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Xbox Live Arcade

Metal Slug 3 is XBLA Bound

Friday, December 28th, 2007


If you were like me and grew up having a childhood where a lot of things went kaboom, rejoice! Metal Slug 3, what I consider to be the best in the series is making its home on Xbox LIVE.

Like most games that come to the Xbox LIVE Arcade, Metal Slug 3 will include online co-op over Xbox LIVE, as well as improved graphics. You can also expect to see things like a leaderboard and whatnot. Sure, it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but with a game like Metal Slug, you almost have to have it.

So when can we expect to be able to get our hands on this fun little bugger, you ask? Why, January 2nd, 2008 of course! It’ll cost you 800 MS Points.

When you guys are playing that, though… just remember my Xbox 360. Never forget.

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Merry Christmas from Rare

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Rare has sent over a Christmas Card to the hard workers over at CVG

(Click to enlarge)

From what we can gather in the stocking with the KI3 is they are teasing like a mother f’r about bringing that series back (which I believe they are, they have to). I am surprised at the lack of Kameo appearance in the picture. Even Grunty gets props. (Big Note: Keep an eye out for possible news of a Banjo game coming to XBLA, it really seems like it could happen)

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Tempest, Sensible World of Soccer on XBLA

Monday, December 17th, 2007


Tempest is an arcade classic. To say otherwise is to speak blasphemy, and you know this. That’s why I’m so happy to tell you all that Tempest, the game that single-handedly stole several hundreds of dollars from my childhood (rough estimate) is making its way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade!

…oh, and there’s some Sensible World of Soccer game, too. But come on, this is all about the big T, baby! Tempest goes on sale on December 19th, and will retail for 400 MS Points.

If you are by chance a soccer fan (and a big hello to our international readers), Sensible World of Soccer will sell for 800 MS Points, and will also be available on the 19th.

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Friendly Reminder: WE WANT TO LEAVE, ALREADY!

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007


Hi, boys and girls. It’s just me, your friendly neighborhood JW, here to remind you all that we’re currently looking for people to replace us here at Xbox 360 Rally. All you have to do is go HERE, fill out the form, and wait to hear back. It’s really not that hard.

So, get to it already — so Paco and I can get to the NEW site!

Tetris Splash in Just a Couple of Days (or) Guess What Game I’m Buying Next!

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Tetris Goodness

Yes. I am a Tetris nerd. I scoured 3 Wal-Mart’s the night that “Tetris Evolution” came out. Within a few days I had obtained 1000/1000 achievement points (still the only 360 game I have done this with). I lurk the forums over at TetrisConcept.com. I am even on the fence of buying a Nintendo DS just for that damn Tetris game! (Zelda DS is helping push that buy). Even with the terrible terrible terrible (terrible) d-pad that the Xbox 360 has, Tetris Splash is an instant buy. For all you old school Tetrinet players on PC’s back in the day (oh those IRC days), it is looking like there finally might be a near equivalent of that coming to the Xbox Live Arcade this Wednesday at 9am EST, yes, I will set my alarm clock so I can buy it, and no, I am not kidding. Taking the multiplayer mode of Tetris to a new level with the addition of teams, I honestly can’t wait for this. The details from Xbox.com are as follows:

  • Modes of play: Three different modes of play including Tetris, T-Spin, and Combo, plus a unique screensaver mode.
  • Multiplayer: Playable solo, competitively or in teams, with an online multiplayer mode via Xbox LIVE® for up to six players.
  • New twists: New, enhanced graphics, and beautiful aquatic backscapes add a real splash to the fun of Tetris.
  • Content and themes: Exciting downloadable content will be made available including themes and background aquatic creatures.
  • Achievements: Twelve new achievements to master and conquer.
  • [Via 1pstart]

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Samurai Shodown 2 and Metal Slug 3 Announced for XBLA

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Samurai Shodown

I know Metal Slug has a large following, sometimes I wish I was a part of that, however, I missed that boat so I don’t get that feeling of retro fun while playing that. However, I do get that feeling with Samurai Shodown 2, one of the many “Street Fighter” clones that had a following of its own. Of course when I was a kid I couldn’t afford the massively price Neo Geo system to play this on, but when I was in a good enough arcade, I would let the quarters fly on this ‘cool at the time’ yet still very cool now, Asian fighting culture based fighting game (Made GameSpot’s 10 greatest fighting games of all time!). Check the press release below:


We want YOU! …to replace us!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


Ok, people, here’s the deal — Paco and I are on our way out. We’re taking over at 1PStart.com in an effort to restore it to it’s former glory. …that, and I just plain want to write about another game every once in a while, is that so wrong?!

