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Halo 3 Beta - Review

by PacoDG

Well, half a review. If you do not know, my 360 is working when it wants to, “towel tricks” working multiple times.. and blah blah, lets get to review already… Halo 3 Beta.



Halo 3 Beta

Love, Bungie


Halo 3 Beta

Love, Bungie

Yes you have to go through that little text on a black screen until you get to the feeling of excitement as the menu screen pops up:


Before starting a game, I actually take a second to explore, hitting the start button to see what “Profile” offers.. thinking this was to customize my characters, ended up was a bunch of stuff i had no time to try and understand at the time (please, someone comment on what all that stuff means)


When it comes to picking a game, not much choices, its rumble pit time. Maybe its just me, but the backgrounds look crisp and good as hell (im on HD for this event). I notice in the waiting for players screen, I am now marked with a “J93″. I played two games. Oddball (I killed!) and Slayer (4th :( )

In no way do I mean to use an excuse, but I was jumping in blindly to the new controls, however once I got used to them, you can have some strategic killing. Different guns, different grenades, and then the extra items (like a lift that you can throw anywhere like a grenade, then step on it and its like a super bounce). The game really has a feeling of something good has been added, without taking anything else they already had right with Halo 1 and 2. Sniping felt good. Having the original Halo 1 default rifle is great, along with the Halo 2 assault rifle is still around.

Both games, I played the same level, called “High Ground”. The three screen shots I have up are no accident, they are all from the High Ground level. I have nothing but good things to say about it. It didn’t have a traditional Halo level feel, but it felt right. Good amount of inside buildings, yet a nice sized outside rocky area, and in the end, the level doesn’t feel like a big level, yet it really has a lot of spots, actually, even the rocky/beach area almost makes it seems likes its two levels that they attached together, yet once again, doesn’t feel that big. I can’t wait to try Valhalla and Snowbound, which I have no doubts I will with the amount of time I will be putting in this game (ie.. after writing this.. guess what im doing).

Lastly, the controls, you will get used them quicker than you think, it may be a week to master, but after a few games, you’ll feel how tight and well thought out they were.

I call this only a half review, because I know my main man JW will be getting his word in on how he feels about the game, as I didn’t go nearly in depth as im sure I could. Also, 1pstart writer kezins, prepare to get teabagged. Btw, thanks Bungie, I so far, am satisfied.

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6 Responses to “Halo 3 Beta - Review”

  1. J.W. Says:

    Don’t look at me — I didn’t buy Crackdown.

  2. PacoDG Says:

    Aw crap! Go to blockbuster and rent it!

    I know I have my copy from the contest, but I actually had got one of them email invitations before hand.

    Looks like Crackdown will be eBay bound (with the description “Halo 3 Beta with free copy of Crackdown”

  3. Monkey2 Says:

    I gotta say the Beta is awesome, and what sucks about your id is that it must have a letter and then 2 numbers, but if your lucky enough to have the name edy, you could put y63, which is edy backwards, darn edylynx for being clever

  4. qbix Says:

    I loved the Beta. The controls are very intuitive once you get used to them, the interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the graphics are not bad for a beta. In terms of gameplay everything seems balanced and the maps are well though out for every game type which has always been a strong point for Bungie. I just wished there were more than 3 maps :)

    Also, props to the Live team for banning modded 360s because I was sick and tired of these people in Halo 2.

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  6. House Cleaning Says:

    Nice and usefull post, thanks, this is one for my bookmarks!

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