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Mill o’ Rumour: Dashboard Update Tomorrow?

by JW


Zady Vegas, a forum poster over at the Xbox Message Boards, claims to know when the new Dashboard Updates are coming. Apparently, a manager told him it would be tomorrow, at 6am EST (3am PST).

ok this is the 4th Customer Service person I have talked too. I’m trying to confirm the information I provided so no one gets any false hope. Here is what I got so far.

Agent 1: Put me on hold and confirmed with her supervior that the release is MAY 8th 3AM PST

Agent 2: Hung Up On Me

Agent 3: Put me on hold and said an offical Date has been released MAY 8th just not a time….

Agent 4: Put me on hold and said The same thing… MAY 8th.. NO TIME

So I don’t know what that first agent knew that others didn’t or she was just in la la land… But hey Atleast we know a date. Your welcome guys.

I’m keeping this marked as a rumor for now, because… well, quite frankly, I’ve been burned by this kind of thing before. (KotOR 3) But, either way we’ll know by tomorrow.

[Xbox Forums]

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14 Responses to “Mill o’ Rumour: Dashboard Update Tomorrow?”

  1. shadiscool Says:

    Hello? It was supposed to come today on the 7th, but it got delayed a day. Microsoft announced it officially it was supposed to be on the 7th. I dunno why it got delayed.

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