site is very helpful glad to have found it.

  11. Crackerwax Says:

    Golly, golly, free you say?

    Surely there’s no such thing as a free game, organ donation will follow. Mark my words.

    No wait! It’ll be my first born won’t it?

    Oooh, I know your game. Count me out!

  12. kuyote Says:

    Never had tried it, but if it’s free I will give it a try.

  13. Rahul Says:

    worth a try

  14. Jordan Says:


  15. Andy Smith Says:

    Man, I would love to get a hold of a free copy of this! BTW, I love the site. Damn, i really hope i win. When will we know? Either way AWESOME!

  16. nick Says:

    i’d like a free game

  17. Idesofmarch Says:

    Free stuff is always cool..

  18. Matt Says:

    I’d love to win a copy of the game. I love this website!

  19. Chris Says:

    Hey, I just got my 360 last weekend (along with Rainbow Six Vegas) and I’m loving it. I’d love to add Crackdown to my collection. I’d double it in size! Holy Crap! :-D

    Cool contest, none the less. Thanks for running stuff like this!

  20. Cheez Says:

    I would like to win a free copy of the xbox 360 game crackdown. :O
    doh! i aint gonna win >.>
    btw this game is awsome..its so fun playing it…but i have only played the demo -.-”
    anywayz. Gimme that game dammit!!

  21. Graeme Says:

    Crackdown is a videogame. Sounds fun?

  22. Zack Says:

    Crackdown for free? Who wouldn’t want to win??

  23. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Just a reminder: Free Game! Says:

    [...] Just a friendly reminder for you all — click this here link, and submit your e-mail to be entered in X360R’s free Crackdown contest! If you’re cheap, or poor, or just lazy like me, you really can’t afford to say no to a fee Xbox 360 game, so go for this one. [...]

  24. PacoDG Says:

  25. BIG DRO 007 Says:

    Haven’t got a chance to play it yet, but heard it was a damn good game. and a chance to get it free, why wouldn’t you at least try?

  26. BIG DRO 007 Says:

    it didn’t post my Email Damn it.

  27. This Is Real Says:

    yeah let me post my email for every spammer to get


  28. PacoDG Says:

    If you don’t have at least 2 email accounts, let me say to you..

    Hi, welcome to the Internet.

  29. BB Says:

    @This Is Real: Trust me, your not that important

  30. TheMinusFactor Says:

    Can’t wait to try out Halo 3 beta!

  31. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Last Call for Crackdown! Says:

    [...] Click here! [...]

  32. Taps Says:

    Oh why not…

  33. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Sneak Peek at Crackdown DL Says:

    [...] By the way, if you haven’t picked up Crackdown, you still have time to enter our contest for a free copy! Do it! NOW! [...]

  34. Dave The Brave Says:

    Its tough to say what the probability is of winning this game. If I had to guess, I’d say it’d be equal to (and this is just a rough estimation) the factorial of the number of people submitting their addresses times the GDP of all 3rd world countries divided by the standard deviation of a large space mouse consuming the earth mistaking it for a large wheel of cheese. Like I said, a rough estimation cause I somehow came up with 9 …

  35. Brian Humphrey Says:

    That Dave guy is a weirdo…The answer is obviously 666. I WANT THE GAME (.)(.)

  36. Ethan Says:

    I am entering this contest dammit!

  37. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Lots of Halo 2, Halo 3 News Says:

    [...] There’s also split-screen, so you and a friend who was not fortunate enough to cough up the money for Crackdown (which we’re giving away for FREE, I might add) can throw down against each other. One of the cool features they’re wanting to show off involves you lucky schmucks with HDTVs. Instead of the image being stretched to fill the screen either vertically or horizontally, they’ve gone and windowed the action, thus giving both of you a smaller, but more clear and proportionate image to focus on, instead of some horribly stretched view. [...]

  38. Justin Says:

    First time 360 owner as of tomorrow (getting an Elite)! My girlfriend is allowing me one game for now (which I was debating between GoW and Crackdown) so I’ll go with GoW and put my faith in this contest!

  39. thestone Says:

    I needs the Crackdown, so’s I enters the contest.

  40. kgal Says:

    This would make a great b-day gift for my husband.

  41. GamerGirl Says:

    Here’s my 2 cents for the contest.

  42. Paul Says:


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