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Win a Call of Duty 4 Beta Invite - 3 Codes Available! Enter Now!

by PacoDG

Quick update: Contest got put out at just the wrong time, but now its a little better. Who knew the day I started this Call of Duty 4 Beta Invite contest that all of a sudden Eurogamer AND GameSpot would copy our give-away and offer a crapload more invites. Rest assured, they are on our shit list. Well, the contest is still on, and as an added bonus, it is now 3 people who can win a code. Either way, if you get a code from elsewhere, go ahead and enter here too and find a friend to give the code to!
must win now

The Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer Invite only Beta. Didn’t get in?! Here is your chance. I received a copy of an invite myself just recently (Thanks EternalDarkWing of DESTRUCTOID), thing is, I had already been invited and have been enjoying the Beta for a while now, and it seems since our janitor JW doesn’t have a working 360 at the moment (DAMN YOU RED RINGS!), he is willing to give up his code as well on top of me giving up mine (I think it is safe to say our spots in heaven are reserved). We want to make this as quickly and painless as possible. Now, since the word on the street is they are going to cut the Beta till the 30th of this month (though nothing is confirmed), this contest is going to be a quick one to make sure you can get to playing as soon as possible so you can start leveling up! Without further adieu, the official rules on how to win one of the two beta codes we have:

Make a comment on this page including two things:

  • Why you deserve to be in the beta.
  • Your Xbox Live GamerTag.
  • Make sure the email contact you are required to put in to leave a comment, is a valid address. Contest will end on Friday, September 14th at 11:59pm EST, so make sure to get your comment in before then.

Exactly like how the Golden Axe contest went, all entries will be thrown into a random.org list and the top 2 choices get to start kicking ass in the most played demo/beta out right now (you know you have someone on your friends list playing!) That’s it! That is all it takes, stop waiting, make a comment and just make sure your valid GamerTag is in there too!

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98 Responses to “Win a Call of Duty 4 Beta Invite - 3 Codes Available! Enter Now!”

  1. fiorentino Says:

    Gametag: BostonPimpDaddy
    Why I should be in the beta?
    I love the COD series of videogames and because I am the original, Boston Pimp Daddy ;)

  2. b1iZZaRd Says:

    gamertag: b1iZZaRd
    2 reasons
    1. I spent the week that charlieoscardelta.com gave their codes away in a hospital for my grandpa. He was in there due to a stroke and is doing better now.
    2. The a$$hat at work who made it into the beta keeps nagging me about how I didn’t get in. I want the beta so I can finally shut him up.

  3. Kogen Says:

    Gamer Tag: xKogen
    Reason: I like Call of Duty games and I couldn’t bother screwing around on their lame ‘charlieoscardelta’ site to get in, though I did sign up.

  4. zobo1865 Says:

    gamertag: zobo1865
    I deserve to be in the beta because I personally believe that U.S. Americans are unable to do so because uh some people out there in our nation don’t have maps and uh I believe that our education like such as in South Africa and the Iraq everywhere like such as and I believe that they should our education over here in the U.S. should help the U.S. or should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the Asian countries so we will be able to build up our future for.

  5. tacroy Says:

    gamerTag : tacroy
    I deserve to get into the CoD beta because I have devoted the last 7 years of my life to helping kittens. Not those nasty ugly cats, but cute, cute kittens, and puppies….puppies that look like kittens.

    *note: none of the above is literally true.

  6. Who wants some COD4 Beta codes? « The Xbox Domain Says:

    […] try your luck at it. How can you win? Leave your Gamertag and why you deserve to be in the beta right here. The contest ends on September 14th so don’t wait too long to sign […]

  7. Dan Says:

    GT: xxASLxx ShArP99

    Why i should get the code? The last guy that gave me a code was a jerk and didnt tell me he already used it, so there i am hopes compleatly up thinking ill get to play it and them BAM…disapointment.

  8. D_X Says:

    GT : PopUps4Life

    I deserve to be part of the CoD4 beta because I know what a bugs and glitches are…and how to find them throughout normal play.

