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Sonic the Hedgehog Contest Now Open - Get your MS Paint Out!

by PacoDG

Sega, kind enough to give us here at The Rally 5 copies of Sonic the Hedgehog on Xbox Live Arcade for you. Here is how to get it! Take Sonic and put him in another Xbox 360 game. This can be a full title or arcade game. Scour here at the Rally for screenshots, or just do a Google image search, however you want to find the screens, do it (Note: If you find an image that is watermarked, points will not be taken off). Next, take a picture of Sonic and put him in the game screenshot you just got however you see fit, add rings for bonus points. I did quick entry of my own as an example using Sonic in Crackdown, I know you can do better:

The Winnar

Here goes all the official mumbo jumbo:

  • Image of Sonic on Image of some Xbox 360 Game (Full title or XBLA title)
  • Post here in the comments with a link to your image or email myself () or JW () directly with the image.
  • Include with your comment or your email with your GamerTag.
  • Enter as many images as you like, however you can only win one copy. Contest will end on Monday, September 3rd at 11:59pm EST, so you have two weeks to figure something out and get it to us.

Some Helpful Tips:

Judging will be based on humor, creativity, and overall quality of how well the image looks. If you really have no photoshop skills but have a funny as hell idea, send it anyways, you have just as much of a chance as anyone if it is creative/amusing. Captions are accepted and encouraged to help with the lulz. If you want something more than MS Paint, but can’t afford Photoshop (and have morals so don’t download illegal copies), I suggest using GIMP (available on Linux, MAC, and Windows). If you need to find a place to host your image, I suggest Imageshack, no need to sign up for anything and free. To start you out, here are some Sonic and ring images:
Good luck!

Reminder: Golden Axe Contest is still running and way easier to win than this Sonic one, either way, you can enter both! So click here and enter both contests!

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33 Responses to “Sonic the Hedgehog Contest Now Open - Get your MS Paint Out!”

  1. Marcio Says:


    I actually thought this one out.

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  3. Warden72 Says:

    Oh, what the hell. I’ll enter the one on my blog.


  4. Marcio Says:

    Woah, so sorry!

    gamertag: the GAMEGOBLIN

    My pic:

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  6. Faraz Says:

    Cant wait for the dashboard update!

  7. Faraz Says:

    Cant wait for the dashboard update!

  8. Hoodoo Says:

    OK, here is entry #1. I plan on doing more.


  9. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #2. This is actually a lot of fun.


  10. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #3…. I really should get back to work…


    Gamertag: h00d00 btw.

  11. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #4. Not too happy with this one:


  12. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #5. Yes… I am addicted.


    Gamertag: h00d00

  13. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #6: Seriously, I need to stop.


    Gamertag: h00d00

  14. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #7: OK, last one… maybe.


    Gamertag: h00d00

  15. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #8: I lied.


    Gamertag: h00d00

  16. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #9: Once I hit 10, I am done.


    Gamertag: h00d00

  17. Hoodoo Says:

    Entry #10: Done. Seriously, it is time to go home.


    Gamertag: h00d00

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  19. Shadow Says:

    Well this is my entry, hope you like it (:


    Gamertag: Shadow OMGWTF

  20. Mark Brown Says:


    Wondered why the Xbox 360 port is taking so long?

  21. Mark Brown Says:

    Oh god, forgot my gamertag: McBacon

    Wondered why the Xbox 360 port is taking so long?

  22. Robert Dancer Says:


    Hope you like it! My gamertag is bobthenobb.

  23. casey Says:

    gamertag: leethal 4ce


    paint because Im using the wrong computer but w/e :)

  24. James Lima Says:

    I hope these are alright considering I only have paint and a broken right hand :/

    Sonic Project 8

    Sonic Guitar Hero 2

  25. James Lima Says:

    Hope this counts.. if not its still pretty funny


  26. James Lima Says:

    oh yeah my gamertag might help haha


  27. splint Says:


    woot #1 game: overlord
    gamertag: splint69

  28. Hoodoo Says:

    Not an entry, but for those of you who “just have MS Paint” and are too intimidated by Gimp, here is Paint.net: http://www.getpaint.net/index.html

    I like it.

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    [...] Hoodoo - Sonic the Hedgehog Contest Now Open - Get your MS Paint Out! [...]

  30. pastandpending Says:

    Here’s my entry, took me bout a half hour.

  31. pastandpending Says:

    Whoops, gamertag is pastandpending

  32. splint Says:

    #2 it kinda sucks cause the original image was small
    gamertag: splint69

  33. Montgomery Murray Says:

    good luck

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