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KotOR 3 in Development? *Schwing!*

by JW

Ok, I am an absolutely HUGE fan of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games. Absolutely freaking huge. I have, at one time or another, owned all four versions on the market (Two for the Xbox, Two for the PC), and even broke them out to play on my Xbox 360. For those of you who have tried to play them on the 360… it’s not pleasant. So, when I was perusing the Xbox forums, and saw the threat entitled “Knights of the Old Republic 3 info” you can only imagine how stoked I was.

On the Official Xbox Forums, a man claims that he has an old colleague working at Pandemic (not too unbelievable — we all have to work, right?), and that this colleague has learned that the order to develop the KotOR 3 website has been given! That would mean, obviously, that there must be a KotOR 3 game coming. After all, why else would you want a KotOR 3 website?

Read after the break for details…

The man, who goes by the Xbox Live handle of “Dizney Sux” first explained that he had a friend who works for Pandemic Studios, and that this friend of his says that they (Pandemic Studios) have gotten the call to begin development of a KotOR 3 website.

One of my old colleagues that I used to work with sent me an IM last night that got me pretty pumped. We’re both Star Wars fans, and more importantly, gamers. He currently works for a branch of Pandemic studios that is responsible for all the web development of their game franchises. They just got the call to begin designing a KotoR 3 website. The scheduled date to go live is in July 2007.

His friend went on to explain that, once Mass Effect is released, that is when the KotOR media blitz will begin:

I asked him why they would give them the green light on that project so early in advance? He said it was because immediately following the release of Mass Effect, the KotoR media is going to begin rolling out, and that Bioware doesn’t want to lose focus from Mass Effect with the mainstream public.

Now initially, I was a little thrown off. He says his friend works for Pandemic, but then talks about the Mass Effect hype although Mass Effect is a BioWare game. But my fears are somewhat soothed by the reminder that BioWare rendered assistance to Obsidian when the later was developing KotOR II, and that both are now owned by a single parent company.

He continues…

He also said that if they are looking to have that site go live in July, you can expect the game at or around Christmas this year. Don’t know about you but I’m pretty pumped.

…dammit. You had my hopes up until you mention “Christmas this year.” Considering the acclaim of the KotOR franchise, for them to keep it completely silent for this long would make KotOR 3 the best kept secret of all time. In a later post in the same thread, he goes on to say that he believes that the story has been in the pre-production phase since Mass Effect went into it’s intial development, but I don’t buy that at all.

In fact, in that later post, he goes into great detail about what exactly is going on at BioWare, in regards to the circumstances around KotOR 3, saying:

Check it, just got off the phone with this guy. Basically its like this. Lucasarts recognizes that Bioware was able to produce an extremely popular and well-crafted title, therefore they have enlisted the aid of the “key” developers from Bioware Studios who were involved in the original KotoR. Meaning, Bioware will take on a developmental role, and Lucasarts will probably Publish the title.

Also, just for clarification, Bioware and Pandemic are partnership corporations that are now joint-owned by Elevation Partners Inc. Pandemic has and always had a far superior web-development studio, thus, all game franchises within the partnership are designed by said studio.

Next, Mass Effect is due out PRIOR to this summer. Full marketing on the game goes into swing at the end of March. Expect a huge build up around this game from Microsoft. The reason for the short amount of time between the website going live, and the game coming out, specifically revolves around the release of Mass Effect. If Mass Effect were to release, and KotoR was already being spoken of, the overall buzz surrounding Mass Effect may be dampened. Consequently, the site will go live after Mass Effect has been released and properly marketed.

KotoR 3 has no specific release date yet. The gentleman I spoke to specifically said at or around Christmas is likely. This could mean early 08. However, it is important to note, that Lucasarts specifically holds ‘the rights’ to develop franchises first, but also can, and will allow collaboration on titles as they see fit.

I can see this game coming out on 360 at Xmas however. The reason for this is that regardless of what people will tell you, the hardest part about developing a game revolves around 3 issues. The first is funding. Bioware and Lucasarts do not have a problem here, especially since Microsoft will give them whatever they need. I expect funding was finalized 2 years ago. Next is developing a game engine. That takes about two years, the length of time Mass Effect’s game engine was in development. Thus, KotoR 3 will use the Mass Effect game engine (its just more logical then developing an entire new engine). Third, pre-production. This is developing a scheduled timeline in order to complete the game. This actually takes only a couple months. After this point, its about a 10 month time until the game gets on the shelf.

It is possible to see this game at the end of year. But thats all circumstantial depending on how the development cycle plays out. It seems, for me, that this game has actually been in the story and preproduction phases as long as Mass Effect, however, it is smarter business-wise to release a new franchise prior to the release of a major one. Its a lot easier for a game to sell when its not in the shadow of an already existing franchise.

I want to believe. Believe me, my little nerd heart wants to allow me to believe, but some things just don’t add up. “The end of the year?” You’re giving KotOR 3 less than six months development time if we were to see it by year’s end, if they began work on it immediately after Mass Effect was released. And what about BioWare’s other title, Dragon Age? It just doesn’t all quite add up.

But again, maybe those aforementioned “key developers” have been hired away from BioWare to work with LucasArts on the title, while the rest of BioWare works on Dragon Age. We just do not know, because sadly… this is the first bit of KotOR 3 news out there. You can bet that I’ll keep tabs on this for any updates, and maybe… maybe we’ll learn something concrete, like, whether this guy is [censored]ting or not.

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209 Responses to “KotOR 3 in Development? *Schwing!*”

  1. Paul Says:

    Awesome if true. Here’s to hoping that it won’t have all those freaking loading screens!

  2. Jeroen Says:

    Cool, I’m expecting the best of Kotor 3, especially since what they did to Kotor 2, altough Kotor 2 isn’t really *that* bad. But at or around Christmis? So this is going to take… what… 6-8 more months!!?? To bad they can’t speed it up. Why can’t Bioware just help Pandemic. Or why can’t Lucasarts do the job. They could also call for help of Petroglyph, they did a great job on EAW (Empire At War). Still, if/when it comes out, I’ll be the first one to buy it. Unless if it’s coming out on the Xbox 360. I’m not allowed to buy an 360 since I already have an regular Xbox. *IF* it comes out, I really hope that they’ll also put it on the Xbox or PC. Thanks for this new though, J.W. , I’m really gratefull. Now I know when I can look for more information. Thanks again. Cya.

  3. Paul Says:

    “I’ll be the first one to buy it. Unless if it’s coming out on the Xbox 360. I’m not allowed to buy an 360 since I already have an regular Xbox.” That’s the sillest thing I’ve ever heard. I can only imagine if my parents would have said. I’m sorry, you can’t get a super Nintendo, because you have a regular Nintendo. Crazy!

  4. J.W. Says:

    Paul is wise and all knowing — listen to the man.

  5. dustin Says:

    there could be truth in this . . . ign recently gave a kotor 3 prediction . . . they said it would possibly be released some time 2008 . . . i didnt beleive that at first but this article some what confirms that.

  6. cutmeister Says:

    “But my fears are somewhat soothed by the reminder that BioWare rendered assistance to Pandemic when the later was developing KotOR II, and that both are now owned by a single parent company.” - J.W.

    Ummm, Obsidian Entertainment developed KotOR II. Pandemic Studios didn’t have anything to do with KotOR II’s development.

    While it sounds quite plausible some things like LucasArts enlisting the aid of the “key developers” from the original KotOR don’t sound right. Casey Hudson was the producer for KotOR and he is producing the first installment of the Mass Effect series.

    Interesting that Disney Sux post seems to have been deleted from the Xbox forums…

  7. Devon Says:

    There is a new interview at starwarsknights.com that hints at it as well. Basically just says they aren’t allowed to comment on it but to just “stay tuned.”