  9. TormentX Says:

    GT - TormentX

    I dont think I deserve it more then anyone else dose , but I do know id love to give the beta a spin !

  10. JW Says:

    Hey, I’m the janitor with seniority… remember that.


  11. donkey kong Says:

    GT : evilclown69

    I deserve to get in, because my mother told me I don’t deserve it. I told her I’m old enough to make my own decisions. So I decided I deserve to be in the beta.
    I also want to give my hamsters a chance to see the game before they die. They are pretty old now & it is possible they won’t see CoD4 released.
    I hope war will be good for something.

  12. Ryan Malone Says:

    I think i deserve this cause im gonna kill myself if i dont get it so theres only onething to do. To stop me from killing my self.

    GT: PeaTearGriffin5

  13. fabio Says:

    I deserve to get it, however my english skills are not enough to explain why I deserve it….

    GT abduzeedo

  14. smallkid Says:

    gamertag: smallkid 0
    I have experiance in doing betas, when even i get into a beta i grind the game look for bugs. which will help to make the final product look great.

  15. effy Says:

    Actually I’m doing this for my brother while he is at work. I myself had the opportunity to get into the first wave of the beta. Unfortunately for my brother, He was unable to get into the beta.After spending days and hours trying to get my father into the beta my efforts turned good when i got the code in the email i set up for him. Hes been drooling and playing online to wee hours in the morning every night for family fragtastic time. i would love to get my brother in on this seeing as he loves these games. Anything to get him off gears.please!

    my gamertag is MooShminkY. but as i said not for me.

    his gamertag is H2O MONK3Y

    thank you!

  16. Wongster Says:

    ss talon
    I deserve the beta because i love playing call of duty, started in part 2, and i been playing almost every day for hours on hours… been dying to get my hands on it..

  17. Jay R Says:

    Gamertag is II V0LD3M0RT II those are zeros

    Well, I bought my xbox 360 for COD:2 I loved it and I had to have COD:3
    I grew up with a friend who is now in the military and all we did was play war video games. I am a huge fan of FPS and I would love to play this beta

    Thank you all!!

  18. Alek M Says:

    gamertag: SmartAssUkrigga

    well first of all, i am ukrainian…and as you know..cod 4 is set in my homeland. i’ve only visited once since i moved here so i would like to visit it virtually even if i have to kill my commi comrads. 2nd, i have played other betas and i dont just do it for the fun…i try to fix bugs and make it an overall enjoyment for the xbox 360 community. thanks in advance ;)

  19. Matt K Says:

    I deserve the Beta code because the code I was given was already used.
    Gamertag: Cowmaster627

  20. Austin A Says:

    i need a beta code so ill actually be able to play the beta with my friends (:


    The Soapy Ninja

  21. dbqpdb Says:

    GT : dbqpdb
    I deserve to be in the beta, because I’m already in the beta. There is your proof.
    My friends deserve this too, off course.

  22. ZeroTolo Says:

    I deserve to be in this beta because I’ve never been in a successful beta before. Every time I try to get into one, either I’m too late, or my system will never handle it. So please, make this the one that counts for me, just this once.

    Gamertag: ZeroTolo

  23. Trilll Says:

    I really need a beta code because I don’t have enough money to buy any games at the moment. A free beta would certainly tide me over for a bit.

    My GT: String Anomaly

  24. Keith Says:

    Gamer Tag: keef01
    Reason: I need this because i said so!!!

    and because i love CoD and want to see how great this one is!!!!! WOOO CoD!!

  25. Heretic Says:


    I deserve to be in the Beta because every time Friday Night Fights comes around I’m always left in the dust of not only many games. Plus I love you guys, I don’t want anything else but when I think about it I touch myself.

  26. mid3vol Says:

    gt: mid3vol

    just getting a 360 and i don’t have a lot of games to play, nor the money to buy them. i’ve heard so much about this from e3 to people on the site, and would just like to get a chance to play. weeeeeeeeeee!

