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GTA IV Impressions

by JW

No, this isn’t a full review — because I’m not done with it yet. But let me just tell you what I think of the game to this point: It’s absolutely fan-freaking-tastic.

Everything from the graphical polish in every street corner, to the ambient sounds of city life going on all around you have been given great care to. The story, from what I’ve discovered so far, looks to be the best in the series and the protagonist in particular, Niko Bellic, is easily the most likable of the bunch.

I haven’t gone online with it yet (I have a thing about completing single-player games before going online), but the single-player is simply second to none. The improvements to the controls, especially the combat, work to the game’s benefit and overall this latest entry into the GTA franchise is, far and away, the best.

A full review is coming, but for now, I’m getting back to the goods.

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2 Responses to “GTA IV Impressions”

  1. Xbox Says:

    Personally i think this game was amazing and put the previous editions on a different level.

  2. Merrell Says:

    I’m a big fan of GTA San Andreas and now of GTA IV. GTA IV is better than its predecessors.

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