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Xbox 360 to go Blu-Ray?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008


With Blu-Ray seemingly beating HD-DVD into submission like a redheaded stepchild, it really shouldn’t surprise anybody that Microsoft is now considering adding Blu-Ray playback to the Xbox 360.

In an interview with Reuters, Microsoft’s group marketing manager Albert Penello made it pretty clear that Microsoft would be willing to switch sides in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray debate, saying “It should be a consumer choice, and if that’s the way they vote, that’s something we’ll have to consider”.

That is code for “If HD-DVD gets beaten into the dirt, we’re switching sides.” This may turn out to be the case, as it is widely believed that Paramount Pictures, who just this summer backed HD-DVD, may be ready to switch sides and join the Blu-Ray camp.

HD-DVD is dead. Long live Blu-Ray!

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Bill Gates Rocks Out to Guitar Hero III. Kind of.

Monday, January 7th, 2008

In case you haven’t heard, Bill Gates had his CES keynote address last night. While most of it was boring and unoriginal, the ending was… something entirely different. Taking a page from Peter Moore’s disastrous attempt at rocking out at this past E3 (boy did I get the Code Monkeys prediction wrong or what?), both Bill Gates and Microsoft President Robbie Bach took decided that it would be better to have others stand in for them as they used Guitar Hero III to settle a $20 bet.

Bach brought out the insanely hot Tipper Queen, who threw down to the opening licks of Guns n’ Roses’ classic “Welcome to the Jungle”. However Gates, being Bill Gates, one-upped Bach by bringing out the equally talented, if not slightly less-hot Slash. To give you a hint: He’s the one in the hat.

One complaint: A bet of $20? Come on. Bill Gates hasn’t even SEEN a $20 bill since 1974!

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Microsoft: Xbox 360 has sold 17.7 million, Halo 3 8.1 million

Friday, January 4th, 2008


Whether you bought a Wii, Xbox 360 or even a PlayStation 3, you can’t argue that this was an amazing year for console gamers. The industry certainly can’t argue this fact either, as gaming as a whole made over $40 billion in 2007, with much of the success coming between August and November. Microsoft in particular did well for themselves over the year, or so they tell you.

According to Microsoft, thanks to a strong holiday showing which included hits like Mass Effect and Halo 3, the Xbox 360 surpassed the 17.5 million unit mark. In fact, Halo 3 alone has topped 8 million units, with Mass Effect selling another 1.6 million units in just six weeks.

“Microsoft is proud of the contributions Xbox 360 is making to the gaming industry, and looks forward to an even more successful 2008,” Microsoft said.

I would be kind of interested to see if we could find out how many of those 17.7 million consoles Microsoft brags about selling were purchased by people who just didn’t feel like sending their Ringed One in for repair.

[GameDaily BIZ]

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Mill o’ Rumour: Crysis on the Xbox 360?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2008


Ah, it’s nice to wake up in a world where Metal Gear Solid 4 rumors have been put to rest, and there are absolutely NO rumors of any games being ported to the Xbox 360. Yes, the sun shines brighter today. The air is crisper today. The water is more thirst quenching today. Why, this may very well be the perf… Crysis is coming to the 360? Son of a…

That’s right, boys and girls. According to Austrian video game retailer “GamesOnly.at”, Crysis is indeed coming to the Xbox 360 this November.

If Crysis is indeed coming to the Xbox 360, it will no doubt be toned down a bit in the graphics department.

Crysis was released on the PC in the US on November 13th, 2007. As of now its sales have been disappointing due to the fact that Crysis is an absolute beast that will chew up and spit out your girly man gaming rig.


JW’s Notes: ATTN Xbox LIVE Subscribers: Stop Your Bitching!

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008


(as written, by me, at 1PStart)

It’s no secret that this past week or so Xbox LIVE has been giving a lot of people issues. Whining and complaining has occurred on countless message boards, and I’m sure even a few tears have been shed by the overly zealous Halo 3 jackasses. Well, I address each and every one of you who feel they have been wronged by Microsoft, and demand compensation when I say…

Stop your bitching.


Xbox 360 Internal HD-DVD coming at CES?

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008


Before we get back to the business, I just want to wish you all a happy new year once again. I hope you all had a fun, and safe new year celebration, and I’m looking forward to shaming myself for your entertainment until this time next year. Now to business…

Remember when there were rampant rumors that Microsoft and Toshiba were working together in an effort to bring a new Xbox 360 SKU with a built-in HD-DVD drive. Now those rumors have been revived after several reports have indicated that Bill Gates and Microsoft may be ready to reveal a new SKU for the 360 at CES.

Unlike earlier believed, this new SKU will not be a stand-alone, but rather a replacement for the soon-to-be-discontinued Xbox 360 Elite. If true, of course.

While the idea of a Xbox 360 with built-in HD-DVD is a good one, I just feel it’s a bit late. Also, the inclusion of an internal HD-DVD drive would surely drive up the cost of the console, so maybe its best we wait and see before we get excited.

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Happy New Year from Xbox 360 Rally!

Tuesday, January 1st, 2008

People, with the new year now upon us, and the old year now behind us, I think it’s time for us to look back at our past. At what came before us. In order to truly appreciate the games we have now, and will have in the future we must always be mindful of our humble beginnings. Before there was carjackings and shootouts in beautifully rendered streets, there was a dog and some ducks. Before there were expansive 3D worlds that were fully destructible, there was a 2D city that you could smash as a lizard, or ape.

Hell, before he was blue and red, he was this kind of off-brownish kind of color. Regardless, to embrace the future we must remember the past, so here is a video from All Games Radio founder that shows the evolution of gaming from then to now.

Happy New Year, everybody. See you again on Wednesday.

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