  8. Jared Says:

    To quote Fox Molder’s poster on the X-files…”I want to Believe”

  9. Natherion Says:

    I gotta say that I don’t buy it for a second. Don’t get me wrong, I squeled like a little girl for kotor and kotor 2 and I just keep hoping for a third but outside of giddy little fan rumors the only official news I’ve heard for the kotor series has been bad. Lucasarts cutting bidgets here, laying off employees there. I have to be honest, I don’t see it coming. I do truly hope I’m wrong though.

  10. dustin Says:

    i think its coming but not as soon as this article says . . .

  11. jose Says:

    I want to believe this site but cant there have been too many “announcements” and speculations on the release of KOTOR 3, but time, eventually, has shot down each one. I dont think that bioware or obsidian is against making the game, the problem is with lucasarts. Lucasarts seems to be focused on The Force Unleased and doesnt seem to care about the future of the KOTOR series which is really a shame because KOTOR was one of the best games (if not the best) for xbox.

  12. garrett Says:

    It would make sense to make the third game seeing as the first two were really popular. Even though lucasarts is focusing on the force unleashed…or so they say they are only focusing on that…that doesn’t mean it isn’t probable or possible that they are also working on KotOR 3. I wouldn’t put it past lucasarts to keep this extremely secret. I am also looking forward to possibly seeing this on the market because I really loved the first two games.

  13. AJ Says:

    But if Kotor 3 does come out at xmas ‘07 or early’08, it will probably be rushed just like Kotor 2 was

  14. Meg Says:

    I mailed LucasArts and Bioware regarding KOTOR 3, but still no reply =(

  15. Henry Says:

    In a buisness sence it would be STUPID to not make KOTOR3, due mostly to its huge fan base. SO dont worry we will all be playing it by early 08!

  16. Daniel Says:

    If true, this is awesome. Realistically there is no end to this franchise(not until thousands of years late when it gets to original Star Wars) so they can do WHATEVER they would like with this franchise. I am just waiting for my KOTOR fix like some kind of junkie, and have been waiting since around August when I bought the first games.

  17. Benji Says:

    this is all very un-official fact…but i guess its better then nothing. if there will be a kotor 3 they better fix all the things that were wrong with the first two games(kotor 2 had a little bit more trouble then1) aka kotor 1’s flat and underdetailed character graphics, many of kotor 2’s glitches and short storyline. but i think if kotor 3 is to come out it will be early 08 tops. i mean they have had more then enough time to get ready for the 3rd release.

  18. Brian A.K.A. Darthblr2 Says:

    And also if KotOR is in developement we (all of us waiting franticly for it) can be sure that it will include some much better graphics (360), A.I. (Euphoria), and Physics (DMM). Though, they may not to be able to incorperate Euphoria into the action RPG style that has already been set. But, with the power of the 360, hopefully they can eliminate most, if not all, of the bugs & glitches from the first 2.
    Personally I have been waiting on the 3rd (4th & 5th, if they make them) installment of this series since I first beat the 2nd, even though it kinda pissed me off.

  19. Benji Says:

    yeah i hope they do, and is it just my disk or is playing kotor 2 on the 360 wierd or what. theres no music and when you battle it gets really glitchy. anywho yeah they ending of the 2nd game kinda pissed me off as well, but it was still a great game regardless. in the 3rd game they should give you the option to have a padawan(lightside) or apprentice(darkside) if you become a master like you can is the second game. but if they make worlds like peragus or malacore im going to be ticked, those lvls are boring and dumb. the lvls that were priceless were dantooine, onderon, korriban, manaan etc…

  20. garrett Says:

    If kotor 3 does indeed come out in late 07 or early 08 I don’t think it will have been rushed into production. LucasArts has had more than enough time to work on it. The second game came out one year after the first and it has been almost three years since the second. That is a lot of time for planning and developement. So I definitely think this game will be made because of how popular the first two were and I definitely think it is going to have a lot of new stuff that the first two games didn’t.

  21. Jake Says:

    It pains me to think that LucasArts would allow such an amazing series just end… The benfits are there for everyone: profit for them (and probably lots of it, judging by the consant buzz), and fun for us. I remain hopeful though. Lucas is, after all, rather well known for trilogies.

  22. Rae Ann Says:

    that kotor3 x-box link doesn’t even work anymore. i remember it being up at one point but it looks like they deleted it. keep on playing with my heartstrings!

  23. Natherion Says:

    I’m sorry but so far all that you have is speculation and false hope. Even if the two games were very popular it doesn’t mean a thing. Lucasarts has already shown us that even though the series sold well for them, they have no respect for it. Kotor 2 at its core was gorgeous, I dare say better than the first but because lucasarts cut corners and demanded things from obsidon too soon, the game was slaughtered. It was censorship, it was impatience, and it was disrespectful. I would love to see a Kotor 3, but I’m not holding my breath.

  24. Rebecca Says:

    I would love to see a KOTOR 3 come out sometime soon, because after playing the second one I have to admit I was disappointed with the ending, as I’m sure many people were. A lot of people want this so badly! Of course I’m not going to put my hopes up either.

  25. Jonathan Says:

    didn’t they say they were going to release it late 2006/early 2007?

  26. dustin Says:

    well celebration 4 is coming may24 -28 and steve sansweet a rep from l.a. said that they would announce two new games at celebration 4 . lets just hope one is kotor 3

  27. Sanchez Says:

    i really hope this will come out…..but think fer a second. almost every year i hear theories about KotOR3 comeing out. my brains say its not gonna happen, but my…whatever…. prays it will:)

  28. Joe Says:

    Don’t worry like every-one else is saying, it would be stupid not to make another KOTOR there just to much potential profit there to be wasted but the REAL question is when will it actually come out

  29. dustin Says:

    ya agreed . i think its announced sum time in tha next year :)

  30. CoolJ20 Says:

    I think the game is gonna be awsome. KOTOR2 was good but i liked KOTOR1 the best so far. i hope KOTOR3 continues KOTOR1 and tells what happens to Revan

  31. dustin Says:

    it will have to ? if not there would b no point in having a 3 ?

  32. the great noob Says:

    kotor 2 was a good game but i just couldn’t enjoy playing it cos i just wanted to finish the game to find out what happened to revan & bastila, not to mention the rest of the crew that went *poof*.

  33. Rawr Says:

    All I’m hoping for is hk-47 and some good mandalorians to help you along the way….meatbags

  34. dustin Says:

    well i just found this info on g4tv.com that bioware is not making an kotor 3 mmo but they r making a kotor 3 for mostlikely xbox 360 and pc !! they said it should come out around christmas or ealy 08 !!!!!!!

  35. dustin Says:

    im sry about my last post i meantit is rumoured that bioware ismakingit !! :]

  36. Bob Says:

    I hope that it’s not an mmo

  37. Says:

    i love starwars alot but i dont think they should bring kotor3 out around chrismas they should take there time and not rush it for chrismas because look at what happened to kotor2 .. it sucked .. bad. and i think they should re-make kotor2 thats just me though.
    i hope that it comes out on xbox even though im 90% sure it wont

  38. Epiphany11 Says:

    KotoR has been in pre-production longer then what many of you believe. Even if this is all a hoax its very well oriented. First, the timing. Using the engine from Mass Effect and integrating it for KotoR 3 is brilliant. Second, I think it was in ‘05 or ‘06 that LucasArts announced their structural changes or some stuff like that. Basically, firing the initial development crew for KotoR 3. However it was reported that they were already a few months underway. Here’s the link:

    This was posted in august of 2004 so I’d have to assume that the story, plot and canon have been all set up. The source, again, may have known his stuff and set up a very nice hoax. But… that much circumstancial evidence for one game that we’ve wanted since most of the KotoR 2 content was rushed - on that note, here’s the site that, in the future will give us the patch for every shred of content that Obsidian was forced to remove because of rushing. http://www.team-gizka.org/wip.html

