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The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found!

by PacoDG

buddychrist.jpgSo, in an earlier post I stated my Xbox 360 had a “Red Ring of Death.” As I posted and worried in many forums, Destructoid, hell, even the official Xbox forums. Choices were coming down to ending up selling it off used @ $150 and using the money to get a new Core system, then mention of the towel trick came up. I remember a while ago reading about someone thinking about using the Towel Trick, a great user on DToid named Grim. At this point, I was willing to try anything (it had only been a day without my 360, and already I was getting the shakes)

I get home from work (5:20am or so, I instantly grab some towels, as per the good “FAQ” I read on the subject of the towel trick [source] I did the directions perfectly, so here I shall share with you all. Before starting, take out your hard drive, and controllers, have a nice surface where you can put your 360 down on.


1- Put one towel down, put the 360 on top, add another towel on top, cover all sides/backs/etc. This is key, you have to have that Xbox covered. When you can’t see it, finger around to find the power button and turn it on. Wait 10-15 minutes. I started at 5:22am, and then started to do crap on the computer to kill time.

2- Then I got so into other stuff, I ended up turning the system off at 5:37am, so I did the full 15 minutes, no biggie. Now it was..

3- Cool down time. I waited 15 minutes before turning back on the system as recommended.

Turned back on, I got a chubby when all I seen was green lights. I turned off the system to put back in the hard drive and throw in a game.

For a really great video tuturial, look no further than down.

Aftermath to this story, I ended up being so happy I thought Id play a Team Skirmish or two in Halo 2. No such luck, they f’n make have to buy new maps to play in matchmaking. It will be free one day though, no? And I still got the Beta.

*sigh* What a stressful night.

((Update: Friday June 1st marked the day I got the coffin from Microsoft for my deadbox 360. I missed out on most of the Halo 3 beta. At the least, everything they are doing is costing me nothing, and I do have a launch unit. If you still have a red ring and have either a modded 360 and/or a unit out of warranty, maybe its time to back up your investment in your 360 by learning more about its insides. Click here and here for help! C’mon, are you doing anything else with your paperweight?))

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328 Responses to “The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found!”

  1. fsdf Says:

    As your 360 ages the PCB board that the processor sits on warps with heat. For some reason Softy didn’t make the PCB’s in this console or the elite to be very duruble or able to handle the high temperatures of conintued use. As you PCB warps it probably causes lifted solder joints on the PCB at the connection with the processor. So when you heat up your 360 with the towel trick, you’re probably warping your PCB more, and then that connection with the lifted solder joint settles back in. You are right though, it is probably a temp fix.

  2. J.W. Says:

    You lucky son of a bitch… :P

  3. 영계 Says:

    Thanks for sharing that information!

  4. ?? Says:

    it only works temporarily, it doesnt fix it, soon it will give you the ring of death again. i tried it to mine when it was broke, worked for like a day. the next day, 3 red lights. its gonna happen.

  5. Says:

    Did it right now, waiting for it to cool down….. i pray to god at this moment. please join me in a prayer.

    Dear Lord

    May my xbox be restored for 24 hours for me to play guitar hero and graw 2 because microsoft will be molesting my xbox 360 for two weeks until i can play again.


  6. ~J~ Says:

    Gotta agree with #3. I’m sure the problem is related to heating/expanding of some component because the fix is only for a short time. Either way, get it replaced, it’s broke, end of.

  7. PacoDG Says:

    Yeah, my update to all this, is I am going to just Towel Trick until the Halo 3 Beta is done, then get a new box, cause I do still have warranty.

  8. Griphin Says:

    Its a heat thing. The red-light-fever is caused by the mainboard FLEXING from the heat buildup and allowing the cpu to pop out of its socket. Im betting this trick allows the board to flex up again and because it cools slowly it allows the cpu to slip back into place slowly rather than having the board snap back quickly. The board doesnt heat up when the cpu isn’t connected.

  9. Robert Says:

    Did you try blowing on the cartage?

  10. the QuickStop - Says:

    [...] The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found! [...]

  11. Gamer Says:

    LoL, man articles like this make me glad I never bought a 360, what a piece of junk…

  12. Bad Idea Says:

    This is a HUGE fire hazard, sell it, especially if it’s only temporary

  13. Dcnigma Says:

    How it works?

    well i think its the same principle as the hot air gun trick. it also only temporarily.
    But now you dont need to open your xbox to blow heat over your mobo. nice trick gone try it on my busted xbox later this day, thx.

  14. dunnypop Says:

    i think the reason there’s the ring of death is because of the solder it uses.
    so u use the towel and it heats the entire system up, and the solder expands.

    something like that.

  15. irfanullah Says:


    I BLEW IT . Another great news . i have also found another cure for the “Red ring of death”. i will tell you people quickly.

    1.take the hard disk from your Box out and fire up your room heater. put the xbox 360 infront of room heater at a distance of 14 inches and warm all the sides of your xbox360 for 2 minutes each side .then switch it on after 5-6 minutes. and hopefully you will find it green .INSHALLAH.i have done this trick to my BOX a month ago and its still working and not shown the red light anymore.if ur xbox fixed then plz inform me on my email address().

    thank you .and enjoy your games.


  16. jay Says:

    i have the best solustion

    got a tech who has experience witht the xbox 360

    get him to modify the fans inside the system to run at full speed at all times and then add another fan and us foil to make a ventalation to the core chips system inside the 360.. this will keep system cool for about 9 hrs of games time… i can personaly confirm this works…..when i take my dvd ot after long play times.. i never ever have a problem about hot dvds or red lights of death

  17. Mushu Says:

    Well, the real problem is there is only so much technology you can pack into a device relative to its size and power. These company’s are putting TOO MUCH stuff in these console and the system can’t sustained itsself for long. That’t why MS has red lights of death and sony had to reall 200,000 of the intial 400,000 PS3′S it shipped on lauch. That’s why all PS1 and PS2 games worked and why they had problems with getting the bluray to work. Its just to much. A packmule can only carry so much before it kicks back on you.

  18. Mr. Tangent Says:

    I have a “fix”. Sell the POS Xbox 360, buy a Wii or PS3. Tada! Fixed! I can’t believe people still dog the PS3, when I don’t hear about PS3’s dying like I do with the Xbox 360. For the sake of full disclosure, I own all three systems, and a PC/Mac, but I think the PS3 is a much better system overall, especially given the motion control and standards-based peripherals like Bluetooth, SATA drive, etc.

  19. XxCYONIDExX Says:

    By what I’ve experienced with the RLOD(Red lights of Death) it was actually a power supply issue. If you have a fan or any other device drawing power away from your console which possibly overloads your power supply. Note that controller chargers do not do this its mainly devices not made by microsoft or cooling devices.

  20. The Grim Reaper Says:

    Totally wrong!
    The ROD is caused by rubbish constructed MBs

    If the CPU and GPU are stressed (let’s say while you are playing games) the MB begins to warp (much likely) resulting in the ROD (because the BGA connections to CPU and GPU will pop out).

    Some people have luck and their 360 had never shown indications of a ROD ever since November 05, but it could happen every day!

    That is a reason why the official failure rate is so low. They exclude the RODs because they are aware of this Problem.
    You want to know how they addressed this issue with the Elite?
    Well, I was as curious as you are and I opened my Elite. First thought: LOL
    Why? They put some epoxy around CPU and GPU.
    Well I don’t know if it’ll help a lot but it tells me as a consumer that MS isn’t trying to fix! They are just taking the easy (and CHEAP) way out.

  21. GameNation - Gaming News! » A Rouge Way To Fix Your 360 That RROD’d Says:

    [...] Xbox360rally.com has posted a great little blog entry that explains how he fixed his Xbox 360 that got the dreaded red ring of death (RROD). Usually when you get that sign, the only thing to do is send the console back to Microsoft and hope that they will cover the costs. However, this solution, although not endorsed by Microsoft, has been known to work for a good deal of the time. [...]

  22. Sephious Says:

    WTF???? Maybe everyone is not as technical as some of us…. but wrapping a towel around your xb360 is just plain lazy. There is a much beter way to fix this (heat gun). Now I will admit I have had to do the heat gun trick four times now but each time I get at least two to three months of play from it. The only real fix for this is to remove the CPU and GPU and resolder the BGA connections. I think that posting this on digg as the fix all for your xbox360 problems is misinforming and will likely result in alot of broken consoles if not housefires. If you want to learn how to do the heatgun trick go to xboxhacker.com and run a search for 0102. Side note you may also want to pull the heatsinks up and put down real thermal paste. I checked my processor last week and the thermal compound was literaly the consistancy of rubber. If you find the same on your 360 scrape it off and replace with artic thunder thermal compound or at least something other than rubber.