Anyways, here is what we’re looking for: A competent, capable writer with a love for all things Xbox. Now, by competent writer, we mean someone who spells “you” correctly, and knows when to capitalize. If you can do that, you’re a shoe-in. So, CLICK THIS DAMN LINK, do the required stuff, then get paid to play video games and write about stuff.

…hell, Mike and I did the hard stuff already, and YES, the GTA4 Banner contest will continue, and I will still give you a copy of GTA IV… or something. So, hop to it.

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Congrats to Destructoid.com - Mr Destructoid playable in Bomberman Live!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007


I have emailed Hudson with no reply on whether this is pure lulz coming from the Dtoid guys, which though is possible, this is looking to be pretty true so far. A little background, much like sites such as Joystiq or Kotaku, Destructoid was a gaming blog, but with a little twist, they are more community driven and just a lot more fun, all while still keeping up with the video game news. Destructoid is pure indie, there is no AOL or other such “network” of sites backing them up, pure independent media. So for them to get the connections with Hudson, who is a company that would certainly have the fun enough attitude to support an indie web site that had a recognizable character that represents them (Mr Destructoid) into their game, it all does make sense.

If you see their announcement page for this news (Here) you will see the other new character models and levels that will come in the “Bomb Up Pack 2″ later this month. I have yet to get a press release for the pics of the new characters and levels, so I just await an email back from Hudson to at the least take this out of the Mill o Rumor section. No matter what, hats off from myself and JW here at Xbox360Rally.com for making it into one of the best XBLA games made (if its true!)

For now, here is the other updates that we should be seeing in the DLC pack:

* * Ten New Characters – In addition to Destructoid, other new characters include “Bomberella” the cavewoman and “El Bombito” the matador, resulting in countless new ways for players to customize their in-game Bomberman. Other characters include Alien Bomber, Bomb the Fool, Bomberbell, Flower Bomb, Debbie Downer, Bomber X, and Bomb of Doom. Check out the gallery for a first look at the other characters!

* * Two Additional Levels – New arenas include “Medieval Times,” a level in which bombs and sorcery collide and that allows players to select any gimmick they want, and “Full Tilt,” a level set at a racetrack which features speed circles that dictate how fast players move.
* * One New Game Mode – “Bomb Shelters” will allow players to hide from explosions in a small, fireproof building.
* * Two New Leaderboards – Dominate the competition on two new ranking systems on the Xbox LIVE® network. The new leaderboards will track performance on both a weekly and an all-time basis for the speed circle gimmicks on the new “Full Tilt” map.

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Bevy of New XBLA Games Announced

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

The Pre-TGS press conference was surprisingly informative, considering TGS isn’t too far away. Amongst the cavalcade of new info were the announcements of nine new Xbox LIVE Arcade games, including one that WAS going to be on our “Games We Want on Xbox LIVE” weekly feature - Ikaruga. In addition to Ikaruga, eight other games were announced to be coming to the XBLA in the coming months. They were:

  • Every Extend Extra Extreme
  • Exit
  • Rez
  • Triggerheart Exelica
  • Braid
  • Castlecrashers
  • Schizoid
  • You can read more detailed descriptions of each game after the break.


FREE Halo Pics+Theme - Tony Hawk Demo Up - Sonic 2 XBLA for Sale

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

meh, not bad for a wednesday

Boot up the ol’ Xbox this stuff up for grabs today. Download your FREE Halo 3 Themes and Pics (courtesy of Best Buy, I am going to go ahead and assume their logo will be put in somewhere).

After you set that to download, get to downloading that Tony Hawk demo (Runs about a gig). Now is the time you can finally compare it with Skate, which ended up being not too shabby.

While that is downloading, you can ponder over whether you are going to purchase Sonic 2. Well, it is only 400 points, and I know I own the first one myself, but the second was always my favorite. I think I just might pick it up.

Sonic 2 on XBLA this week!

