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Girls Don’t Play Video Games, Do They?

by Lulu Mcgrew

Yes, we do. Maybe not the lame girls that have no hand-eye coordination…but even those girls are starting to enjoy playing video games. My friend, Brittanie, never played video games, and then her gamer brother introduced her to Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance II. Who doesn’t enjoy kicking troll ass?

There’s a New Writer in Xbox360Rally Town

Looks like this site has not been active since last May, so I do have some catching up to do. The world of video games may seem to be more of the same to some people, but this last year saw some interesting developments in video games. Mostly the way that video games have been advertised. Some of the best commercial spots of 2008, especially those for Fall Out 3.

A little background on me as a video game enthusiast. First favorite game was Parsec on the old Texas Instruments home computer. I also liked Frogger on Atari, and of course, Pitfall, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong. The game I played at the arcade was usually Space Invaders or Galaga or Centipede.

Started playing some PC games like Civ and Sim City and even Wolfenstein, and then kind of forgot about my latent love of all things pixelated until the Playstation came out. However, that now seems like a long time ago.

The original Xbox became my gaming console of choice about five years ago. My boyfriend broke it during a move and replaced it with the newly arrived Xbox 360.

Sure, I kinda want a Wii, but I love my Xbox360. I play games usually every day, but I do tend to stick to a game that has been out for a year or two before buying for myself. I tend to buy my games used, as $60 a pop for games is rather steep, especially when I start thinking about kids who don’t have food or school supplies. I will gladly wait a year for a game to come down in price, and have that extra money to donate to food banks around town. But don’t let me lead you to think that I am all goodness and selflessness.

I will now be signing up with gamefly now that I have an excuse to write it off on my taxes as a business expense. Sweet.

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