  23. Me Says:

    This is to Mr. Tangent #16 post. PS2 break like NOTHING I have never seen. I worked as a manager of a videogame store for 2 years and at least 40%-50% of people buying a PS2 were replacing a broken ones(I always asked because they didn’t need memory cards or anything because it was just a replacement). Yet PS2 was the #1 selling system. This isn’t hate just the truth.

  24. Says:

    Heres a new way to get rid of the RLOD :D

    1. Take 360
    2. Throw it, as far as possible out of view.
    3. Enjoy view, now without red lights ^_^

    JK, lol. I’ve only gotten the RLOD once, but it managed to fix itself within seconds and it’s been fine ever since.

  25. cellfluid Says:

    all of that talk about the price of a p3 hahaha 250 for a seperate 120gig hard drive 475 for the elite 200 for a hd/dvd player haha u do the math 599 for my ps3 and im good.. no wounder they had an offer on free towels when u bought a 360 hahah ahaha hahaha yall systems sucks balls big time

  26. jaren Says:

    thanks for the info… man i thought my 360’s a goner…

  27. mgroves Says:

    Here’s a better idea:

    Step 1. Put the towel down.
    Step 2. Go lie down for a while.
    Step 3. Get a cold drink, perhaps.
    Step 4. Okay, now send in your Xbox to MS and let sane people fix it.

  28. BigBeaverEater Says:

    My 360 got the ring of death yesterday thanks for the info.

  29. Motorcycle Guy Says:

    What haha? how does this work? does it just get it hot and reset it somehow?

  30. Mannyfresh Says:

    this really worked thanks alot man..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! save me some money!!!

  31. bob Says:

    BLAH BLAH BLAH consoles suck period!!!

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  34. Carl Says:

    I basically have lost my confidence in this machine and would like to contact peter moore personally and the better business bureau, I am on my third one and it appears I am not alone. Who wants to contact Petey Moore?

  35. Ste Says:

    i’m on my 5th 360. I’m lucky the shop i bought it from, Dixons (UK), replace my machine no questions asked everytime.

  36. PacoDG Says:

    You are soooooooo one of the lucky ones. It seems that some get a hassle to get a new machine, while others say their call to Microsoft to get a new one is like talking with an Angel.

    So far the towel trick has prevented me from calling M$, but I should do that soon anyways before my warranty is up.

  37. leighp Says:

    Well the towel trick is only temporary,i had 2 with the same problem,3 rings of death,but behold,a perminant fix is here,check out you tube “360 repair part one” then look at part two,trust me this works,it takes about 1 hour start to finish but it is worth it,and how much does it cost,well bugger all if you have a heat gun(paint stripper)and just re-use the heat sink compound.
    If your 360 is out of warrenty what have you got to lose.

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    [...] trying! Info on towel trick for those who ever need it: XBox 360 Rally � Blog Archive � The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found! The Towel Trick Videos � The Xbox Domain Say Your Say Xbox Live [...]

  39. Lucia Says:

    I had tried this solution before but it lasted only 2 weeks. I have recently found a new fix that really take care of the problem and it is also permanent! Here is the page for the Eraser Fix

    Don’t do it if you still have your warranty


  40. Hostgator » Blog Archive » Death Cure Found! At least for the Xbox 360 Says:

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  41. vinto Says:

    I tryed it with tin foil instead, after the power is switched on the thermal cut out kicks in (Standby) after about 1 min then switched it back on 45 seconds later standby kicks in keep switching it on until it switchs on then off, this take about 6 mins! yep it works a treat 3 weeks and counting!!!

  42. josh Says:

    my xbox done it today and dose this solution really work
    plz plz plz help me get through this and i will be a very happy boy
    i am really missing my gametime playing on fifa with my brother so i can beat him.
    plz plz plz help me n plus me dad dont know so he will kill me.
    help meeeee

  43. HearseLUV666 Says:

    Josh you are a FUCKING retard

  44. J.W. Says:

    @ Hearse: Watch it with the language. Paco and I get away with it because we work here. We make the rules. We don’t need people like you harassing fellow readers.

  45. josh Says:


  46. Patrick Says:

    Thanks, not mine won’t turn on at all.

  47. Patrick Says:


  48. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Xbox 360Failure Rate at 30%?! Says:

    [...] tell you from personal experience that I’ve had two different Xbox 360 consoles die on me. Paco famously had his die, before the towel trick brought it back to life. Some of our friends have had upwards of four or [...]

  49. Tink 1977 Says:

    I tried the towel trick and it didn’t work, guess I will be without my xbox for 2 weeks :(

  50. Bob Says:

    You only get Red rings of death if you play your X-Box 360 too long since the red rings of death is from over heating. I only play my x-box 360 for aout an hour a week. I have had it for a year and a half too. The red rings has never happened to me. Just don’t over play it. I have a wii too, so i don’t need to play x-box 360 as much

  51. pacman37 Says:

    Hey i got an idea why dont u all stop playing with your stupid consoles, stop arguing, if your console has a problem and u cant fix, send it in or do what people that arnt video game losers do and get a fucking girl friend last time i checked that was free

  52. Amd-man Says:

    OMG! It really works, i did that 5min and now my X360 is working!!!

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  54. PIXDOG Says:

    Does this really work, and how long does microsoft keep your xbox. I just contacted them today to get a “box” sent out to turn it in. This blows… I have only had it 6 months.

  55. PacoDG Says:

    It took roughly about two weeks for me to get mine. If it takes longer, check this out: http://www.weplayxbox.com/2007/06/28/the-great-xbox-360-repair-debacle-part-ii/ Guy got free games from Microsoft.

    Anyways, they were actually pretty quick imo, and I got a free month of live. So far so good.

    The towel trick does work, but I wouldn’t recommend doing it for more than a week or two, just until Microsoft sends you your coffin (ie the box you will send your Xbox 360 out to them in)

  56. claytonomore Says:

    My friend the kid that got the 360 first and met Bill Gates i can’t mention his name but he says to check if your wires are bunched up or if your room is really hot well check if that will work cuz i just got shadowrun and The darkness so i really need to play them so try his tecneek!!

  57. Scapegoat Says:

    Worked for about 15 minutes then failed again.

  58. Sacred Ninja Says:

    Ya i played my 360 for about 5 hours and it is broken….

  59. Electronic Engineer Says:

    I had to write this due to all of you guys guessing wrong about what causes the connection to break between the processor & mainboard. The surface mounted chips (Intergrated Circuits) do start to unbond at temps of 90+ this is a very common problem, not just with 360’s but also anything electrical that has poor ventilation, heatsinks can do what they are supposed to do which is spread the heat from the IC’s, but also they can hinder the airflow around the IC. The so called towel trick just heats up the solder on which the surface mount ic sits on thus causing the solder to flow & then the surface mount IC then reseats its self onto the landing pads (the solder pads) the towel trick will work as temp measure, but doin this regular will cause the solder to become oxordised (loose its conductivity) due to constant reheating of the solder under the IC using the towel trick. Microsoft should have done what the germans & dutch do which is use silver solder instead of the nickel & lead based solder. Silver solder has a heat yeild of 125+ compaired to the heat yeild of nickle & lead based solder which as I said before is only good for temps of 90 degrees before it starts to melt.

  60. markamus360 Says:

    yeah i got the rrod once and my friend told me about this website where he got a free elite!! i didnt believe but i tried it and ended up getting the sign up for one offer thing so i did paid five bucks for a quickbooks dvd and actually recieved my xbox 2 weeks later just in time for the cod4 beta!!! try that link and stop the staring contest between you and that red eyed monster you call an xbox!!

  61. markamus360 Says:

    sorry forgot to tell u that the link is when you click on my name!!LOL

  62. UGLY Says:

    I called 1-800-4my-xbox, they sending me a box to ship my xbox to them (4-5days), they are going to fix it totally free, Said it was going to take 4-6weeks for repairs. But I’m trying the towel trick now.. What teh hell its being sent back for free, might as well burn her up

  63. ADEX Says:

    It’s totally fake!
    This will melt some essential components of your XBox 360 hardware misleading to totally broken XBox 360, even when you send it to Microsoft after getting the 3 red lights, they will charge you for those melted parts!

    This guy is a HOAX! You can see when he unwraps the Xbox 360 in the video, the console is turned off! IT’S FAKE! ”

    Just send it to Microsoft!

  64. Glenn Says:

    Ok this towel trick doesnt work at all i just did it and now i have 4 red rings and the red rings come up instantly this just fucked it up even more thanks for nothing dont even try this!

  65. PacoDG Says:

    If you had the red rings your machine was broken in the first place. Towel tricking is a last resort, not something you do at a bamitzvahs.