Monday, September 10th, 2007


It goes without saying that Sonic 2 for the SEGA Genesis was, without a doubt, one of the best 2D platforming games to ever be made. Ever. Period. With the release of the first Sonic the Hedgehog a little ways back (along with our corresponding contest), it was all but certain that we would eventually see Sonic 2 make it’s way to the Xbox LIVE Arcade.

This Wednesday, according to Microsoft, seems to be that day. Promising to stay true to the original while taking full advantage of HD Graphics and enhanced sound, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 will be made available for download on XBLA this Wednesday, September 12th, for a measly 400 MS Points.

If you don’t buy this, you hate video games, democracy, and babies.


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Xbox Sounds Part 3 - Hexic 2 - Game Soundtrack (Awesome electronic/ambient)

Sunday, September 9th, 2007

hexic 2 biatch

Only 8 tracks (plus one bonus), I wish I knew who the artists were (I am sure its in the credits, someone can get me that info, im lazy). Seems to be encoded at 192kbps or above. Thanks to the uploader and for sharing with us here! I also noted on the torrent page, is that if you want the Hexic HD original soundtrack, that can be found on this web page.

Remember, this download is a Torrent file. So, Xbox360Rally is hosting none of these files, download at your own discretion.

P.S. If you are new to Bit Torrent and need help, see this link for a good tutorial video. If you have any other questions, leave comments on this story and I will try to reply to help you out.

(If you didn’t catch the first ‘Xbox Sounds’ look no further than clicking here for Guitar Hero II soundtrack, but not the covers, all the original songs!)

Games We Want on Xbox LIVE vol II. - Super Off Road

Saturday, September 8th, 2007

press fire

Welcome to the second of the new series Games We Want on Xbox Live, where I tried and tried (and tried) to think of a game to bring to XBLA, all I kept thinking of was RC Pro Am, but I believe I expressed my love for that enough before (link), but right behind RC Pro Am, I instantly thought of Super Off Road. I have such fond memories of going to the arcade that was in the local movie theater and being late to a flick cause I wanted to play another round of Off Road.

It was a rare treat to see one of these machines back then, more so now (all I am left with is Crazy Taxi and Time Crisis in most places). Game play for Off Road was simple enough, control with the wheel, win the race, on the way you grab cash upgrade your wheels and win another race.
this is what it looked like

Now, the true arcade version of Super Off Road was “Ivan Stewart’s Super Off Road” .. I am not sure if he is even alive anymore, but if he is, I bet he wouldn’t mind some pay if they came out with this title having his name on it to keep it true to arcade. Honestly though, that is the last of my worries, as long as the game features four cars that can be played off just one console sharing a screen (ala Bomberman Live) or take the racing online. If possible, crank it up to 8 cars, but I am not sure if that would get too crowded.
alive or dead?!

Very important part of this all, an XBLA game that can incorporate the 360’s Racing Wheel. You can’t get more arcade perfect than that. Pricing on this game is iffy, I mean, I could see it being fine at 800 points, but 400 would be the sweet spot and guarantee that people would be online with this. Especially the people who already own a racing wheel (a refreshing change of pace from the normal 360 racing game which tends to be just racing simulations).

Something interesting about this becoming a reality or not, is that it has been released on “Midway Arcade Treasures 3″ compilation title, the yet game was not developed or published by Williams, Midway, or Atari Games. Either way, unless it was made by Sony or Nintendo, which it wasn’t, there isn’t a company out there that wouldn’t work with Microsoft.

(This article dedicated to the XBL Radio forum guys)

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Games We Want on Xbox LIVE vol I. - Dinosaurs for Hire

Saturday, September 1st, 2007


Welcome to the first in what will surely become a new series of articles here at X360R, where either PacoDG or myself will highlight a particular game that we want to see show up on Xbox LIVE. Now that we have the mandatory introduction out of the way, let’s get to it.


Xbox Live Arcade Games - 50% Off!!

Thursday, August 30th, 2007

wowGet ready this weekend to get some not great, but not bad games! Well, at the new prices, some of them are looking to be pretty sweet. Small Arms, the Smash Bros wanna be game isn’t too shabby, especially at only 400 points. Next is Zuma Deluxe, only to be 400 points, so for you puzzle type players, if you don’t have this already for whatever reason, jump on it. Arcade classic your thing, Gauntlet is only 200 points! If I liked the game just a little more that would be a no brainer. Finally, one more arcade classic, Dig Dug, 200 points. Your best bet, download the trial versions, see what you like, get ‘em while they are cheap.

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