  27. BabeSlayer Says:

    Gamertag: BabeSlayer

    I think i deserve the beta because:
    1. School sucks (I’m taking 12 credit hours)
    2. Work sucks (I work 40 hour weeks)
    3. Orthodontist suck (i just got braces and i’m 22 effin years old!)
    4. Cardioligist suck (my heart doctor wants to shove some thing up my artery in my leg to check out my heart how the hell does NO sound!)
    5. I suck and need all the practice i can get…anything to give me an edge :)
    the six and final reason i deserve is because of this dang site i downloaded an expansion pack for Bomberman thinking it was the actual game, oh duh so now i have the expansion for but not the game…worthless shi FTW!! duh….

  28. BootsyMSU Says:

    Gamertag- BootsyMSU

    I deserve the beta because right now I’m working, in school, studying for the LSAT that I’m taking in 3 weeks, and I’ve been hit by a car at high speeds- twice. Seriously. TWICE. I’ve got so much titanium and surgical steel in my body my friends call me the 6-million dollar man. Oh, and I’m applying to law schools, so when I’m out, if I don’t get the beta, you might find some outlandish lawsuits coming your way. I’m just sayin’….. I have very little spare time right now and I just finished Bioshock. I need to spend what little time i have to game playing the best, right?

  29. climaxone Says:

    i totally dont deserve it but my friend jake does cause he doesnt have one yet and like a shitty friend i have failed to this point to get him one thus making me look like a shithead so he deserves it.

  30. goosey1904 Says:

    My gamertag is goosey1904 and I deserve this beta code because I am a recently married 20 year old electrical engineering student from a bodunk town in Arkansas who finally has high-speed internet for the first time in his life and now needs an awesome game to use it with.

  31. BigDog0528 Says:

    My Gamertag is BigDog0528

    Why i deserve it?

    1. Cause my mommy says i’m special lol

    I feel i deserve it cause, i’m a 26 year old father of one, married. I work the normal 40 hour weeks. But everyday have to make sure, Dad is ok (Has a tumor in his brain) so thats one thing that i worry about, then on top of that since he is sick, anytime my mother needs help, i make sure i’m there, might seem a lil mommys boyish but if she needs money i have make sure her and my brother still have a place to stay. Then when i’m done with that get home to my wife and 2yr old lucifer lol YES TERRIBLE TWOS LOL Then when i finally get time to myself, which usually is around 9-10pm i finally got to crank out some 360. So for some of the things that i choose to do and enjoy to do, i feel i deserve just some fun with COD4 plus, I BEEN TRYING FOREVER but can’t get a code, can i get the hook up for a change LOL

  32. William - Darkshado Black Says:

    deserve this COD4 Code because I’m a Major fan of COD, I’ve played and own every single game there is…. THIS IS MY HALO lol.. Also Im in the Army irl also, so a code would be awesome, Thanks!

    Gamertag: Darkshado Black

  33. Danny Says:

    Gamertag = Silentrunner2

    i would like it because im a true gamer ive been playing games most of my life and probably will never stop. im a huge halo fan big time come on halo 3 i cant wait. i loved cod 2 alot i got it for pc and xbox but cod 3 sucked in my eyes and i thought to myself im never playing another cod game, then i saw cod 4 and i thought this looks amazing i would love to give it a try. another reason i would love to have this would be all my good freinds on xbox live are playing it as i write this and its really hard wondering how much fun they are having while im typing this lol thats it thanis.

  34. Pat Says:

    Gamertag is busTY eMuuu

    I would like to have a key because i love the COD series and even though i tried to win one of the codes with the raffle i didnt. I go to school so i cant do that stupid gamespot thing and theres no other choice for me but to beg. I would be really grateful and in debt to you guys forever (kind of literally but not really). Thanks for being generous.

  35. XxRebornkillaxX Says:

    Gamer tag xxrebornkillaxx

    i want beta because my great great grandfather was in war like that and i would like to fight and win 1 for him again CALL OF DUTY YUUUUUUUAAAAAAAA

  36. firemcd Says:

    Because It’s my turn, darnit! I have never been lucky enough to get in on a beta game release. Please make my day and give me an invite. Correction; Pretty, Pretty Please with sugar on top and Chocolate shavings! Thank You very much for your consideration.