    Back to Kotor 3…. 3 years with breaks in between to make one of the best game franchise’s in the history of video games, using a state-of-the-art engine used on Mass Effect - which has in-game graphics that look something you would see in the Cinema. In the past LucasArts has revealed “too much” at E3 and didn’t get the feedback that they were looking for - such as Republic Commando. IMO waaaaaaaaaaaay better than Battlefront 2. Good game nonetheless :p

    To those that have stated that KotoR hasn’t been in development long enough to warrant a possible release for Christmas ‘07 - it has been in development longer than you realized lol. Secondly, we won’t know for sure until BioWare, Obsidian, Pandemic or LucasArts makes an announcement. FYI Pandemic may be involved because it merged with BioWare a couple years back. Pandemic currently has 4 projects under tight security, as stated on their website: http://www.pandemicstudios.com/proj_x.php

  39. j-boy Says:

    HMMM just throwing it out there but ….. maybe they should even make a 4th kotor game i mean look at final fantasy. lucas arts should just drag the series outmake more than a 3rd seriously does anyone want this beautiful game to ever end?

  40. Chris Says:

    I think they want to have it released the end of this year but like all great games there will be delays…

  41. dustin Says:

    u no what epiphany … i was telling ppl on lucasarts forum the same thing u said and none of them wanted to hear it … i believe its been in development that long !!

  42. Kale Khan Says:

    I dont know….I have read countless reports of KOTOR 3 release dates…they all lead to dead ends…so I dont want to give my hopes up for this one….Thank God for Mods…LOL

    secondly whats the deal with Mass Effect…any release date?

  43. Jessterr Says:

    NO WAY!


    Kotor 2 was Sped up too fast. If they Rush Kotor 3 is will suck too.

    It will Still sell the same regardless. PLEASE Makers of KOTOR. Do NOT Speed it up!!! Take your time!! Who cares if it doesn’t come out until 2009!

    Also. Try and make an MMO that plays like Kotor. The current Star wars MMO blows my balls.

  44. Says:

    I just beat the KotOr series and I just can’t take my mind of it

  45. Says:

    it is awesome

  46. Dreadfather Says:

    I wanna find out what happens to ur char from KOTOR 2 and Revan from 1 because,like revan in 1, ur guy just kinda flys out into space. Also what about Mandalore and the rest, Kreia/Treya’s explanation at the end didnt really cut it for me.

  47. Johnn Says:

    alright i’ve been waiting for kotor 3 for to long how about we turn out attention to somethin we know is comin up soon … i cant wait for starwars the force unleashed to come out that game looks like the shiz

    this is the trailer it looks awesome

  48. Jack Says:

    i just clicked on the link at the top of this page to go and read the forum post for my self and i got a nice little errorr….

    The post you requested cannot be found or no longer exists. The administrator or moderator may have deleted the post.

    Hmmm….Either What this page says is true and they want to keep it a secret or they are trying to stop the lies from being spred. Either way…very intresting…Very.

  49. Nerdo Says:

    The Kotor series made Lucasart way too much money for them to not continue the series, plus as i’ve seen in some posts above KOTOR 3 has been in developement for a while and it’d be bad buisness not finish what they started.

    lol i was thinking that they should make a Kotor 4 that shows what happened during the Mandalorian wars. Charactors can be revan, Malek, exile, Carth, HK, another utiltie droid, Saul, Bao Dur, maybe handmaidens mom and dad..any1 think that’d be cool?

  50. mike Says:

    i think that in kotor 3 u should play as revan and the exile is in ur party and you have to re make ether the jedi or the sith acemdmey and if ur light side you get jolee as ur force ghost that helps you during the game or keria if ur dark side

  51. mike again Says:

    and i agree with nerdo there shold be perquals

  52. Benji Says:

    Kotor3 would be an unbelievable game if it was to be a MMORPG like SW galaxies. although it does have alot of perks with just being a single player. in my opinion the main thing that makes this game great is the storyline, i mean, SW is an already hot topic for games, but kotor is the icing on the cake. btw for all those who are trouble by the looming idea that theres not going to be a kotor 3. lay your fears to rest my friends. i have got conformation from more then enough sources to know the “if” the only question is the “when”.

  53. mike Says:

    they should make an online version but really if i don’t find out what happens to the exile and revan and all the other jedi and sith im going to be vert annoyed

  54. RavenLord (not RevanLord) Says:

    I’d like to see a follow-up Kotor game, too. They left untied threads in both Kotor I and II, and they left poor Carth without a message of hope in Kotor II as to the fate of Revan (yup, I played LS female Revan, and a DS male Revan).

    It is said that both Revan and the Exile left for the Unknown Regions, in search of an alleged Sith Empire, which would be the true threat for the Republic. I really can’t see why could not they reuse those characters, you could add them to your team, even if you start as ‘noob’ Jedi, like in the previous two games.

  55. Gackt Says:

    I have a reason that Revan and Exile would have joined forces, good or evil, depending on what situation Revan is in once they cross paths. For all we know, Revan could have already made aquaintances with the “True Sith” and challenge Republic once again! lol We all just wish we would get something, atleast a release-date. If they have been working on this longer than they say, I do really want it to come out on Christmas ‘07!!! ^_^

  56. ANNNNominous Says:

    ive beaten KOTOR and KOTOR 2 so many times and been annoyed (with KOTOR 2) that i need to know what happens!!!!!!! I dont give a **** what happens to lucasarts business the guy is a super billionaire. if lucasarts, bioware, pandemic, or Obsidian (dear God NO!!!) would just admit they are working on it i would be fine……does anyone know when mass effect is coming out cause i think they will announce it after that

  57. mike Says:

    i know what your saying and it takes so long to do everything you want to and get all the secrets i just made every one into dark jedi (because the dark side is stronger and cooler)it took me something like 46 hours and i still want more and mass effect comes out November 1, 2007 and i think they might have a preview for kotor 3 in it

  58. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Star Wars - The Force is Unleashed On You! Trailer and Screens - Must See Says:

    [...] Must See by PacoDG Holy crap. For all those Star Wars nerds awaiting any tid bit of information on Knights of the Old Republic 3, I think you should take a second out to view this video. It is an upcoming trailer for Star Wars: [...]

  59. Tyler Says:

    Jesus i have just died and gone to heaven.

  60. mike Says:

    there could be so many more games the could games during and befour the madalordain war or the can make knights of the new republic witch would take place after all current events in the star wars books

  61. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    I think an awesome game would be the game of the story of Darth Bane the creator of the 2 Sith rule and his quest to acheive it… the story itself is really nice but the game that goes along with the story would be cool 2.

    Cant wait for KOTOR 3 to come out i know that ill buy it for pc if it doesnt come out for xbox. I’ve been browsing many sights and leads about it. None of them have release dates but i have friends who are connected to lucas arts and stuff that give me general hints not direct information of the story line or story line options… Maybe a voting poll will be posted on starwars.com to pick the storyline to play and the characters to be able to take and/or start with.

    Just hopes… The end of they year is nearer and hopefully kotor 3 is also…

    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.
    The Force shall free me.

    The Sith Code

    There is no emotion; there is peace.
    There is no ignorance; there is knowledge.
    There is no passion; there is serenity.
    There is no chaos; there is harmony.
    There is no death; there is the Force.

    The Jedi Code

    any body play SWG???

  62. Juhani Slayer Says:

    I really enjoy the kotor games. I dont really believe these claims as its ben said so many times. I read an article last year that said it would be out xmas 2006.

    Any way, i think that they should make the games a separate movie series. How cool would kotor I be as a movie.

