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Call of Duty 4 BETA Invites appearing on eBay!

by JW


I wish I was making this up, but alas, ’tis true — some of those who registered for the Call of Duty 4 BETA are now selling their invite codes on eBay. So far, the high bid for one of these codes is over $50, but this is sure to rise as time goes on.

eBay #1
eBay #2

eBay has taken the items down, but we shall always have the above screenshot to keep us warm at night.

[CoD4 Forums]

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8 Responses to “Call of Duty 4 BETA Invites appearing on eBay!”

  1. BabeSlayer Says:

    oh duh oh duh oh duh oh DUH!!!!

    wtf..people are unbelievable

  2. PacoDG Says:

    Man, I havent entered my Beta code. I am a CoD fan, but not that big of a fan, I am considering putting mine up, but my morals tell me this is not a nice thing to do … hmmmm

  3. JW Says:

    Well, before you all screw yourselves let it be known that it goes against that Terms of Conditions document we all had to agree to. In short, if you get caught… you get burned.

  4. Corncob Says:

    Didn’t you have to provide your Gamertag when you applied for the beta code? Couldn’t they just match up your Gamertag with the code you are supposed to have and then block any and all codes that don’t match up properly? And why they hell would someone pay almost the full retail price of a game just to play the beta? How many questions can you fit in one post?

  5. JW Says:

    If I asked all the questions I wanted to, the entire 451 Press network would collapse in on itself. But I would love to meet whoever buys these codes.

    And slap them.

  6. Kezins Says:

    looks like ebay pulled those auctions.

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  8. Killer Says:

    I’ve just checked ebay and found that someone’s selling Call of Duty 4 merchandise. Everything else seems to be pre-orders.

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