  37. firemcd Says:

    OOPS! My gamertag is also firemcd.

  38. sahil Says:


    why i deserve beta= because
    1.i own every call of duty game Ever invented
    2.i am a big shooter game fan
    3.Call of duty is the best and i played cod2 since release and still play it
    4.I play Call of duty 3 since release and still play it
    5. my comp was down so i coouldent do all the wave and stuff so know i want the beta bad
    6.i have cod4 preordered and payed full price

  39. jatrann Says:

    Gamertag= mr shortstop

    count me in its one of a few reasons that will get me away from my responsibility’s and kill ,kill kill,reload and kill,kill some more.I absolutely love military games and this is worth my wife bitching at me after about 6 to 8 hours of brutal assaults…..Hoorah!

  40. Matt Says:

    Hey. Well I think I deserve a beta key because of the situation I’m in. I love Call of Duty and would love to be in the beta but I’m at school during most times there being given away. I would really appreciate it if you picked me and keep up the good work on the blog.
    My gamertag is lemonlime13

  41. Chris Says:

    Gamertag - Furryvisionv2

    If you give me the code I will reserve a place in heaven for you through my ‘I think i’m going to hell but am willing to pay to get into heaven scheme’ saving you a total of £666 and both your thumbs.

  42. Ben Says:

    Gamertag - Centz01

    I am a huge fan of modern realistic shooters and I really haven’t got to play a game like that yet. GRAW 2 and Rainbow 6 are close but I really think that this game is the ticket for me. Everyone I know loves to play these types of shooters and for all of us to see what CoD4 is like in person would be amazing. A definite must buy for me, but I just don’t want to wait anymore!

  43. tommy Says:

    gamertag: elite37

    I deserve a beta key because i am a huge fan of CoD and i cant wait until the retail game comes out.

  44. killer090 Says:

    i deserve the beta because i would like to try it with all of my friends and i have always wanted to test a beta game.

  45. Jason Says:

    I deserve to get an invite to the beta because I’m a huge fan of the COD games. I’m also a huge fane of the Battlefield series. I want to see if this can be the Battlefield killer. Please consider me for an invite, I’m very excited to get my hands on this game.

    Gamertag: outkhazt brain

  46. Paul Says:

    I feel that I would deserve the code as after finishing Bioshock I am so bored with my games that I feel like a PS3 owner waiting for the big releases to come out.Also I know a few of my mates who have it and wont stop crowing on about it…..

    oOo SWEENEY oOo

  47. richard Says:

    i would love call of duty 4 all my mates are playing and call of duty 2 best game ever and three was crap so please can i have i am hard core call of duty fan

  48. [email protected] Says:

    GT-RAINMAN 360
    Love to be part of the beta, love to see how infinity ward has improved after COD2 as they missed out on COD3. Big fan of the Battlefield 2 series on the PC, hopefully this will compete and be a proper modern warefare game. :)

  49. skillyerd Says:

    i believe i shoulld have it as i have just bought my very first 360 but i have no actual games for it, also i have an infection in my index finger which is pritty stinking, meaning i could lose my finger, i am currently under a drug that slows the infection, i have no job and no means to have an income to buy a game, this could be the last chance i have at being able to play like a normal person. I understand if someone else has a better reason, but i will try and keep my hopes up that maby i could be a part of the triangle.

  50. brett11253 Says:

    Reason: All my friends have it and I feel really left out and I just wanna try it out and have fun with some friends.

    Gamertag: brett11253

  51. jesus Says:

    u should let me have it because the website completely ignored me and all my emails saying how they havent fixed the email verification for me, so i am out of luck…you are my only hope

    GT- Silverbullet90

  52. Kenny Taylor Says:

    Reason: I want it


  53. Brad Says:

    Gamertag: td special ed
    Reason: I have been a huge fan of the cod series and would no doubt have a blast playing this addition. The gameplay looks amazing and i dont think i can wait till November to play it. Plaseeee!!!

  54. Tyler Says:

    GamerTag: is xK2OxKn1ghtr1d3r

    Reason: I have been a big fan of COD games since they have started making them and i really would like to try out the beta for COD 4 that would be cool so please.