  63. mike Says:

    yo every dark sider respond to this by telling me what u think the story should be

  64. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    To Juhani. KOTOR would not make a good movie, in my opinion, because the people who write the movies would have to decide to make their main character a guardian, sentinel consular, and choose dark or light side. Whatever is chosen will obligingly disappoint one side or group of people who would like to see how the writers ‘play’ the game.

    To Mike. I have played both KOTOR and KOTOR 2 as light and dark side characters, and I would have to say that I think the main storyline should be that you find a Sith empire and learn that they are preparing to take over the galaxy. Not only do they have soldiers but they have many Sith academies filled with Sith. On your way there you find Revan and you can get him in your party. You also find another character which you don’t know much about yet… All you know is that he has a lightsaber and can use the force which mean he is either a renegade Jedi or a Sith. With your current party of three you land at a secret site on the capital of the Sith empire, once there you are discovered by the Sith troops and must decide your path. Will you become a Sith, trying to conquer the galaxy, or will you not stray from the light side and quest to overthrow the empire and stop their attacks. Whichever choice you choose Revan will follow you, but your other party member will not.

    As LIGHT SIDE you will continually try to overthrow the Sith Empire and infiltrate their ranks, sabotage vehicles and weapons, assassinate enemies, completely take over sections of planets and strongholds, prepare bases for attack against Sith and eventually fight the Grand Sith Master and his apprentice (which would be your party member from the beginning). There you have several choices. Team up with the apprentice to overthrow the Grand Sith Master and rule the Sith Empire together. Kill the apprentice and take his place or kill both the Grand Sith Master and Apprentice with Revan at your side. If you take one of the first 2 choices Revan becomes your enemy no matter what, even though you have the chance to convert him to your side. In your party as a light side player you will have: your character, Revan some force users, spies, combat/assassin droids, maybe a renegade Sith or two and even some meat bags (Mandalorians) and people like Bao Dur.

    As DARK SIDE you will join the ranks of the Sith Empire and work your way up to become the new Grand Sith Master with Revan as your apprentice if you have enough influence on him. If not he will fight you for that rank and will get the chance to convert the other early game party member as your apprentice. If you have enough influence on Revan to keep him as your apprentice then you must fight the early game party member. The Dark Side storyline will include quests to gain ranks. Minor attacks as steps to take over the galaxy, preparing soldiers, recruitment of Sith and soldiers alike, and crushing rebellions against the Sith Empire. Your party will include your character, Revan, some nice Sith, handpicked (out of the choices) soldiers, some Mandalorian Mercenaries and maybe even some droids and an astromech unit =D. At several intervals in the game you will have choices to get different party members, or some may leave you and require you to get different party members. A nice twist would be if one character in your party is actually a spy for the group trying to overthrow the Sith Empire.

  65. J-boy Says:

    i think that they should make a 4th series to
    the 3 kotor to begin where the 1st one left off
    and a 4th kotor to begin where the shitty 2nd one left off

    and not to mention if anyone has read the plot script for star wars 7,8, and 9 then you’d know that they finally find the true sith and destroy them so revan and the exile wont destroy the real sith IF they find them

    If you like kotor like me message me on myspace

  66. mike Says:

    the 2nd one wasn’t shity

  67. mike Says:

    to jedi legend i will always be dark side i do play s light side once but i try harder dark side

  68. mike Says:

    and if it was an mmorpg your story’s would work kinda but you would be one sith or one jedi and you would ether protecting the galaxy from the sith or helping the sith amd your party would be your friends playing with you and you have to make or buy your own ship or ride on your friends ps. also to jedi legend

  69. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Nods in Agreement good idea Mike asking for comments about my dark/light side thought of wat the storyline should be

  70. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Wow thats amazing… its another inactive post… if any other KOTOR 3 forums or boards/blogs are found please post them here.

  71. vince Says:

    to Jedi Legend… i liked your post about what light and dark should be, except for the fact that revan is your apprentice. revan is too strong to be an apprentice, and it would be no fun being stronger than him. he should be the enemy once you choose your side, and the charachter you dont know much about yet should be your apprentice.

  72. bobby Says:

    Yea its going to be mean!!!!. I was also woundering about what he said about it was not plesent playing the KOTOR game on xbox 360????.Let me know someone plz.

  73. Jack Says:

    they should have a black lightsaber, and a multiplayer dueling mode would be awesome, and it should have the cloak hood up or down, too. there should be at least 15 planets, or if there are only 5, make them so that you can travel the whole planet.

    planets should be:
    courasant (the center of the universe)
    tatooine (the coolest place in the universe)
    Hoth (before the ice age thing)
    Kamino (starting of clones)
    Mon Calamari (i read something about it, and it is pretty cool)
    Mustafar (the best place for a secret gang hideout)

    players coming back:
    possibly T-3 (for doing actual droid stuff)

    New Players:
    a wookie thats gray, not good or evil
    Darth (something) a guy that is like palpatine, but is stronger)
    some players you could reject or take on with you

    You start out on a mission to be accepted into the jedi order as a padawan, andhow good you do will affect who picks you (Revan or Exile)

  74. Vardish. Says:

    -.- Its been awhile since this article was written and this is the most information I’ve seen in months. Though I’m betting/ madly hoping they’ll make a sequel I doubt it will be out before Christmas… Something would have been leaked!

  75. Sam Says:

    I really want to believe it, I mean I’ve wishing for KOTOR 3 ever since I beat 2 but I’m still skeptical, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  76. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Millions of gamers cried out in terror… and then were suddenly silenced… Says:

    [...] the way, this officially strikes the KotOR 3 rumors [...]

  77. t-roy Says:

    ok lets face it more then half this article is false 1. obviously the game will not be released by Xmas 2. it’s way past july and to my knowledge no website but something tells me, some articles ive read, things ive heard, people ive talked to that this game if there coming out with it will probably be either sometime in may or june of 08 or the holiday season of 08 just my geuss

  78. Starr Says:

    I don’t know what to think on this. I’ve been hoping for kotor 3 for ages now… but this just doesn’t seem right. More would be out by now, a leak or something. But, if i’m wrong and it is coming out, i don’t want it till the middle/end of 2008 that way the game is fully complete and isn’t shortened like kotor and kotor2. And a black lightsaber wouldn’t work, it would look too weird, although putting your hood up or down would be pretty sweet

  79. Tarki Says:

    This would be awesome if true. It could still be true. It makes sense that KOTOR would over shadow the the release of Mass Effect. Maybe a few months after Mass Effect? If it’s not out by June 08, then we know this guy was just trying to get some attention.

  80. Darth Cydon Says:

    The True Reason That No More Info Has Leaked Is Because The Lucas Arts And Bioware Ninjas Have Mysteriously Deleted Anything That Gave Too Much Information.

  81. Darth Cydon Says:

    btw same thing with halo 3 but more ppl were trying to find the info and they finaly found most of it

  82. Darth Cydon Says:

    lol next im going to be waiting 4 battle front 3

  83. Shoemaker Says:

    F*CK! EA can go suck a male chicken, the games that ea makes are childs play. lucas arts better f n find some place to make kotor 3 or someone is getting shanked!

  84. Paul Says:

    How in the hell is this post still getting comments?!

  85. Zane Says:

    I would like to believe this is true. I LOVE the KOTOR series, but there has been millions (slight exagertion) of rumors like this and all of them have been shot down by either Microsoft, BioWare, or some other reliable source. Still… I will dream.


    Give me a break people. The Kotor games were the best two fuckin games out there but give bioware and obsidian some time to develope a new engine. Even if they were bought out be Ea DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WOULD STRAY FROM THE ORIGINAL DEVELOPERS AND STORYLINE? We all know what Kotor 1 and 2 have brought in. And we all know it is all about money.

  87. Says:

    I really want Kotor 3 to come out. Since Bioware is tied up with creating the Mass Effect sequals, it would probably get outsourced to some other developer.