  66. spuirrel Says:

    to glenn win u must have forgot to put in one of the cords becuase ithougth i had it to but i put in one of the cords and taaaaadha fix this only works with all four lights red

  67. Jesus Juice Says:


  68. Jesus Juice Says:

    open it up and shit in it and it works

  69. Steel the man Says:

    Fuck! it worked thanks man! I LOVE YOU!

  70. New faster way to fix this problem Says:

    I found out that if you overheated the 360 for 5mins and then turn it on quick it will stay on longer. If you let it cool down it will only work for like a 30 to 60 mins. My work all day as long it stay on while I playin. I hope this will work for u.

  71. mass Says:

    Had my 360 since NOV 05, just got RROD every time i start up or the picture freezes after 5mins,tried everything and gave up. Just tried the towel trick and been playing Halo 3 for over three hours,

  72. Loko Pokon » Death Cure Found! At least for the Xbox 360 Says:

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  73. GODLOVESME Says:

    ok i say this websight right after i got the RROD. ok well i got the ring and immeidatly i shut off my x-box, then while watching the movie i let it sit for however long it is, then i went back over to turn it on, i left the game that it died wit in it turned it on and RROD was GONE, dunno what happened but hopes this also helps ppl.

  74. soultak3r Says:

    fuck me it worked

  75. ula Says:

    towel trick worked for me, but.. big but :)
    my fcuking launch 360 doesnt want to read games anymore :(

  76. DDDDD Says:

    I’ve had my 360 since JAN 07. I got RROD after about a month and a half. Used the towel trick and it worked. Here is a way to avoid getting red ring of death in the first place. If you have already received ring of death use the towel trick then do the following. When ever you are playing your 360 for over an hour, aim a small room fan at it and put it on the lowest setting. So far I haven’t got RROD since January.

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  78. kevin kosme Says:

    i have a problem too on xbox360 red ring of death!,. ive searching for shop that can fix that problem and will not appear any more the red ring of death!,, i also try thy other method, i try to high up the tempereture of the xbox360 up to 5 hours, if my console is on heat, i can play the game but!!!!… this tricks will not work for ever, now my xbox360 is still broken, shit xbox 360, stupid xbox360 team, mga bobo kau!. huh!

  79. robby Says:

    RROOAAARR thanks for the information but it didnt work for me ):

  80. jake Says:

    its caused by idiotic owners not taking care of their 360’s put it in an open area buy an intercooler and if u really wanna stop the rrod then put a desktop fan behind it to blow out the hot air.also there is now a new heatsink for the xbox 360 so they should be more reliable.

  81. GameFreak Says:

    To Jake, #80, I contradict your statement about a few things. Its very unwise to use an intercooler. Many people have been having problems with them melting straight into their core. alot of times also, if you pull it out wrong, it will also pull out the power cord. What I recommend as an anti for RROD is set your Xbox somewhere well ventilated, and set it horizontally, with risers too keep from any air being trapped in the system. I would NEVER get an intercooler. Instead, I highly recommend getting a notebook cooler. I think Antec sells them. They fit right in with the Xbox, same color, and barely take any energy. Also, the Towel Method is highly unrecommended. As said before, it only warps your system even more.

  82. jason>halo( .Y. ) Says:

    oh shit thanks man my 360 got the red ring of death last year

  83. robbie Says:

    i was just downloading the update for shivering isles for oblivion and it stopped for abbout 3 mins so i turned it off and back on and the 360 made a noise and paused that is when it broke. did i do anything wrong?

  84. Korig Says:

    Trying the towel trick right now. Wish me luck.

  85. xTxRxAxVxIxSx Says:

    Lol, it worked for me (for now anyway).

    I started doing it (it was going for about 3 minutes and I realized “oh WOAH, I forgot to take off the hard drive” haha. So I took that off, started it over again, and let it go for 15 minutes. So all in all it was probably wrapped for about 20 minutes or so.

    Then I just turned it off then back on, and no red rings! Just the same, I’m sending my request to Microsoft anyway. I just wanted to see if it really worked!

    Thanks, haha. Now watch, it’ll probably crap back out here in about 30 minutes. :P

  86. free xbox 360 Says:

    I am scared it will only be a temporary fix for me though. I dont want to have to keep doing this forever.

  87. Samuel Polig Says:

    This is funny… I just found another cure for the Red Ring of Death…

    My 360 has has the Red Ring of Death for almost a week now, and I’ve been turning it on every day in vain hope.

    I went to try the towel trick. When I turned it on there was no Red Ring of Death.

    …It’s fixed.

    So what’s MY cure? Luck, I guess. But this is kinda weird.

  88. dan Says:

    I wanted to buy one of these, feeling that ps3 has no games is overpriced etc…. also feeling that nindendo wii feels old… but this broken piece off shit fails to impress me.. I miss my old xbox… should not have sold that thing…

    Now I get to wait a feaw yers, lets see who will manage to get things done first…

    if ps3 drops the price, and game developers start investing exclusive on it, than that will be my choice, or if xbox 360 (that seems not that impressive in horsepower) start winning back confidence with a foolproof quiet machine, with included baterys for controls than I might buy that, but at the time beeing I am just a starving gamer who choose to leave my game urges all together since the scene is sucha a shamefull one…

    In the meantime sony is developing a new ps2, wtf is that all about? that like saying yeah we know our blueray bastard is just a big piece of shit and since ps2 is selling well thats all we care about…

    the only machine that looks fairly decent on the market is prob psp. but who wants a psp?
    they could be really cool, but hard drive is smal and they seem like a mess to hack… and if u dont hack them you can only buy spiderman 3 or whatever, pirates of the carabian etc..

    It all makes u miss the commodore 64, thoes where the days ;)

  89. maties Says:

    i tryed this technique and worked great, but i can only go on the xbox360 dashboard and cant play any games they would freeze at any of the first loading screens , could any give me advice on how to fix this problem. or I will proably have to wait 4-6 dreadfull weeks so plzzz help

  90. Charlie Says:

    FUCKING AWESOME!! YOU FUCKING FIXED MY XBOX. holy shit. i never thought this would work but.. well… haha the results speak for themselves.

  91. mikw Says:

    thanks so much dude, it works!!!!!!

  92. fa22dragon Says:

    hey to 81 (gamefreak) what sort of cooler do u mean could u send me a link or sumin coz i sorta understand wat ur on about but not totally convinced cheers - o ye more relavent to the origional thing the towel trick didnt work lol whoever thout of that is crazy lol but if it works for some poeple fine.

  93. in2cept Says:

    ive just had the 1 red ring of death in the bottom right of my console and the multiple languge error msg appear. i have had my box from release date bck in nov but only recently been putting the hours in on live and using the download content feature. was playing the download shiv isles for oblivion and the background went red the game was still playing. turned box off then on and got the red ring and error msg.was i lucky 2 have no probs with the first batch of uk bound boxes or just didnt play long enough for it 2 happen. does any1 have a fix so i dont have 2 lose my box for 3-4 wks. has any1 else had the same prob with the first batch of 360s released. microsoft say they will repair for free this tells me that mabe they knew this failure will occur eventuly.

  94. P Kaa Says:

    The towel trick is only a temporary fix I have afew guides here http://xbox-360-repair-guide-ebook.blogspot.com/2008/02/3-red-ring-of-light-error-fix-guide.html that help you fix it on your own permanently

  95. mary Says:

    im so ticked my xbox 360 now shows 4 rings after doing this towel trick a few times… plus when i turn it on to play my halo just freezes after being on for 2 mins. i cant wait till they come out with something better… i really just wanna play halo but cant even do that!

    i wanted to buy a new one but hearing everyone talk about how many they have like some ppl with 5? thats crazy screw microsoft they need to fix it… it’s definately been out long enough to already have something that should help this problem!! but they dont!

  96. Aman Says:

    Thank you so much …. it worked … thanks a lot…

  97. Spencer Says:

    Thanks im trying it out right now so i dont know if your a lier or a truther

  98. red_ring_of_death Says:

    you can fix this easier with a repair guide from Htpp://3RedLightFix.com

  99. Jeff Says:

    dude this shit totally works thanks a lot man

  100. P Kaa Says:

    hey dudes you cab fix all your xbox 360 faults and problems with this guide found here http://xbox-360-repair-guide-ebook.blogspot.com/2008/02/3-red-ring-of-light-error-fix-guide.html

  101. smurf this Says:

    ever thought about going outside? not worrying about playin games? doin somethin with ur life? maybe a job?

  102. smurf this Says:

    and ps……..WHO U CALLIN UNCLE TOM!

  103. smurf this Says:

    this totally doesnt work……had xbox for like a year and a half, and finally fucked out this morning, it like froze then spider web bitches when across my screen…i shut it off and turned it back on and seen the dirty ring of death. im too lazy/ to cheap to get it fixed so ill just buy a new one :(, i cant wait how long to get a new one…thats gay.