  55. Xx SUPER M8N xX Says:

    i deserve the beta because i like every game that you guys have created and i think that all of the call of duties were great and i would by everyone of them and all of my friends are playing it and they said yhat it sis the funest game ever and the best call of duty yet and i believe them….

  56. Xx SUPER M8N xX Says:

    i deserve the beta because i like every game that you guys have created and i think that all of the call of duties were great and i would by everyone of them and all of my friends are playing it and they said yhat it sis the funest game ever and the best call of duty yet and i believe them….

    Gamer Tag= Xx SUPER M8N xX

  57. kieran mccalliom Says:

    gamertag: dolemite7

    why i think i should have it is because i think that just because i am from britain aka Europe is no reason for me not to have the beta so i think i eserve it becuase we didnt get it so i can get some practise in and become hopefully one of the best like i did in cod3 and my clan

  58. Ian Arthur Says:

    Gamertag - xxI PH0ENiX Ixx (those are capital i’s and a zero)

    Reason - Once a soldier, always a soldier! con scribed all those years ago for the call of duty 2 batch, every since been fighting along side my fellow soldiers. The fight continues, and so will I……

  59. LiQuiDe Says:

    Gamertag - Silver LiQuiDe

    Reason - i really love all the call of duty games and everybody says that this is the best one.
    and i would really like to play it.
    all my other friends are playing and i cant.

  60. Mad Brutus Says:

    Gamertag - Mad Brutus

    Reason - Call of duty is my life!

  61. kra8i149 Says:

    I love first person shooter ever since i played that shooting duck lol after that game i became a freak for person person shooter and i played call of duty 2 3 and i herd 4 was goin 2 b gud. all of my friends have it but i dont and they r rubing it in my face so i am trying 2 get 1 2 playyy i willl thank u if u send it if u dont i understand but thank u any way in the end….

  62. r2b lespaull59 Says:

    gamertag- R2B lespaull59

    i should get a cod4 beta becasye i play cod3 and cod2 all day everydya i have won many tournaments in cod3 and now i want to play cdod4 so plz get me one

  63. Dave T Says:

    Gamertag: EvilHighlighter

    Why do I want the code?

    Why wouldn’t I want the code, seriously this is gonna be like one of the best games this year and hell yeah i’d like to give it a go


  64. B1G KAHUNER Says:

    Gamertag : B1G KAHUNER

    I should get it because…

    1) I need it to play CoD4 Game nights with the fags over at XBL Radio who want to play it every gamernight for as long as it is running.

    2) I am friends with Paco on XBL, and it is always more fun online when your friends are playing the same games as you

    3) I need somthing to break my Shadowrun obsession Ive had latly (even Bioshock has not cut it

  65. chelle8o8 Says:

    Gamertag: Chelle8o8

    love FPS games. used to be into MoH until played CoD2. and just because they need more girls playing online :P

  66. Paul Says:

    I’m already in. See ya suckers when you get in!

  67. Dead_eye33 Says:

    This will be, simply, THE BEST first-person shooter of 2007, and maybe even through 2008. I love Call of Duty 2. I can’t imagine what Modern Warfare’s going to be like. I’m very, very excited.

  68. Gary Nagle Says:

    Gamer tag = Whatchitfoool

    i dont know aobut any of you, but i was one of the first to get an xbox 360 back in nov. of 05; and sadly, one of the first to have theres break. it has been off and on with me and xboxin it up, cuz i play for a cupple of weeks, and then wate a cupple of weeks after the box breaks to get it back. that happend 7 times, untill about a month ago ms just gave me a full refund. so, i went out and got an elete. i bout crack down back in feb. to play the halo 3 beta, and the day it came out i got screwed for 22 hr. wile the fixed the crackdown download glitch, and then next day my xbox broke. boy was i pissed. i got a few hours that night, like 2 the next day and i had another bricked console. i already missed one beta, and then the weekend the cod4 beta codes go online my internet was out for area service. if there is a code to be had, i should have it.

