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Halo Wars (video)demo on Monday!

by JW

Ensemble Studios Exec. Producer Harter Ryan has revealed in an interview with Gamespot that a demo for Halo Wars will be available tomorrow (Monday)!

Even though I am not a big fan of console-based RTS titles, there have been a notable few that haven’t completely fallen flat: Command & Conquer 3, Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth and Starcraft 64 immediately come to mind. If Ensemble is able to do with Halo Wars what they have been able to do with their Age of Empires franchise for a long time, I will be happy.

Guess what, people! We have reason to believe that it is a video of the E3 demo, not a playable demo. Sorry for the mix-up… and on a personal note… clarify next time, Mr. Ryan. Or I’ll slap you. With a trout. Covered in tobasco.

You may not think much of that now… but have you ever felt a tobasco-covered trout slap your face? It scars a man… scars ‘em…

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3 Responses to “Halo Wars (video)demo on Monday!”

  1. Halo Wars Demo Coming Monday | Game Stooge Says:

    [...] Good news! If you’re into Halo and into real-time strat games, you’ll get a chance to toy around with the new Halo-themed RTS Halo Wars on Monday, September 3rd, according to Xbox 360 Rally. [...]

  2. XBox 360 Rally » Blog Archive » Halo Wars - First Video Released! 10 Minutes of What is to Come Says:

    [...] it all as well. I am not an RTS man, nothing against them, just never really tried them out, so as we wait on official word if a demo is really going to come out for this, I think here is the best we are going to get as far as getting [...]

  3. halo demo Says:

    [...] in an interview with Gamespot that a demo for halo Wars will be available tomorrow Monday! …https://xbox360rally.com/halo-wars-demo-on-monday/FilePlanet: Halo PC DemoDownload the halo PC demo now from the world’s largest gaming download site, [...]

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