  88. Miguel Says:


  89. 1P Start » Blog Archive » Knights of the Old Republic 3 in Development!? “Schwing!” Says:

    [...] of time than any other post on the internet, the post that would never die was known as “KotOR 3 in Development? *Schwing!*“. Just last night, user “Miguel” has given us a link that has not completely [...]

  90. mike Says:

    geting tired of waiting for some kind of news

  91. Upward Says:

    Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is coming out sometime in april next year. Maybe we’ll here some KOTOR 3 news after the release of that game. It would be foolish of them not to make a triligy, so many fans out there that love the two KOTOR games. If I was to take a guess…they’ll probably release it at the end of 08 or the beginning of 09.

  92. dave Says:

    BioWare and LucasArts have announced they are working together one some sort of project a month ago. Yep, it’s gotta be an RPG, and the only Star Wars RPG I can think of is really just KOTOR. Hmm, well some think it’s an MMO. That would suck. Oh, well, though no details pertaining what kind of game it is, once Force Unleashed is out, and selling, I expect an announcement on the contents of the game they are developing.

  93. Hunter Says:

    They just can not be that F$#@in supied as not to come out with 3 KOTOR, can they?

  94. brett Says:

    From what I’ve read thus far, I have to say I’m fairly distraught from the news of Kotor 3. I’ve been a huge fan of the kotor series since I played the first one. Though Lucas Arts have made many important decisions regarding staff, I doubt that they would just stop the trilogy here, due to the extremely high fan base. I really don’t mind waiting, so long as they actually make an announcement regarding its release date, development, or pretty much anything else regarding it in general. Let’s just hope there is a kotor 3

  95. Darth Pookie Says:

    I just wish everyone would stop posting these stupid rumours from “a friend of a friend of a former roommate of a half-brother of a guy who lived 3 blocks away from a guy who said he works for Lucas”.

    I have no doubt that KOTOR 3 will come, and I would prefer that they keep us all in the dark for as long as it takes to get it right so it doesn’t get released with a bunch of bugs and lost content.

    My single biggest hope though is that the rumours of it being an MMORPG are wrong. Sure it would be cool for an MMORPG to be based in the days of the Old Republic, but that should be a separate game from the KOTOR series. What’s great about the KOTOR games are the storylines and it’s impossible to put together that kind of storyline for an MMORPG because of the nature of the game. If they want to make an MMORPG, they should give it a different name and keep KOTOR single player.

  96. dustin Says:

    i think if they release an mmorpg about he old republic then it should be after kotor 3 is released!!

  97. KOTOR fan Says:

    I don’t think they will make it a mmorpg (i hope they don’t too),they already have SWG

  98. dustin Says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! i was on g4tv.com today which is a very very reliable site and on the cover of the site it said “new knights of the old republic coming soon and bioware is working on it”!!! i read the article about it and its not an mmo! it in fact is a rpg!!!!!

  99. KOTOR worshipper Says:

    Listen guys, KOTOR will never die out, trust me. Heres an example, Halo was the biggest xbox release ever, yet it took them four years to make Halo 2, and rumors and actual vieble information werent released until at least two years after Halos release in 2001. And yes, to dustin, I did look on g4tv.com and on EAs 08/09 release schedule, a new KOTOR is really in progress.

    Heres what I think the storyline should be. You can choose to be one of three main characters, Revan, the Exile, or a new fully customizable character. If you choose to be Revan, then you choose to have a dark side storyline, most likely at the head of a newly redevolped Star Forge (since it was kinda screwed up in the final battle between Revan and Malak). As you move throughout the galaxy, exterminating the remains of the Republic, the Exile shows up to defend them, most likely on the Republic central Coruscant. After fighting the Exile for some time, he asks you if you would join the Light, and you can either choose yes, kill him, or if you have enough persuasion skill, convince him to be your apprentice. Once Coruscant is dealt with, the Republic makes one last final stand, with the Jedi Order from Coruscant at the head.

    If you choose to be the Exile, you choose the Light. Shortly into the game, you meet up with Revan, who asks you to be his apprentice, and you can choose no, which will result in Revan being the final battle, or yes, which results in a dark side shift, and an opportunity to knock the great Dark Lord off of his throne and take the Star Forge into your own hands, like Malak, but actually successful.

    If you choose the customizable character, then you are neutral, and during the game, Revan and the Exile will continue to persuade you to join one of them.

    Heres what characters I think should be in KOTOR 3:
    Carth -duh
    HK-47 -heck yeah, assassin droids!
    Revan -Sith! Woo!
    Exile -Jedi! Less enthusiastic woo!
    Either Zaalbar or the wookie from 2 -depending on who you choose to be
    Mandalore -who turns out to be Canderous (that would be sweet!)
    An evil jedi from the start -for friggin once
    An Ewok! -just kidding
    T3-M4 -for the cute retarded droid part
    A good jedi -have them fight the dark jedi!
    A jedi that is NOT human or resembling human -I wanna say, a Yoda rip-off!
    And finally, a Rodian -I just think Greedo is awesome!

    Other crap I would like to see in the game:
    -More than two choices of Lightsaber crystals
    -A new dark side lightsaber color -come on, red by itself gets boring, I want to see a combination of red with black energy particles streaking across it
    -Coruscant -I want to beat down the High Council for once
    -A new Sith homeworld!
    -Hoods, with choice of up or down
    -MORE CAPES! -Im tired of seeing Revans or the Exiles butt whacking my tv screen
    -Better masks -I wanna have a wookie mask, do you have any in stock?

    Well, thats it, check you guys later!

  100. mr bobert dinkerman Says:

    Will it ever come out all ready! my X-box broke! I’m dying of lack of kotorness! help me……..

    And also, the storyline should be that you are a completely new customizable character. You should have Juhani in your party, at the beggining. then you should try to track down revan, by going from informant to informant, maybe with a few bounty hunters in your way. then, T3 should join your party, help you find the exile, and he will tell you where to find revan. you will go under cover as a sith and work your way up the ranks until you defeat revan (or save him, depending on whether you stated he was a sith or light jedi.)

  101. Blood Drinker Says:

    you do know that kotor 1&2 are on the xbox 360

  102. KotorFanatic Says:

    ok seriously it’s already been said by a few people ,that work for the guys making kotor 3, it’s either gonna be the same as the first 2 or an extremely good mmo. now i don’t know if you guys agree but if it’s like the first 2 then i say make bastilla the main character. have her chasing down revan after he left for the outter rim and trying to get her love back. she meets up with some kick ass characters (atton,exile,carth,mandalore*canderous*) ok i don’t mean all of them you’d have to have some new characters but you gotta admit they need exile and bastilla. cause it said they both went looking for revan.

  103. KotorFanatic Says:

    ok i’ve been reading some other sites and i just came up with a few new ideas. everyone knows how there is usually only a couple of planets to go to in kotor 1 and 2 and you always seem to know something is going to happen on these planets? well how about for once they have like 10-20 planets and to do the main quest you have to search all the planets, like some planets have nothing to do with the main storyline there will be events on them but you won’t have to complete the quests on them. and it would be cool if you choose to be someone new if you started your training as a child and as you got better you got older until you were a jedi knight and the whole storyline starts to fit into place. and i reckon they should follow the idea that the exile is female, people have been speculating whether the exile is male or female, because there were loads of cut scenes in the second one when atton turned to the dark side, got mortally wounded by sion and proffessed his love for the exile while he died in her arms which i think, trying not to sound like a sap, but was pretty sad cause he was my favourite character aside from revan, and there was one when after the exile fought traya and was leaving to find revan he was leaning against a pillon,exscuse my poor spelling, and it went like this

    Atton: {Trying to be casual, but wants to go with the player}Need any company? {Beat, casual}I mean, I’m not doing anything. Besides, if I’m not around to bail you out of trouble, who knows what could happen.