  69. Disko_Knight Says:

    gamer tag = steve1likeshalo

    I am one of the many true xbox fans who in late 2005 stood outside to get their pre-ordered xbox 360 only to get screwed over and told that they didn’t have enough. After 2 months of getting bounced around I finally got my Xbox 360. The first game i got for the 360 was Call of Duty 2 and i’ve been a member of a few CoD forums for the past 3 years. Plus I haven’t had a red light of death yet and that feat from a launch 360 should be rewarded with an invite code ;]

  70. kill roy3 Says:

    XBL Gamertag = kill roy3

    Why do I deserve the COD4 code? Quite honestly I’m a really big COD fan. I’m tired of missing every beta release possible (Halo 3). I haven’t been having the best days lately, been really depressed with school that I just want a fun multiplayer to sit back and have fun for once. I really want this code.

  71. Nick Says:

    Gamertag: xXIceKreamManXx

    Call of Duty 4 was the ONLY reason I bought my Xbox 360, Today i found out that I had not won the Gamespot contest and I was Devastated! If I dont get the code I’m actually considering selling my Xbox 360…I can’t wait for the Game! So please consider giving a code to this hardcore Call of Duty fan….thanks!!!


  72. Cannons Says:

    Gamer tag = Cannons

    I deserve the COD4 code because I have had all most every COD game there is and love every COD game I have ever played even still I play COD2 and COD3 all the time and it would be a shame to miss the beta for the next best game for the 360 so please send the me the code I beg you please.

  73. Bigreddog Says:

    Gamertag: Bigreddog
    Yeah, I do not think I that I deserve the beta more than anyone else. But if I did get it, I would definately get the most I could out of it, so it would not go to waste. Only less than 2% chance so far.

  74. jackalxxx Says:

    i dont deserve it anymore than anyone else here,i didnt cure and diseases or care for kittens for the past 7 years but i would like to be in the beta as i just got my xbox and have only 1 game,vampire rain which is so crap,so i wud like to try the beta for cod4 so i can see how a real next gen game works.

  75. JohnyQuesticle Says:

    I deserve the Beta because ive been dealing with this garbage that is COD3 for too long. I cant wait to play another Infinity Ward COD title and the day I log onto charlie oscar delta they close the drawing.

    Not to mention the livelyhood of my 9 kids and both my senile parents depends completely on my ability to play COD 4. I feel if I fall any deeper into my online gaming depression I will no longer have the motivation to go to work and simply run away and live in the forest wearing racoon pelt shorts and drinking myself silly off jack daniels.

    If you want to save the lives of 11 innocent people and 1 disgruntled gamer help me out. Thats why i deserve the code.

    Gamertag: JohnyQuesticle

  76. Bombslayer Says:

    i think i deserve it….well i dunno i just know that this is a game i was waiting for I’ve been playing first person shooters for a long time.

  77. Justin Says:

    I deserve a copy of the beta because without it my social life with wither and die. I am from the skool of players that only play cod2 and because i didnt get a copy of the beta and allmost all of my mates have , i now have nobody to play online with because they are all playing the beta. So i beg you to give me the code i need so i can play online against my mates again.

  78. Josey Says:

    my gt is MeZMeRiZe xOd
    and the reason why i should get the beta is simple. i dont have it and i really want to have it. im bored of playing gears of war even though i own and halo 3 isnt coming out until 2 more weeks.

  79. ashley Says:

    Gamertag: Scaredtortoise

    I dont really want the beta personally my grandad wants to see it so im looking for one i hope i get one anyway thanks for doing this

    Many Regards Ashley

  80. heysoosejk Says:

    gamertag - heysoosejk

    I deserve this because it hurts when I pee, I need some relief.

  81. Zack Miller Says:

    Because i have no games for my 360. All 11 of them including the 3 cod games where stolen from my house last weekend. I just wanna play something. Thanks you guys. My gamertag is Zack Miller. PEACE

  82. The Super Devil Says:

    i should get one because my roommate through the computer out the window the night befor the beta codes went out. it was a great pc with dc intell 3.4 ghz, 4 gig ram, a 1 gig nivaida g card, the works. it cracked the motherboard, so besides me beating his ass untill he buys me a new pc, i dont have anything to do but play the cod 4 beta, but i dont have a code. my gamertag is \”the super devil\”

  83. Your Mother Says:

    gamertag- Coral Pink
    Paco are you seriously not going to give one to your own Mother???