  104. 36O death sQuaD Says:

    i got dmc 4 after updated the system i got playing then it froze! the red rings came! ive looked at how to fix this n that i give up im gonna miss gta 4 never mind i will stick to my psp.

  105. Lazlow Says:

    after along online on halo 3 i went into another for a minute and i heard this loud crunch! it was my 36O! the red liGhts shone. i managed to get the disc out it was fucking chewed! ive lost it with micrsoft oh and i am the lazlow from gta…. im sticking wit ps3 sorry!!

  106. smurf this Says:

    its been……..a couple days since xbox. feels like 2 years, when i come from work i usually play it if im not in town…..im dyin man…….its breakin my balls….i cant wait a month for ms to fix it…fuckin bill gates…..nah im just speakin outa hurt, i love you man…..u are my jesus

  107. smurf this Says:

    im batman

  108. Peter Moore Says:

    you all should suffer you should take care of em you dumb apes. i hope they explode! and make you shit in your pants! you wont get your 36Os back!! i rule ass cheeks wooooo!!!

  109. Peter Moore Says:

    me again your 36Os are prototypes waiting to go BOOM! towel trick is a lie!! they are bombs ha ha!!! i got your money! i will get a 36O …….NOT!!! kiss my butt …… i might push the button!! bye!!

  110. red ring killah Says:

    i tried the towel trick it didnt help!!! there was smoke coming outta the back!!! smurf or anyone else what should i do?! i would appreciate it.

  111. smurf this Says:

    heres what you do. call 1-800-4my-xbox and get them to send a box. if you have 3 red rings they have extended it to a three year warnantee, and i know cus i just called them tuesday and they are sending me a box right now. im not sure if you will have to pay sinse urs started smokin, but if you do have to pay it should be cheaper than buyin a new one. and you should find somethin to do during the time cus they will prob be molestin it for a while.

  112. smurf this Says:

    im lucky i only did it for 10 minutes and i dont think it did any more dammage, the most is it might have melted somethin but it will be fixed so whatevs. if i have to pay a little extra it doesnt bother me cus i just wanna play some elder scrolls and sins creed.

  113. XXxSNiPeKinG0++xXX Says:

    holy crap i had to do it 6 times to get it to work i waz desprate!!!1

  114. How to fix the red ring of death? Says:

    [...] it leads to problems later on, but you could try it. Here’s the instruction from an editor of Xbox 360 Rally who had the same [...]

  115. smurf this Says:

    get ms to look at it dammit! its free and if not it wont cost as much as a new one! this doesnt work and if it does its temporary then it will fuck up a couple days/weeks later and ull be back to nothing! just get it fixed properly dudes..ur just doing more dammage aka costing yourself more money.

  116. socomcool2you Says:

    Ok the towel trick only works temporarly some of the problems in the xbox 360’s with the “Red Ring Of Death” has to do with the Mother Board The fans going to slow and OverHeat the way i got mine fixed was STEP1: Open your xbox 360 STEP2:Get the bottom peice of plastic off STEP3: slide the grey peice of plastic off of the board STEP4: Look at your mother board there is a small chip next to it press it down really hard ok STEP5: Look at your double X’s take out the top right screw out on both X’s And then take out the top left screw on both sides then simply take out your Disk Drive Plug the power cord up and cut it on leave it running for like 20-30 mins then cut your console off and unplug your xbox leave the screws out and put your Disk Drive back in it now keep screws in a safe place put your 360 back together and turn it upside down now plug it back up after you have put your 360 back together leave your power cord plugged up for 10 mins after the 10 mins cut it on and if this doesnt work try the towel trick if that doesnt work then try hitting it lol good luck you guys seeya! =D

  117. socomcool2you Says:

    Oh yeah i also teach to mod xbox’s and mod your internet cord if you wanna lag real good email me at Gamertag: BOOOMdatBUTTON.

  118. smurf this Says:

    why dont u play with my penis, that might work

  119. you suck Says:

    your trick suck ballz and i dont think this dum nig should be showing somthing like this cuz that shit dont work i did it to my xbox and guess what it worked! Not you dum mother fuckers u guys are all bad at this tech support bs just break your shit even more dum fucker

  120. you suck Says:

    yo that shit worked tho for real, your all still dum mother fuckers though. :D

  121. Conlin Says:

    Actually this is a really bad idea, it may make it work for about a day but the extra damage it does to the plastic parts inside and computer board is ridiculous. So dont wrap you xbox unless you dont mind waiting an extra month after you have to send it away

  122. smurf this Says:

    im a cronic masterbator. wanna shake hands?

  123. Jay Says:

    Hey,dose shuting your xbox 360 off while saveing give you the red ring of death???
    because my lil bro shut it off will it was saveing and then i turned it back on and there it was…*********!!!!!!
    just want to know if that did it

  124. charlie Says:

    you do know if u do the towel trick that if u try and send it off to microsoft and they see that you have tried the towel trick they wont take it back and fix it for you.
    just letting u know before u winge that microsoft refused to take it back

  125. charlie Says:

    and also u are better off waiting a few weeks for the new xbox to get sent to you by microsoft because he towel trick just melts the metal inside to make them touch again which will eventually melt away again. so tbh there is no point in wasting ur time AND money not worth the risk. if anything i would say dont get the premium or the core because they are one of the most consoles to get the RROD also to those who keep their xbox 360’s inside a cabinet or right next to the tele u are more than likely gonna get a RROD because it needs space t get rid of the hot air. so keep everything away from the console and it should be fine =]
    hope this information works
    get the elite

  126. smurf this Says:

    i got mine back, but i think i fucked up my oblivion disc, does anyone know why it says the disc is dirty when its not? and sometimes it does actually work. like what is my problem here, cus all my other games work just fine but this one is fee ucked

  127. -Bastardizer- Video Gaming Blog Live from Panama » Blog Archive » Death Cure Found! At least for the Xbox 360 Says:

    [...] guy’s discovery and description of a cure for his Xbox 360’s red ring of death.read more | digg [...]

  128. tyrone Says:

    fuck all yall ps3 owners our shit breaks down but your internet service suck donkey dick that trade off is worth it believe me!!!!!!!!!!

  129. watti watskinS Says:

    I JUST WAISTED 100 FUCKEN BUCKS TRYIN 2 GET MY XBOX FIXED BUT THEM STUPID ORIENTALS SEND IT BACK FUCKEN RED-RINGED AGAIN. maby i should go on craigslist and look for an xbox elight, oh ya and by the way i tryed da towel trick, you can only turn da xbox on once and have it work but den u gatta rap it in a towel again for THE NEXT TIME U !@#$EN USE IT!!!!! Dam why the hell did i wait a year and a half later 2 do somethin bout this. O.K. that was just a little reminder for all you people who HAVE AN XBOX.

  130. aerotek Says:

    somebody give me an answer for this though.
    last friday was the last time i used my 360 and it worked great. now today i get the RROD. i haven’t used the damn POS for 3 days and yet i still get the RROD.

    plus this stupid ass towel trick didnt do shit
    excuse my language. there isn’t any good way to put it.

  131. rally talk Says:

    keeping your xbox in a well ventilated, as per instructions, should prevent the red ring of death. It’s pretty scary it can heat up so much though. Better get my house insurance up to date .

  132. Kade Says:

    I found a cure for xbox 360 3 red light error and other xbox 360 problems goto http://how-to-fix-xbox-360-problems.blogspot.com/

  133. smurf this Says:

    how about shat ap

  134. reeq Says:

    are there any free guides to download that work and easy to follow

  135. MS Says:

    Hey, I know how to fix this. Throw the games machine in the bin, buy a computer that can be used for more than just games. No, wait, most of you probably can’t use computers. lol. You deserve it for buying more crap from m$.

    Perhaps they should all be driven in a ‘fridge from day one. :)

  136. Patchx Says:

    the problem is more or less improper ability of the hatsink retainers. yes there is a proper way of fixing the red ring of death thats permanant but the towel technique is not it. but good thinking anyways. i would offer my services but they may not allow advertising here.

  137. smurf this Says:

    ill give you my services. bjs $10, sex $50, cleveland steamer $100, and anything crazier than that is gonna cost ya.

  138. Patchx Says:

    whats a cleveland steamer?? sound like a carpet cleaning service. and bjs? you mean a brake job on a car? lol.

  139. smurf this Says:

    nothin as bad as a texas chili bowl,or a polish bike ride ill tell you that for sure!