    Atton: All right, then. {Beat}Where are we going again? I mean, because last time, we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this Sith Lord, and…

    now that i think about it a jedi atton would be a cool main character.

  104. KotorFanatic Says:

    ok im beginning to think i’m the only person using this site but it stops me from going mad cause none of my relatives or friends are into games as much as i am. they play the game cause it’s fun to fight or cause graphics and gameplay rule, i on the other hand play for those reasons and because i like the player development which in kotor is a bit lacking for main characters. is it just me or do the main characters seem a bit robotic it’s like they never show any emotion and even worse is the jedi seriously atleast the sith show hatred.the thing that bugs me the most is,drum roll please………..NO VOICES FOR MAIN CHARACTERS!!!!!comeon seriously they should make it you can choose voices all the words are gonna be just as easily said as for the other characters.

  105. KotorFanatic Says:

    omg i hope in kotor 3 atton isn’t dead surely loads of people will prefer the ending where he lives he is like best character ever!!!

  106. spencelovesgames Says:

    so is it official? is kotor 3 going to be made? or what?

  107. KotorFanatic Says:

    it’s pretty much been announced serveral times but there has been a few setbacks e.g.
    much of the early development staff was fired so the chances of it coming out early 08 or late 08 is very small

  108. spencelovesgames Says:

    sooo when? early 09? really late 08?

  109. mr bobert dinkerman Says:

    I’m bored. Im going to get KOTOR II on PC possibly, but i still need Kotor III. help me… (voice fades into nothing)

  110. lou Says:

    if it’s true i’ll be SOOOO happy,unless they rush it like kotor2,but i want a prequel in the mandalorian wars where you are a nobody re[ublic soldier who chooses to acompany the exile(light side) or revan(dark side)and they teach you how to cause pain or help causes,and if magicly all three end up in a highly highly mythic kotor4.i also hope that you can switch sides whenever you please,and you cantransfer anywhere on your map,overall it would be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. lou Says:

    i’m back(remember this is the mandalorian wars) i want to go to courasant,katarr,the mandaloria world(whatever thats called),dxun,the ravager,malachor v,taris,corellia,and koriban.i would also like where you can side with the mandalorians,the sith,the ancient sith(resurected),the ancient jedi(resurected),the jedi,bounty hunters,mercanaries,assasins,the republic,or a civilian that helps when they can!!! (you can pick your team) i want the party members to be exile,carth,jolee,atton,and 4 new people(jedi,republic,ancient jedi)canderous ordo,xarga,kex,manalore the ultamate,bralor,and 3 new ones(mandalorians)casus fett,azkul,atton rand,and 4 more (bounty hunters,assasins and mercinaries)revan,malak,naga sadow(spirit),4 more. i also want to go to onderon and nal hutta,rodia,and nar shadda and you have to learn the force.saul karath should be a party member to.the player should also have a long time companion(trask ulgo).

  112. lou Says:

    (mandalorian wars)people start replying!!!and if someone knows something about kotOR 3 tell me!!!!

  113. Devin Says:

    Play as either Revan or the Exile.

    Choose Male or Female for both of them.

    Choose which side they will end up on.

    My preferred choices:

    Playing as Revan:

    Female Dark Sider + Female Dark Side Exile

    Male Dark Sider + Female Light Side Exile

    Playing as Exile:

    Male Light Sider + Female Light Side Revan

  114. Jordan Says:

    man i dont care wuts in the gamw as long as they make a kotor 3 ill b happy

  115. Sam Says:

    SO please a strait answer. Will they make a kotor 3? Any websites w/ evidence would be nice

  116. Kris Says:

    It is almost impossible to be positive about KotOR III at this point. The guys friend mentioned in this seems to have been wrong.

    I’ve heard several theories about KOTOR 3 so far, including that the media blitz would begin after the release of Mass Effect.

    All that is certain, is that no one (not lucasarts, not bioware, not obsidian entertainment) with any credibility has even confirmed the existance of KOTOR 3 at the time I write this.

    However, it is very possible given the lull in lucasarts recent releases and the success of both KOTOR I and KOTOR II that a third installment would be coming. In fact, it would seem down right stupid to not produce another one.

  117. Kris Says:

    I would suggest keeping an eye on lucasarts.com, and gamespot.com. Surely when something official (and thus credible) surfaces it will not be hard to miss.

    People should also watch BioWare’s in development, which includes an unnamed MMO (possibly star wars themed)

  118. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    The infamous legend is back! Lol well maybe not infamous, but I stopped coming to this post after it seemed in active, but now I’m back. So to business: I’ve read all the posts after my last post and I’m very interested In all that’s going on, the rumors, believed facts, what might actually be facts and such.

    So you guys wanna know wat’s up, what I’ve gathered and know about Kotor 3 for now? I don’t truly feel like writing everything on the forums but I know that I probably will when I’ve gotten all the info together, and organized all my thoughts. Most of the reason that I won’t be posting everything right now is ’cause: I’m Lazy! Lol it’s true…

    You guys wanna know what I know, or know my Ideas? Just sned me an e-m@il at !!!

    To those that are new to this post: (People who started posting after Jan. 1st ‘08). I like to think that I have a lot of considerable ideas. It takes me a bit of time to group ‘em but I’ll have ‘em down soon enough and post ‘em here.

    I also post some stuff in lots of places, I’ll be listing ‘em here don’t worry about it! I’d love it if you guys sent me some of ur ideas and we could discuss ‘em and make all of ours better! I’m hoping to send something to the people at Star Wars Insider to put into one of their summer editions to get a lot more feedback and stuff. Also if I get to meet George Lucas some time, possibly discuss some Ideas with him that we came up with! (George Lucas apparently always has to give consent on all the games/storylines w/in the games to see that they keep with the ‘basis’ of Star Wars)

    Email me with thoughts, ideas, and considerations at:

  119. mj99999 Says:

    Kotor 3 is a hot topic but is only talked about by fans. I am a fan of the kotor games, but I don’t think a third edition will be made. If anything is in develpment(sounds more like a myth) it will probulay be a remake of kotor 2, maybe kotor 1. Let’s face it kotor 2 sucked. It was missing to much content and it would be nice to have a completed version of kotor 2. kotor 1 was great and could have been better. You have to keep in mind through that kotor 1 was a test to see how people would respond.

    Mass effect was a great game and I hope they will base a kotor 3 or remake of two on this engine.

    Last of all thanks for listening. I know that it sounds like I hate kotor but I actually love anything that has to do with starwars. In fact I am writing my own book it won’t be a starwars book, but I will base it on the setup of starwars and many other scifi shows. It wont have lightsabers and weird planets.

    Let me developed more of my story and I will tell you alittle more. What I can tell you at this time is that it will be in our solar system and something about relocating to mars.

    talk to you later.

  120. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Cool, Cool. Well though you are right, It does seem to me that you aren’t that big a fan of Kotor… But that’s not for me to decide. Everyone IS entitled to their own oppinion. Looking forward to more info on your story.

  121. GamingGoddess Says:

    I am absolutely *heartbroken* (distraught, tormented, beside myself with grief)… After finishing KOTOR one and falling in love, I immediately bought KOTOR 2, and made it about 65% through when my xBox spazzed out and flatlined. JUST as I was about to beat the tattoos off of Darth Sion’s emo face, the screen froze and went to black. And now I’ll never get those 28 hours invested into this game back.

    I swear Macintosh intentionally made these xBoxes with expiration dates… I mean, its the 21st century, ur trying to tell me Macintosh cant make a friggin game console that last more than 3 years? My grandmother still has her ‘95 Nokia phone activiated.