  84. Simone Says:

    My gamertag is SPC Desolatore.
    I should get the Call of Duty 4 Beta because I hate the Halo saga and i love modern fight that CoD 4 can offer. Thank you for spend some time reading this message and i hope I’ll get soon the beta :D
    Thank you again.

  85. Shade Tsukario Says:

    Gamertag : RtG xStealthx
    Reason: Because I tryed on charlie oscar delta and gamespot they were out of Keys… And Im really bored of Halo and my Gears broke…

  86. David Cresswell Says:

    Gt David Cresswell

    I deserve it coz im in the army and 3weeks ago my best friend died. me and my regiment were due home next day aswell. he would have loved to play the game so instead im sure he will be happy to watch me play it for him.

    RIP Private L R Watkins

    PS always be with us. May god spare your soul

  87. chronic42O Says:

    whats up i think you guys should honor me with the call of duty 4 beta code because my fiance is a major call of duty fan he has all the previous games and is about 2 days he’s going to be coming home from the Air Force Training, so i’m hoping to get him one.. he’d be the happiest man alive.. no lie lol anyways please if you can give me the code. Thanks so much

    my gamer tag is CHRONIC420

  88. thomas barzycki Says:

    i think i deserve one because i want to try a taste of the game befor i go buy it.just to make sure and reasure myself

  89. thomas barzycki Says:

    i think i dserve a code to get a chance to play it or get a taste of it befor i go buy the game jus to makee sure its worth it

  90. Gerbiled Out Says:

    b/c i love call of duty 3 and i want to try call of duty 4 really bad

  91. ben dover3939 Says:

    gamertag:ben dover3939

    1st:well, i wasnt to sure about getting cod4 then people told me how awesome the beta was and im like ok maybe i should try it out

    2nd:and that gamespot one i entered and didnt win cuz they were all out i dont think that is fair since i jsut found out about the beta and everyone knew about it

  92. alklein92201 Says:

    Gamertag: alklein92201 (thats a zero)

    Reason I should win: I have all 3 COD games, including expansions for 1. I love shooters, and I would love to test out this great new game. I hate people who find unfair glitches, so I would find a way to keep that from happening. If a glitch isnt unfair and is just cool or fun, I don’t ruin it for people (like many do), just the unfair ones that give people unfair advantages over the people who don’t play this genre much.

  93. Roman W D Says:

    gamertag Roman W D

    why i should have the beta? because i love call of duty i have beaten all three of them. i want to test so i can post my satisfaction on every game site ever. i also didn’t know about the beta when it came out and i missed my chance. i have been trying to get an invite ever since i found out about it. so pick me!

  94. Vyxn Says:


  95. Shawn Says:

    My gamertag is: sparkingx250. I love Call of Duty I hvae beaten all 3 and thought it was amazing. I really want to see how call of duty 4 is so i can buy it when it come out and so i beat it. I also want to see the new weapons and the new maps and the mulitplayer . PICK ME PLEASE!!!!

  96. cam Says:

    gamertag: o KiD x kr4cK o

    i deserve ther CoD4 beta because i literally
    miss school 4 times a week and barricade myself in my room just to play call of duty i wont shower,eat,or sleep. please pick me 4 the code

  97. Tarek Says:

    Hello everyone,first of all i wana thank the community on doing this great job on offering great prizes for public,and second of all i dont know if i deserve this prize cz it seems that everyone have the same reason that we need the beta key well i dont want to talk too much,my reason is that i dont have the necessary money on buying one ok im serious lol see ya everyone and make sure on playing on xbox360 not on ps3 xd

  98. Vincent Wasney Says:

    2 Reasons
    1-i cant afford any maps or anything right now so i need it for free
    2-if u give me the code ill do anything u need for you website

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