  140. justin Says:

    hey, i got the one red ring in the 4th player quadrant when starting up, and a multiple language error message comes up, its happend a couple times and all i do is turn it off the back on, i dont know wut it means and if i should send it back for the 100$ or not….also it is running louder than normal…

  141. jarred Says:

    This is all bullshit it doesnt fucking work ivew tryed the stupid towel method like 5 fucking times.IT DOESNT WORK!!!.. i also tryed smacking the side of it cuz some idiot told me to and that didnt work either. now i am gonna do the only thing possible and send it to microsft and get it fixed there. so fuck all ur fucking stupid towel methods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. Patchx Says:


    if its under warranty, microsoft said they will extend the warranty to three years for the rrod, then by all means send it to them. if its not and you would consider $40 to repair the xbox 360 (the same way warranty comanies fix it)i will fix it for you and its a permanent(sic)fix. free inspection.

  143. Patchx Says:

    i also fix the disk scratching problem.

  144. jr Says:

    i will try and if it works ill let u know

  145. Patchx Says:

    if the towel trick works at all it may only work for a short period of time until it fails again.

  146. smurf this Says:

    and what about the jew?

  147. smurf this Says:

    well, they all moved to jew island where they lived happily ever after

  148. your anal Says:


  149. Fernando Says:

    I used the towel trick but instead of a towel I used a wool blanket for less than 10 minutes. It worked perfectly, then just to be sure I put the Xbox in my car and put my car right beneath sunlight in a warm day (Just to be safe) and it’s working just fine!

  150. berite Says:

    i just got it as soon as i got gta iv sounds like a lawn mower but its got 4 rings and when i do this it just turns itself of after about 10 mins a lil confused

  151. mark Says:

    im on my 4th xbox 360 system all ring of death towel trick works on every system i
    have had but temporary. i just got a refurbished xbox from microsoft about a month and a half ago last week i got the ring of death on it. im sending it back, when i get this one back im going to gamestop
    and trading it for ps3 microsoft can go to
    hell im sick of this. u pay a lot of money
    for the system and controllers and games and extras u would think they would make it durable hell i had a ps2 it lasted me 6 years
    i played it no differently than the xbox.
    never had a problem with my wii. well anyways im ps3 bound. ps3 internet is free anyways.later

  152. nathancool Says:

    how long does it work for

  153. patchx Says:

    like i said, i could do it for $40.00 plus shipping. have done many machines, 100% success rate for the rrod 85% ish success rate for error 74.

  154. Cool Says:

    Cool. Its good that your xbox is fixed

  155. de da de da der Says:

    i fixed my xbox by pushing the disk open button and the little white button really fast it makes the red lights all messed up the turn it off but i think i made it retared

  156. de da de da der Says:

    lol i think my friend’s xbox is immunend to the red ring because i go to his house all the time and i tourture his xbox i make it have the fake red ring and if you do it too much you will really get it …..to get it just pull the plug on the power supply until its out as far as it gos without turning off

  157. My XBOX 360’s Alive again | the QuickStop Project Says:

    [...] The Red Ring of Death : Cure Found! [...]

  158. Evan Ross Muthafukin Davis Says:

    The people on here talkin bout PS3″s are better i think yall are on the wrong site so shut the f*** up and dn’t post any more comments! But i hope that that towel junk really works cuz ima bout to bust a cap in anigga bout my 360!!

  159. nick Says:

    dis dum ass nig duznt no wat he b sayn yo 4 rizaw

  160. Me Says:

    i have both systems and i love them both equally… if i had to choose between one or the other… i wouldnt be able to.

  161. Benny(deathnoteonyou) Says:

    hey man i never knew about the towal trick and so im trying it as i speak and i will let u know if it works tommarrow if it dose who ever fighured it out is like jesus

  162. Andy R Says:

    Well I bought my 360 just over 2 months ago. It had a manufacturing date of January ‘08 and the code on the sticker matched the one I had found on the net confirming it to contain the Falcon chip. Well, no more than 10 minutes ago I got the RRoD while playing an online battle in Guitar Hero III. A moment later, I turned the system back on and it seemed to work fine. The dashboard appeared and the game loaded when prompted. I feared that this would happen when after much deliberation I decided to get a 360. I guess my only question is whether or not the RRoD I got today was a one time fluke, or can I expect it to happen again?

  163. Paige Says:

    hey thanks for the info. my xbox went off last night and i almost shit my self

  164. Leonard Says:

    Can you help me I have one red light on my xbox360

  165. davey Says:

    To Andy R

    i had the same problem. red lights so i turned it off then on again this worked ok (5 times) now i have RRoD all the time. all the home fixes are just temp. im leaving my console to cool over nigh then if the problem is still going ill send it to microsoft as its still under warrenty and they have modified it to include the RRoD.

  166. mr t Says:

    i hope this works or i will have to be rolling in my a-team van o and shut up foo

  167. jasonnn:) Says:

    the wholee point is it works.
    the whole problem is its temporarily
    and each time you do the trick
    it gets worse.

    first time i did it, took about a week or so
    until it didnt freeze.

    second time, took a couple of days.

    third time, about a day or 2.

    well you get the point.
    so i would just get it fixed if i were you.
    especially if your playing rockband. you cant let it keep freezing over and over while your in a middle of a song… =/ lol.
    the new ones since like 2007 actually dont have this problemmm. =/ i gots mine in 2005.

    haha ive done this trick like 10 times already. it only last like an hour or less.
    haha. the trick of it is if youve done this multiplee times, i suggest you dont turn off your 360 and just keep playing for a longggg time. because if you turn it off, around 30 minutes or so, and play it the next day, it will work, but for like 5 minutes. haha. nd you have to do the trick again. so justt keep playing and it will actuall last for about mre than 2 hours until it freezes. :D
    remember only if you have done this, MULTIPLE TIMES. LIKE AROUND 8 TIMES OR MORE.
    welll have fun! :DDDDDDDD

  168. Kaladan Says:

    Worked for me!

    Had it switched on and towelled-up for almost 15 minutes and left it to cool down for about half an hour while I did something else.

    Switched it on, green lights replaced the red. Good stuff!

  169. jtimmerman Says:

    hey i just got the ring of death on my older brothers x box 360. i dont want to try this towel thing cause obviously people have mixed opinions about it. so i think im just gonna send it in to microsoft. do you have to have a warranty to get this problem fixed

  170. gizmo Says:

    im having a 360 delivered next week shud i just send it bak and get my money bak cus it looks like there not worth buying ???????????????????????????????????????????????????

  171. mark Says:

    ive had my 360 for over 1 year now and im constantly on it for hours at a time,(cod4 and even battlefield) and ive never had a problem with ring of death and do you know why? its because i bought the extra cooling fans from currys for £15.00 and my 360 is as cool as ice man so while all you big girls cry about your dead 360 and shitty workmanship of microsoft i am playing all my games for hours on end and i laff in ur face coz ur all so retarded u spend £150 plus on a machine that needs extra cooling but dont buy a £15.00 fan that clips on back.duh.thats like buying a rolls royce or summat and leaving it parked in terrorist infested council estates.just plain crazy so my advice after 1.5 year of trouble free gaming is shut up,spend £15 quid on fan and happy gaming u goons!!!!!!!!!!!!

  172. mark Says:

    also im the daddy on cod4 and will be the daddy on battlefield too so hahahahaha

  173. Ed Says:

    The towel trick works, i have no clue why but it does. It lasts for a good time but true: if u want a permanent fix just get a new one or call Customer support. Also, to all u dumb asses who think ps3 or wii is better… I HAVE ALL THREE AND I LIKE XBOX BECAUSE AT LEASTS ITS GAMES ARE FUNNER THAN WATCHING PAINT DRY!!!!!!!! and PS3 is just an overpriced tank with games for men who like other men.

  174. that 1 guy Says:

    i think its a power and heat issue cause the very first time i pluged my 360 up it had the red ring of death but then i just made sure all the cords were all tight a it was fixed i think the heat makes something inside the system warp and therefor making a power shortage

  175. chris Says:

    thanks dude i cant belive that acutally worked

  176. russ Says:

    i had my xbox for like 8 months. and i have the intercooler to. But if you read the back of the box it tells you that it will only cool it buy like one degree. Mine just got ring of death. i call them and they tell me to send it in so i did. I had a friend bring his xbox over and pluged it up to my power supply and it showed he had ring of death. So we took it to his house and it was good. any one know about this? and the light on my power supply is yellow when it is off. and green when it is on. any one have any answers?

  177. Patchx Says:

    someone stated that the new units dont have this problem, not so. i work for one of the largest extended warranty companies and a lot of people dont know that they have a normal warranty let alone about microsoft extending theirs. we have had all versions with the RROD. none are immune, some have the newer heat sinks also which didnt help at all.

  178. PacoDG Says:

    I too have heard that the new units don’t seem to suffer from red rings.

  179. yoya Says:

    I bought my xbox360 like 2.5 mos ago and why is it getting noiser shit kind of like the previous.-If this one breaks the heck with microsoft Im going ps3 while I have my 360 repaired.