    AnYwAyz… if KOTOR 3 does come out, I think that would be all the incentive I’d need to just give in and buy a 360. I’m not even that big of a gamer really.. i just loooooove this game. Now all I want is a Black 2 game, and I’ll never leave my couch again.

  122. lou Says:

    on ign i saw concept art(dont know how i found it)for kotor 3,and i saw in official xbox magazine,that its rumored that they will make a
    kotor game with the same setup,just a different trilogy

  123. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Possibly. As long as they make one and its good, though it would be better if it followed with the story from number 1 and or 2…

  124. nick Says:

    Mj99999, you have posted this same response on several sites concerning this matter via, copy and paste. Just noting that, anyways theres alot of evidence out there supporting this matter and alot that is against it, its an intresting topic, so far from the information i’ve read, rumors, facts, thoughts. Its seems if they do make one it will be out in late 09′-early 2010. Of course im wrong alot, so it could be later, or earlier. If it even comes out at all. But if it does i will buy it for sure, i just hope it doesent end up like the “legend of dragoon” sequel, with a handfull of people signing petitions to make a sequel to a game that has been untouched for nearly a decade. Hehe.

  125. lou Says:

    i agree late ‘09

  126. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    mmm its possible… Worth waiting for as long as its good, In my opinion…

  127. lou Says:

    if it doesnt come out ill always have biahh,i dont think they’l leave kotor behind,does anyone know the release date of brothers in arms hells highway

  128. Eoin Says:

    it has to be out like spring 09 the latest or else i think lucas arts will have dropped it

  129. lou Says:

    hells highway,anyone. i still want kotor 3 though

  130. Corey Says:

    Its been 2 years since that article came out it mite be this Chrstmas but with it moving that slow it mite be 2 more years. IF it comes out it should have these planets

    -Courasaunt defintaly
    -Mannann exept u should be able to move faster underwater
    -Korriban restored
    -and get a 360 to play this cause playin on the computer is lame!!!

  131. Hey-Lo Says:

    i liked the second one, its beginning was slow and almost kills its replay value but the rest of it is awesome. i hope that with newer technologies such as used in Mass Effect fighting will be more exhilerating than just pressing (A) for combo stuff. like way more fast paced like mass effect. i am also a huge battlefront guy and battlefront 2 has so much potential to be great, i wish they had an update for battlefront 2 that would use the vs. interface in renegade squadron.

  132. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Hey-Lo, I’m all w/ you on everything you said, you are totally right! And Corey I agree with you for which planets should DEFINATELY be in the games.

  133. lou Says:

    kotOR 3(if there is 1)should have voices for the main.come on hells highway please

  134. george Says:

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure KOTOR 3 has been cancelled. I loved the first two games, but its been how many years since the second game out? During all this time, we haven’t heard a word from Lucas Arts or Bioware.

  135. mike Says:

    if they dont make a third kotor im goin to flip a shit i want to know what happens its fucked up is its canceled

  136. lou Says:

    bia,cod,moh and halo took a few years for sequels

  137. TJ Says:

    well latest rumors proved 80%false and those planets corey are same as kotor 1 cept corosaunt so its kinda a waste. i want a kotor 3 but its doomed i believe im starting to realize that they will not make one. which makes me wanna go murder something

  138. lou Says:

    murder what!!!!!!!!!!???????????

  139. JZ Says:

    As much as i would like there to be a KOTOR 3, i have doubts that they will make one. But if they do, i think that they should add some more lightsaber types into the game, not to mention a few different styles of each lightsaber. They Should also add a few different species of characters for a player to choose from when making their character. Another good feature would be to have some chaets or something that you can unlock by beating the game so that if you get bored with it, you can at least ammuse yourself. But most importantlly, they need to stop putting a f****** limit on your maximum level. I mean come on, if your gonna put a limit on your maximum level then at least make it 99, or go that extra mile and make it 100. I think that the KOTOR games are good, but they could have easily been better than they were.

  140. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    JZ - Yes, I guess you’re right… anyways

    The gameplay needs to be expanded
    More variety in choosing/customizing your character
    MORE CHOICES TO MAKE, yes I know there are a lot but the more you have, the more fun it is to go back and play the game differently afterwards.

    And so much more, equipment, lightsabers, lightsaber styles, choice to put people in your party and all that there is SO MUCH that could be added and even if it isn’t KOTOR 3 would be an awesome game!

  141. lou Says:

    i also agree

  142. mike Says:

    more lightsaber types and colors def like light whip and cane light canes are fucking cool

  143. lou Says:


  144. Woody Says:

    Here is a press release from a couple of months ago. It doesn’t confirm KOTOR III, but it very well could be. It is the announcement of a collaboration between LucasArts and Bioware. http://www.lucasartsbioware.com

  145. @ Woody Says:

    Theres also an interview which states that they are making an MMO and they didn’t mention crap about anything else, or what it is. all they said pretty much was, “Theres going to be a story, blah blah”

    *Punches NDA in the FACE*

  146. Kyle Says:

    KOTOR III pretty much confirmed via this article and a few others.

  147. Angel35483 Says:

    Ok the only reason KoTOR 2 sucked was because of the rush. As everyone knows it was bull crap they announced it and ppl rushed them. Thats why we have a major beleife that KoTOR 3 is ganna come out. They know tht if they announce it officialy then ppl will be all over them. So there for they keep quite and the awaithing public suspensful and wondering. They have so much on their hands right now and huge huge expectations. But nothing they cant handel. They dont wanna end up like Fable, They announced it like 20 years ago and now weve all lost intrest. So for all those KoTOR fans keep waiting because i have a feeling they will tell us wen they are ready.

  148. domkey lover 13 Says:

    So all u nerd are soooooo! cute it turns me on when u talk about star wars like that omg i get an orgasim just reading ur comments omg!!!!!! i lke it up the butt email me pls!!!! i love nerds i will dress like luke skywalker and pull my light saber out and stick it in ur ass and we will have light saber wars if u know what i mean (hint hint) i have a small penis but i love the cock !!! so u turn me on talk to me in Huttese and i will cum in your ass !!! i like long hard walks on the beach and like being fudge packed farwell i better get some emails fuck me hard please!!

  149. lou Says:

    i agree w/kyle

  150. Angel35483 Says:

    All I have to say about the MMO………. HELL FREEKIN NO!!

  151. Zak Says:

    KotOR III…I wont be able to die peacefully without playing it….

  152. lou Says:

    i no!!

  153. mike Says:

    how aobut a knights of the new empire cade and kol skywalker and darth krate those guys

  154. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    I’m pretty happy about all this, I dont think that those links deffinately confirm it but they surely hint towards it.

    To Mike:
    Cade and Kol Skywalker (& Darth Krayt) are all in a completely different era they are legacy which happens 4 generations or so after episode 6, combining them into Kotor 3 would ruin all possible Kotor 3 storylines. (If it comes out)Another game with those characters might be very cool, but it would very led (since the comics set the story) and you wouldn’t have that much of a choice, unless they give it a completely different aspect…

    I have some ideas of what some great aspects might be as well as some great Star Wars Fan Fiction. Send me an em@il at and I’ll talk. Keep this discussion board up!

  155. ur mom Says:

    kotor 3 it would be ******* sweet if u could get full mando armor and revans mask and if u could ***** bastilla

  156. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    If you could what Bastilla?

  157. lou Says:

    ur mom means *WHISTLE* *WHISTLE*

  158. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Of course?

  159. lou Says:

    my ugly little brother got the willywonka game wich i heard a developer that played a very small role in the game but influenced it heavily,the game sucked.i also heard that if kotOR 3 comes out the company will take a major role in development,if minor sucked,major will suck eggs.

  160. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Sorry to dissapoint all you waiting but I’m guessing this much now and somebody else told me this so I guess… that this is it:

    There is no confirmation.

