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Random Xbox 360 Praise - Just Tooting the 360’s Horn Here

by PacoDG

History repeats itself, try and you'll succeed

Sometimes reading the Xbox 360 positive news ends up sound more like a pissing contest between the 360 and the PS3. Instead, lets just look at two recent quotes that stood out as just more so overall positive rather than being attacks against other consoles, this isn’t a news story or an article, just two quick blips to make you happy you own the best console:

“…the 360, which is the platform we do a lot of the initial work on, as it’s very developer friendly and contained…unlike a PC, where even in the office it can be hard to get the same results on everyone’s system. That’s one area the 360 really excels–awesome development tools.” - Todd Howard, Bethesda (Elder Scrolls: Obvlion) producer, interview regarding Fallout 3’s demo using the 360 version for their displays.

” it makes financial sense to focus on finishing the games for the Xbox 360 first because there are more 360s in the market than PS3s. More consoles means more potential sales for EA.

…such a dynamic was nothing new — and that in the last generation of consoles it sometimes made more sense to push out a version of a game for the PlayStation 2 before publishing one for the original Xbox.” - Jeff Brown, EA spokesperson on why Xbox 360 version of their games get more manpower.

Oh, and what the hell, here is some fuel for the fanboy fire, DiRT PS3 vs Xbox 360 Graphics Comparison.

[Karate Kid YTMND with the best music EVAR]

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