  180. Norros Says:

    You guys should try to get the fixin tools kit from ebay… i fixed 4 xbox 360 with the kits and they all worked perfectly since… the problem is the clips under the mother board is pushing on the back of the cpu witch makes the cpu to snap out of place when the silicone overheats and becomes to much in liquid…. i know it sounds a bit risquy but it worked 4 times for me with diffrent 360… you guys should try that out…

  181. Mas Says:

    I heard the towel trick works, but is only temporary, and can potentially ruin your system. If you do it enough, it will completely fry your 360

  182. Chad Says:

    Mine is showing signs of the RRoD. I think what im going to do is do the towel trick until they send me the box to send it back. This time it will be free though.

  183. Ameen Rehman Says:

    It Actually Fucking Works!!! Thanks A Million :D

  184. smurf this Says:

    why dont u guys just make some love to your xbox…….u know…cuddle it…kiss it on the fore head…make sweet sex to it…and all of u that say u cant make love to a xbox. U HAVNT TRIED HARD ENOUGH!

  185. Drew Says:


    If you’re trying to actually fix ur 360 I wouldnt touch a towel with a dead mans toe attached to a bitch with a stick

  186. smurf this Says:

    i say this for all when i ask…..WHAT THEE FUCK ARE U TALKING ABOUT?!?

  187. Logo on the ogo Says:

    I just touched my x-box with my holy finger when it had the RRoD and i fixed.. im holy

  188. luke Says:

    omg ur fuking bestr man!:):):):)

  189. James Says:

    Dude the towel trick doesn’t work. I messed up my xbox 360 even more. I looked at all the youtube videos non of them help worth shit. So I just ended up buying the damn repair guide which worked like a damn charm.

  190. wimbles Says:

    when ur not using the 360….always turn it off at the mains becuase i didnt for a while and thats how mine got the ring of doom….and try using it upsidedown…

    this tactic works but i only had to wait 20 secs till it worked again…

    thanks though….alot

  191. jmmeredith Says:

    i really dont care about the 360 but my nephew adores his til it died 2 weeks ago. i read thru the articles for fixes and tried the towel trick. works like a dream! he had the thing setting on the carpeted floor. we now have it sitting on a box with a wire top and a strong fan blowing up cool air under it. all in all i’ll stick to my high-end pc and avoid the rings of death all together

  192. Svensonator Says:

    My 360 elite just rrod last night, production date of 7/22/07. So much for the elites being immune to the rrod. Piece of shit!

  193. Roxas Says:

    I put my xbox in freezer fixed every thing for like 3 months and then I tried again didnt work sending it in as we speak :(

  194. sinep Says:

    James (89) wwhich repair kit? where did you get it?

  195. adam Says:

    i have just done it and im wating for it to cool down. i hope this works.i only borght mercinerys 2 yesterday

  196. Gary Garbutt Says:

    I have searched the web but haven’t found anyone with the same problem as me, i wonder if you have heard of this problem? FIRSTLY I DON’T HAVE ANY RED LIGHTS. But my XBox looks and sounds as though it is working normally however there is no out put. I have checked the box with 3 different sets of leads including HDMI leads but nothing. The box is two years old and if I had the Red Rings of Death I could send it back to Microsoft but I’m not sure if this problem is covered.

    Looking forward to your advice.


  197. Byebyeboxy Says:

    My god, I hope this really works. I bought a copy of Madden 09′ today, only to find that my brother had left my Xbox on too long..

    I turned it off, and then turned it back on. Three rings, my friends, three rings..

  198. Byebyeboxy Says:

    Oh, shit, shit, shit! I left it on for twenty minutes instead of fifteen! Will that affect it at all!?

  199. Byebyeboxy Says:

    well, the towel treatment screwed it up even more…

    Four Rings, I’ve reached the point of no return…

  200. Sigh Says:

    U freaking retard u screwed it up more thanks ty very much

  201. Tony the tiger Says:

    This completely fixed my xbox!! Its been working for about 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!! YAY AND THANKS!!!

  202. Ali Says:

    DUDE … worked! I love you!

  203. noodles Says:

    i threw my x box in my pool cause the towel trick didnt work

  204. hells fire Says:

    hes has a gamecube so i dont think i can trust it

  205. Craig Says:

    I have just tried the towel trick but my xbox keeps turning itself off during the process and when i do turn it back on, all 4 red lights show.

    Is it broken beyond repair ?

  206. mill Says:

    ive seen a few guides to do this on the net on pages like this one http://www.xboxfixes.com has anyone tired them?

  207. Slim Killer Says:

    Say, does this trick work on people who have a single, lower right quadrant ring?

  208. Jeff Coltman Says:

    I tried this and it worked, only to have the same problem after two or three games, so i got the free deal from 18004myxbox haven’t had a problem since

  209. me Says:


  210. Jerry Says:

    if you are trying the towel trick..read this 1st

  211. d.a.people Says:

    yo why dont u people stop harassin everybody thats tryin too get their shit fixed? they only wanna get back too playin,and yes i tryed this trick and it worked,thanx peepz.

  212. Alex Says:

    I tryied this for a while and it hasent worked i want to play GRAND THEFT AUTO but thankes 4 da help ill keep tryin:(

  213. Matt Says:

    Everyone considering using this, do it, it works. Everyone saying buy a PS3, go to the PS3 forums. Thank you so much for this guide. Videos are stupid, blurry, and vague. You’re a huge help. Did this once a month ago and it still works. Thanks!

  214. Albert Says:

    Thank you! You made my kids very happy!! YOU ARE THE MAN!!! Now I can buy more games for them instead of wasting it on repair. Thank you for your thought-out easy explanatory instructions!

  215. arun Says:

    gosh….. my xbox360 has got the 3 red rings as well….. trying the towel trick. problem is that i’ve got my xbox modded too, meaning which i’ve got no warranty… got a try a repair shop if this doesnt work.

  216. arun Says:

    uh-oh.. i think i’ve over-heated it… cooling it down now..

  217. arun Says:

    well, i’ve got four red rings now..

    i guess i gotta spend some money on my good-old console, sadly

  218. arun Says:

    hey guyz…. hang on…. THIS REALLY WORKS… the four rings were due to the disconnected AV cable..

    THANK U A LOT BUDDY!!!!!!!!!

    i should be the happiest man on this planet rit now…
    :) :) :)

  219. Jay Says:

    Wow, this actually worked. Not sure how long it’ll last, but still cool to see green lights again. Thanks :)

  220. Kyle Johnson Says:

    i waited, it doesnt work…

  221. DRE Says:

    EXCELLENT!!! Worked the first time. 15 min with towel and 15 min without for cool down. I’m seein green now.

  222. eggnog Says:

    fixed…. so far.. i got rrod yesterday, i was like wtf!

  223. Dude Says:

    Bought a refurbed xbox from buy.com for $200, used it less than 5 hours. M$ wont fix it..sent it to them, they sent it back with a nice note saying “your screwed”.
    Just tried this trick..took about 45 minutes…the box is cooling down now as I type this. Just wanted to include this link for others. I will post back if I end up with good results. Otherwise you will see this hunk of crap on ebay soon.

  224. Dude Says:

    Click on the “Dude” link in the above post..or just go here.. ttp://www.llamma.com/xbox360/repair/ring_of_light_x-clamp_fix.htm

  225. Dude Says:

    All Good… ;)

  226. nobody Says:

    ok some one tell me something. i did the first step and when i took the towels off the xbox was off. then i let it cool and it woul not turn on at all! wtf!!!!!!!!!

  227. smoke Says:

    what a bad idea…

  228. patrick Says:

    what the fuck this shit is a big lie it doesnt work fuck microsoft sony is better

  229. Rick Says:

    I got home from dropping off the girlfriend, and was planning on some quality time with my 360, and I turned it on, did some other stuff, looked back at the 360 and saw 3 red rings. I was like whaaaat the friiiig man! So I tried the towel thing and now I’m waiting for it to cool down…

  230. Rick Says:

    It worked!!

  231. Rick Says:

    Scratch that, it worked for about 3 minutes, then froze, so I turned it off and on, it froze again, so I did it again, and I have the rings again…I should have bought a freakin Wii or PS3…

  232. smurf this Says:

    yea i agree with alot of u guys.. the people who come on here and preech about fuckin ps3 and wii.. can play hide and go fuck themselves. wii is made for 2 year olds and people who say “i bought a wii cus its good exercise” when all they do is lay on the friggin bed barly moving their wrist. and ps3 can go fuck itself cus it aint got gears of war 1 or 2 baby! thats right mofos u can lick it…chainsaw bayonet!!! comepare yourselfs to the xbox360 then kill yourselves!