    As far as Bioware and LucasArts go, both have denied that they are working on KOTOR III, LucasArts went as far as saying their project with Bioware has nothing to do with Knights of the Old Republic.

    A man who supposedly was a former employee of LucasArts saying something isn’t proof. It’s possible, as we have absolutely no idea what they are working on, but right now it is as much speculation as every other rumour before.

    Right now I see the chance of Bioware developing an MMO with LucasArts to be bigger than the one for a single player game, though I wouldn’t like it, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be KOTOR, especially with the real Star Wars series coming out in 2009 or 2010, which could be used as a tie-in.

  161. lou Says:


  162. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Lol I know…

  163. lou Says:

    jedi legend herted mah feelin’ and it feels like he broked mah nose

  164. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    lol XD

  165. lou Says:

    i want kotor 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Me 2, but is an MMO and another game good enough for you, and Force Unleashed?

  167. lou Says:

    only force unleashed,do u have a myspace,jedilegend,if u do whats ur name,or any way i can add u

  168. ryan Says:

    if its gonna b a MMO im gonna b so P’ed. i cant do games with monthly fees and knowing online games today most games have fees. i’d rather have it just stay a single-player RPG. i beat KoTor 2 yesterday ( i’ve had it for a while but is topped playing and didnt finish it ) that ending dissapointed me cuz there was so much left to do so im hoping.

  169. aa7im Says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!! One of my friends works for lucas arts and he said he heard that they were making a KOTOR III

  170. aa7im Says:

    sorry but what does a mmo mean?

  171. aa7im Says:

    My friend is also part of the tem who is making it

  172. aa7im Says:

    Hey my son also plays this one game called http://www.runscape.com. there aren’t any fees unless you become one of the meber players which has no restrictions but if you can’t pay the fee you can still have the regular acount with some restrictions

  173. lou Says:

    mmo means,massively multiplayer online

  174. aa7im Says:

    OK, the games story line is you pick one of these 3 characters wich are Revan, Dark side/light side,Exile, light side/ Dark side, and Malaks aprenice(who some how didn’t die in the first game)Dark side can be converted to light. Ok, all 3 three of these people went to fight the true sith, revan and exile cross paths during the begining and either you kill the exile or kill revan or team up, Revan will still have some Dark thoughts but he will choose the light ounce more, same thing if you were Revan it would be the same thing. The true thret is that one of the true sith dark lods is being traind by Darth Treya, Darth sion, and that other dark lord you kill Kotor,so this one true dark lord is stronger than any other dark lords that youv’e ever faced in Kotor I and II.

  175. aa7im Says:

    That is all i will tell beacause i dont want to spoil the game

  176. aa7im Says:

    Go to youtube pute in Kotor 3 and it will pop up with some videos look at those and you will know what im talking about

  177. aa7im Says:

    Hey everybody go to this site http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?KOTOR3

  178. lou Says:

    ive already sighned

  179. aa7im Says:


  180. lou Says:

    kotor is awsome

  181. Jedi Legend (JL) Says:

    Wow I’m really really happy!!! this is awesome!

  182. aa7im Says:

    hey Ledi Legend, did you sine the petition?

  183. aa7im Says:

    im mean Jedi Legend

  184. lou Says:

    e3 day 3,they announced kotor3,mmo

  185. dark jedi Says:

    i hope u can b 2 characters revan and exile and play with a buddy

  186. dark jedi Says:

    i dont think kotor3 will be coming out soon but there is still two new other starwars games comming out im excited for the force unleashed of course and battlefront3

  187. Jedi Legend Says:

    Like Lou said Kotor 3 is not going to be an MMO and it will not be called Kotor 3 Here for those of you who want some info:

    Knights of the Old Republic the MMO should be coming out sometime mid or late 09 if not, then in the year 2010. It will not come out in ‘09 because they do not want to rush it and they will not come out when the new world of warcraft is supposed to come out. Though most star wars fans would by the Kotor game instead the World of Warcraft game will severly dwarf Kotor’s impact.

    Force Unleashed is coming out September 16th and it has an 85 percent chance of not being pushed back because it is a console game and they want people all over getting it quickly as the Winter’s Kick-off game.

    Battlefront 3 we dont know when to expect it but we do know that it will be good, you can expect customization and better XBOX live options. Thats what you need to know…

    Lou send me an email at and I will give you my myspace / facebook.

  188. lou Says:

    no i said it is mmo,watch the very beginning of e3 day 3,they announced,also look at joystiq,or july 31st mmo report,on g4tv.com

  189. dark jedi Says:

    wat exactly does mmo mean

  190. Jedi Legend Says:

    Sorry I meant is going to be a mmo lol that was typo, I processed it wrong…

    To Dark Jedi:

    An MMO is massively multiplayer online

    when combined with rpg it is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.

    It will most likely cost money per month probably 15 dollars, just like galaxy.

  191. dark jedi Says:


  192. dark jedi Says:

    i cant even afford star wars galaxies and if they will be charging the same price per month for kotor that would suck because i really love kotor

  193. lou Says:

    i dont know wut 2 say bout dis

  194. Jedi Legend Says:

    Well 15 dollars a month is not too much and it would be worth it. or you can pay with game cards which are 30 dollars every two months if you can use a credit card then its even cheaper its like 40 bucks for three months (five dollars off) or maybe 120 dollars for the whole year (60 dollars off)… Then again we can still all hope that it will cost less than that and if not we can all play the Force Unleashed and Battlefront 3 (if we have the systems needed). If you have the wii you are a lucky bas*ard

  195. dark jedi Says:

    ha i do have a wii

  196. Jedi Legend Says:

    Lucky you get to do the duel mode for Force Unleashed…

  197. dark jedi Says:

    SHIT! i already registered the game for 360 before i got the wii im really not that lucky

  198. Jedi Legend Says:

    thats what you get for having the wii lol.
    Check out this game if you like roleplaying and star wars


  199. dark jedi Says:


  200. lou Says:

    at least kotor 3 is real

  201. Jedi Legend Says:

    This game is a video game based on Greek Mythology. It is currently getting ready for Closed Beta Testing. With Anime style Animation many great players and an already great community on the forums this game seems very promissing. I suggest this to all people who want to play a great FREE MMORPG. Being the first game ’supported’ by IGG and created by it we can expect their dedication for it. Join us on the forums and try to get alpha keys and you will get to participate in the Closed Beta testing! Then afterward the Open Beta will be happening and later the game will be coming out!

    Hope you all check it out at
    Gods War Online
    Join us there!

    -The game is NOT out yet but you already have chances to play, you can visit the forums to get more information and see if the game will interest you!-

  202. Darth revan's aprintace Says:

    anyone got any cheats to make # 1 and 2 of the knights of the old republic to make them f\more fun i’ve beat it so many times that it gets kind boring

  203. Darth revan's aprintace Says:

    dose anyone think that with it being made by MMO that it will ruin the series??

  204. lou Says:

    i do

  205. jamie Says:

    its simple there is no kotor 3 just sum fake arss shitty mmo thay used the name sequal yet it isnt has nothin to do with the kotor series whats so ever, and by the way there going thay wont make a kotor 3 and its not free ul have to pay for it and its shit lucas arts and bioware really made me angry.
    i went and did this vote thing about making a new kotor 3 but even tho thousands and thousands maybe hundrads of thousands said yeh we get dumped with a mmo with no single player mode on pc set 300 years i watched them press release it no1 there even liked the idea it was funny

  206. Jake420 Says:

    I REally hope they realase one but it seems like it might be rare.

  207. Bryce Says:

    does anyone know what kotor3 is gonna be like

  208. The_Dark_Devotion Says:

    Am i the only one that notices that the website should be up and running…..this is so fake….retarded bastard getting peoples hopes up….

  209. J.W. Says:


    It’s not “fake”, dingleberry — it’s two years old.

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