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DIY Xbox 360 RRoD Fix

by JW

Are you tired of sending your Xbox 360 in to Microsoft every time you get that damned RRoD? Well, if you’re good with electronics, you won’t have to. Introducing the X-Clamp Do-It-Yourself Fix Kit.

But wait, what does this fix kit do? First, you need to understand what exactly causes the RRoD in the first place. What many people believe is that the RRoD is caused when the solder connection between the GPU and the mainboard breaks, usually after a few months. This is caused because the clamp is not providing enough pressure on the heat sink to keep the motherboard connected to the GPU. What this kit does is replaces the x-shaped clamp with a more sturdy, stronger support to keep the pressure on the soldering, which will prevent it from breaking.

It’s an interesting solution to a widespread problem. However, unless you are good with your electronics, there is little to no point in doing this. Unless you’re really feed up with shipping coffin after coffin to Texas for repairs. If you’re curious, there’s a how-to video after the break.

[X-Clamp Fix]

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3 Responses to “DIY Xbox 360 RRoD Fix”

  1. Visin Says:

    I have had the RROD problem on 2 of my Xbox 360’s so far and I would love to say I permanently solved my issues but we all know that would be a lie to myself and everyone.

    I have documented the fixes for an RROD (red ring of death) error and posted it on my blog which you can read about it here, http://azerothnow.com/microsoft-xbox-360-rrod/

    Did this help you any? If so tell me how you went about it.

    Thank you,

  2. Jane Says:

    I used x-box360redlightfix.com …. That did the trick… =) no more lights!!

  3. FrankDaFixer Says:

    I tried the penny trick and it worked once. I even added a fan. Check it out: http://www.everythingtech.net/?p=44
    I’m still getting the RRoD

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