  233. Chris Says:

    Well i just got the RRoD right when i got Gears of War 2. I’m soo pissed off. I’m gonna do the towel trick but im gonna spend 200 on a new 360 besides this 360 been working fine since 2005

  234. dan fix found Says:

    As far as I know this fix can burn your xbox too…
    I saw this gamer guy Chris and he made this fix for 10$…
    I used it and I have my xbox up and running again!
    check it out this is the real link (not affi…)

  235. Brian Says:

    If overheating it doesn’t work, try this-


  236. Bull Says:

    This doesnt work. tried it.

  237. This Duschbag Says:

    Hey i dont have my 360 yet and i just wanted to know which one should be best; the arcade or the other two that is the elite or the 60gig? im afraid that if i get the elite or the 60gig ill get the RROD and ill regret gettin’ the PS3. Any suggestions? ^^

  238. Rogers Price Says:


  239. Visin Says:

    I have the fix for these issues as I run a blog directly on gaming and latest gaming news. The fix for this is very simple and does not take so long at all. I have went through 2 Xbox 360’s and they have all been the same fix, you can take a look at my blog to see if it will help any of you.


    Hope that helps!
    Visin :grin:

  240. This Duschbag Says:

    Which one do you guys usually get, the 60gig or the elite system?

  241. MGMosca Says:

    i got the red light in the bottom right quarter, with the xbox standing upright. i don’t have time to read through a year and a half’s worth of posts. any information on this problem would be help. i did read through most of the posts, and they were some help. it’s a freezing problem and i have tried anything. first there were 20 or so freezes… and then i got the red light, (over a period of 5 days.)

  242. Merrell Says:

    I have tried this towel trick, it never worked. Nothing happened to my Xbox, it kept showing the ring of death. I then had to buy a new one.

  243. This Duschbag Says:

    if you buy the elite would you less likely get the RROD?

  244. mick!!!!!!!!!! Says:


  245. This Duschbag Says:


  246. myself Says:

    um i saw on youtube that you unplup your box completly leave it for like an hour or something and it will work again but this didnt work for me so i need to know if the xbox 360 catches on fire when you do the towel trick plzzzzzz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  247. myself Says:

    lets all play runescape im skold_harold!!!

  248. myself Says:

    ok then do not try leaving it unpluged it does not work

  249. Simple Meditation Says:

    Excellent content and style…keep up the good work!

  250. This Duschbag Says:

    DID the elite ever give you problems w/ the RROD?

  251. mohamed Says:

    hi peeps i read most of the older posts and i got the same prob. i have a cracked x box yeah a cracked x box u heard me right i dont use xbox live but i get all the games for crazy low prices , so as it turns out even cracked xbox’s have the damn 3r’s of d prob so if any of u kind folks is willing to tell me wtf i gotta do now nowing i live in libya and there aint noting that even resembles a MS office or retailer or anytin here pleeeez help help help

  252. dylan Says:

    the first time i got rrod i unplugged everything and took out the hardrive and let it sit for 30 min. i just recently (right now) got rrod and it didn’t work, i might try the towel trick now

  253. Kenneth Says:

    Stop playing so much

  254. raindog5 Says:

    peter moore u r a giant dick and i hope ur balls get cut off and aten by a cat than die all alone with nobody to love,to hang out with, and i hope u rot in a fucking corner all alone

  255. Aero81 Says:

    I am British and therefore I am unable to lie as the Queen would be most upset and not invite me round for tea any longer

    I am so amazed I that this actually works - I got the RROD yesterday and I cried (in a manly way - like if your dog was killed trying to protect you) - but I looked this up and tried it this morning and ‘blow me guv’ it did the trick!!!

    I would suggest that you do only try this if it is out of warranty and as a last resort, then what do you have to lose (costs about the same for a repair in the UK as buying a new console!)

    Hope that this helps

  256. pie Says:

    this morning i was playing my 360, when the red ring od death pops up, i turned the console off imeadiatly and waited for about half an hour. when i came back i turned the console on and it worked, i was worried i would have to send it in again, as i just got it back from repair 2 days ago… but i am concerned that it makes a weard noise when it turn it on.. i think thats what caused the red ring of death.

  257. Jackson Says:

    It really doesn’t work. It just further damages your Xbox360. Its just temporary, I tried it and it worked for only one day. Xbox360’s are rip offs.

  258. Travis Evans Says:

    Thanks for the info. I really needed that to help my 360 recover from the “RING OF DEATH,”.

  259. Jane Says:

    After trying the towel method a few times and failing, my cousin forwarded me a recommendation from howtofixyourxbox.blogspot.com of how to fix it… The guide he recommended worked great for me. It’s been 4 months now and no more problems!! =)

  260. This Duschbag Says:

    what about the elite? ever got the rrod?

  261. john smith Says:

    how do u warp it when it plugged in the wall
    and does the towel have to warm

  262. brandon Says:


    Well I got the Red rings of death on my 360, so I was searching the internet about a week ago and I came across this review site that has tested hundreds of XBOX360 repair guides. They list their top 6 in an easy to view fashion so you can see what is available to you. I HIGHLY recommend this site. I was able to successfully fix my XBOX360 in under an hour!!


  263. This Duschbag Says:

    do you have the xbox 360 wit the 60 gig? everyone i talked to had gotten the RROD w/ the 60 gig than the elite…… i really wouldnt want to buy the elite if you can still get the RROD.

    Also do you guys ever play the game for long hours of the day to make you get the RROD or do you normally play the game and still get it?

  264. [ABM] Says:

    Does the orientation of the Xbox have anything to do with the failure rate? Is it better to leave it sideways or standing up?
    Let’s hear some thoughts…

  265. Anthony Says:

    The towel fix is dangerous.

    You don’t want to HEAT the motherboard without aligning the chips. I would not advise this…

  266. This Duschbag Says:

    ITS still kinda weird how you actually get the RROD… maybe its w/ people constantly playing the game for long hours of the day or its the certain brand the person actually buys such as the ELITE or the 60 GIG or te crappy arcade….^^

  267. eddddddd Says:

    omg that really did work i left just like he said my xbox360 was hot as hell then i let it cool down and biam it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =] =]

  268. Da Bomb Says:

    Wow, I really need help…….If I buy the video and “the fix book” will it really help me??
    And because all the systems have different games I invested in the xbox360, the wii and the ps3!!!!!! Best way to go!!!!

  269. Mike Says:

    Well The Thing Is? When it’s under towels [On vid] Hes turned it on 20 mins later he turns it on again hmm?

  270. gLeNn Says:

    wow, you should really kee up the good work on your investments…^^

    But anyway do you all have the elite system?
    Or do you have the 60 GIGABYTE?

    Also nevr heard of a ‘fix it yourself’ book…
    kinda makes me wana get a ps3 for cryin’ out loud!!!

  271. Silly Jerry Says:

    I’ve got a 360 Elite 120Gb…just got the 3RROD yesterday. I never use the console more than 2 hours at a time, 2 or 3 times a week…sometimes it’s off for a week or two. so it has nothing to do with intensive use, just crap hardware. (console is 1 year and 3 days old)
    sucks, but at least there’s a 3 year warranty for that :)

  272. ratedrboy Says:

    doesnt work at all. waste of time.

  273. gLeNn Says:

    HMM,you guys would be really lucky if you were able to get the ps3 too…. do you have to pay for the warranty or does it already come with one and if you do, how much does it cost? I wonder where they send them; it must take forever just to get it back.^^

  274. bruce raykos Says:

    well tried it will report on what happens in a few days, itworked for now, thanks

  275. bruce Says:

    well its 8 hrs later and my sons are playing it again so far its good, put fan on inlet side also, will post later again

  276. LakersFan2009 Says:

    The only solution that works.

    1. go to wal-mart or Target.
    2. Purchase a new X-box unit (save your receipt)
    3. Wrap your old unit up
    4. Return old unit back with receipt.

    You are back to gaming.

  277. craig schofield Says:

    what a load of shit i did it but it doesnt work

  278. gLeNn Says:

    DUDE YOU DID THAT?!! I would be freakin afraid to put an old 360 in the new box and return it!

    But still a good idea ill give ya that!! ^^
    should just get a PS3… BUT NO HALO!!!

  279. TGdude101 Says:

    If you want a real fix instead of this temporary fix visit my website.
    howtofixmyxbox . com

  280. anth Says:

    wow woh wii wow, very nice.

  281. rizz Says:

    Damn that towel shiet actually worked. Just got the RROD after two years of no problems. Did the towel thing and i’m back in business. wtf. hahha. the guy who discovered this needs to get hooked up.

  282. AznPersuazion Says:

    it actually worked! I havent played 4 3 months until i found this,
    O heil towels!
    Thanx dude!!! :D

  283. big chili Says:


  284. Ste Says:

    Would having a fan blowing on the Xbox keeping it cool prevent the RROD?

