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HD DVD Selling in Ireland… for €9.99

by JW


You not convinced that HD DVD is dead? Are you one of those sad, sad saps who think that HD DVD will rise from the ashes like the mighty phoenix? Well, you’re a moron. You see, Engadget is reporting that over in Ireland, they are able to get their hands on the now-defunct format (which still has some great films on the format) for a whole €10.

For those of you in the US, that’s roughly $15.53.

Here’s what I think of this — HD DVD is kind of like BetaMax. Sure, the format died years ago, but there are still people who insist that BetaMax was superior to VHS and still watch BetaMax videos to this day. Hell, I myself still watch Star Wars on LaserDisc… yes, I own a LaserDisc player, and have used actual Laserdiscs as mirrors because they’re the size of 78’s.

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5 Responses to “HD DVD Selling in Ireland… for €9.99”

  1. Xbox Talk Says:

    uh, I’ll take a blueray for that price…
    make it 10.

  2. Xbox Says:

    That is crazy cheap, it is a dead format but you could make a nice collection for very little.

  3. John Says:

    I bought mine at Kmart here in Duluth Mn in August for $15 now just have to find some HD DVDs IMSOL

  4. Brum Says:

    Worth getting just for the remote control in the pack.

  5. Matthew Says:

    This is incredibly cheap but sadly the format is dead so it’s just slightly useless.

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