  285. Brad Says:

    How many hours would you have to play the Xbox 360 for it to overheat to the point of the RROD?


  286. shawnf92 Says:

    ok, this is how it goes, by the way brad, probably about 12 hours to make it RROD. any way, ive had my 360 for 2 years, no problems at all. the real problem is all you people will sit and play your 360 for hours at a time. I play my 360 for 2 to 3 hours a day, it may overheat sometimes, but dont they all? if you just play it for a few hours at a time then let it cool for the rest of the day, it will last you forever.now that ive typed this, mine will RROD knowing my luck, my warranty expired 2 days ago.

  287. tony Says:

    This is comming from experience do not use the towel trick….its ok to use it a couple of times but after a while th rrod will be permanent send it 2 microsoft

  288. Mrweed Says:

    I have 2 360’s one is from when they hit the market it still works 100%
    like the brand new one

    BUT the new one only gets a little bit warm on one side were as the 1st gen 360 gets nice and warm like a little space heater :P

    so im kinda lucky i feel for anyone that had the RROD my friend has replaced 5 360’s 2 microsoft replaced the otheres he paid out of pocket (i think he puts em in little tight places)

  289. Full of Crap Says:

    All that warping is BS. My first 360 (1) I got 2 years ago, RROD 4 mins into game play. Sent it back to MS, they sent me another one (2), worked 3 months until the disk drive stop reading disk, now, haven’t played my 360 in about three months, went to go do the update to watch Netflix and blam RROD again. Now how did my system warp or over heat if I didn’t use it in 3 months?? Poor manufactering, thats how!

  290. dave1212 Says:

    how many rings does the 360 start out with?
    BTW my cousin just gotten it a few hours ago and there’s three rings…..
    wonder if thats actually a bad thing or an extremely horrible thing. ^_^

  291. michalska Says:

    Do NOT!!!! use the towel trick! It might work temporarily, but ultimately it will RUIN your xbox. Your xBox is an electronic equipment, and heat will RUIN it. Since you know that over heating your xBox causes the problem in the first place, how logical is it to BAKE it?! Zero!

    What you want is a real fix that will solve the RROD permanently - Go to this link and learn how to fix your xbox RRoD!

  292. dave1212 Says:

    hilarious point…^^
    but do you start out with one ring on your 360 or not? a few other people started out w/ the same thing…..
    im guessing battery life for the controller…?

  293. xbox advisor Says:

    an [b]easy way[/b] reseat all the soder points is to place your mother board in the microwave - on hi for 1:30. this can fix a number of questions marks as you can now “rule out” the mother board.

  294. 3oogi£ Says:

    @xbox advisor (93)
    this is how i fixed my naughty puppy!(jinx-small world!)
    3 minutes on 1000w and both my dog,motherboard and microwave work batter than ever!
    for instructions and video go to:
    somepeoplearejustbornstupid.com and after paying the $40 fee you will be playing halo again in 40 minutes (GUARANTEED or your dollar back!)

  295. johnson Says:

    look at the thumb on that sumbitch!

  296. joyriser Says:

    The minute you get the red rings do yourself a favour and contact microsoft to send it back. Mine had the red lights then started working again the next day. Three months later it failed completely with the red lights again.
    To be fair to Ms they agreed to replace it 1 month out of the extended 3 month warranty.
    If you have an earlier machine the best advice I can give is to trade it as soon as possible ie NOW (ideally for jasper chipset)The failure rate is so high thats its really only a matter of time until you get problems.
    What electrical engineer do you know that comes round with hot towels? Maybe it should be on the university curriculum or maybe you should stand over it saying black magic spells!

  297. Jesse Says:

    what if you just got an xbox 360 and it had the red ring of death?

  298. Mark Says:

    I have heard of using a towel for fixing the red ring of death but heard mixed results about it

  299. Ger Says:

    It worked but then my screen started frezing and then the rings went back on D:, i was amazed that it started running but it didnt work D:

  300. hdbfieshbfiuerhfiuerhfuwehrudshhfiushdiufyhwyfghdsifhgsdihfiushwdufhduhfhfhfhdhhddhjdsklsakijsieyuryyrryruturty Says:

    didnt work try somthing else buddy

  301. dave1212 Says:

    you should see this southern guy fix o his rrod problem with just a good ol’ slap on youtube!^^

  302. Scroova Says:

    My xbox got the RROD without even overheating. what should i do?

  303. Jon Says:

    lol, i can’t believe people actually do the towel thing. oh well i guess its a temp fix, I just sent mine back to MS and got it back pretty quick.

  304. dave1212 Says:

    how long did it take & do you still need a reciept?

  305. logan lee Says:

    you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked

  306. Stupid Nigger Hater Says:

    Stupid fucking nigger doesn’t know shit.. Dumb goofy mother fucking nigger piece of shit

  307. Mike Says:

    i think i know how i got my ROD. IF u have a plug and play kit where it charges the battery in ur controller, when u turn off ur system, if u listen, the 360 is still running. this is because MS seems to think ppl want it to charge so i BURNS A FUCKING HOLE IN THE 360!! wow stupid thought MS. fucking retards. the only time i forget to unplug b4 turning off this shit happens. UGH :(

  308. dave1212 Says:

    1st of all stop spamming the site w/ racial comments.
    mike, mine does the same thing!!!
    thats why i unplug my 360( which is too fucking annoying) and try to keep this thing well-vintalated or however you spell it keeping the dust out of it…
    i always keep mines laying flat down.^^

  309. Stupid Nigger Hater Says:

    dave1212 shut the fuck up you motha fucking piece of poop

  310. justin freeman Says:

    im justin freeman i hate xbox. go play outside!!

  311. justin freeman Says:

    go fuck yourself

  312. brad pit Says:

    directions to fix your xbox within minutes..

    1.set towel down
    2.take your pants/shorts off
    3.lay down on towel
    4.pick up your xbox and fuck the red out of it!!

  313. dave1212 Says:

    it actually worked!!!…. oh crap…MOM!!!!

    oh yeah and Stupid Nigger Hater, just because you jerk off of your two dads joystick doesnt mean you should hate blacks…
    Faggot ass peice of”shit” woulda been better… Dee Dee Dee!!! ^_^

  314. AlexB Says:

    Thanks bud,
    this is great it worked a treat

  315. spazzo Says:

    it worked thx i can go back to xboxlive

  316. george433 Says:

    could you just replace the mother board and fix this problem?

  317. Jake Says:

    Uh, it didnt work, so everybody just do the logical thing, send it in to microsoft and wait, it should develop your patience

  318. tbonnett21 Says:

    i bought a 360 knowing it had the rrod and did the towel trick and it worked to take the rings off. but after being powered on for a few minutes it will freeze but still dont show the red lights. anyone know a fix for that? thx

  319. Nate Says:

    thanks so much!!!!!!! it really works!!!! thanks again!!!! :)

  320. Mike Says:


  321. jimmy Says:

    i heard exactly when you see the red ring you unplug it and then wait minutes before turning it on

  322. Dennis Greenland Says:

    I thinks the problem is the heat on the CPU.
    open the XBOX and clean up the dust between the FAN and the metal on the CPU, you can’t hardly see it, but it is there. I have done it on many computers & laptops and it works.
    use a vacuum cleaner.

  323. MJ Says:

    Hi, my nephews Xbox 360 has been down for about a month, I just seen the solution, but I don’t get one part. After leaving it on under the towel for about 15 minutes, do u turn it off after its done, or does it turn off it self, than turn the power button on to have it working. Also you mentioned that the before attempting this, the hard drive and the cotroller has to disconnected, is that what needs to be done?

  324. ErOcK SCARED OF RINGS Says:

    my xbox just got 3 rings and i was hoping someone can help me with my problem on fixing it with out it eventualy crash or getting somethingelse plzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP!!!!!!!!

  325. Dave Says:

    I have fixed about 20 x box 360’s. I have one that I can not get the three ring to go off. I cleaned and put new silver on cpu’s. I can’t get this. Anyone have any ideas. Thanks

  326. Space Butler Says:

    It seems a few people here are trying to do this towel trick (which I’ve heard from trustworthy sources to be utter crap) with an xbox that doesn’t actually have the ‘proper’ rrod. Rrod is THREE of the four quadrants turning red. All four is an av cable problem (plug it in properly, dumbass), I cant remember what one and two red lights means. Check the manual before resorting to warranty-voiding techniques. I just got rrod myself 3 missions into Halo Wars. Not happy.

  327. Concerned gamer. Says:

    It didnt work :/

  328. Everything About Games Says:

    [...] XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » The Red Ring of Death…Cure Found! [...]

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