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Rumor: Ninja Gaiden 2 Confirmed for Tokyo Game Show?

by JW

NOTE: I’ve re-classified this as a rumor until an English Gamespot (whether it be US, UK, whatever) reports this story. Just taking the safe route here, people, especially considering the “less than desirable” outcome of the last TGS story we ran.


Gamespot Korea has learned today that Ninja Gaiden 2 has been confirmed for the Xbox 360, and that it will be shown for the first time at the Tokyo Game Show… I think… I can’t read Korean.

Citing a, quote, “????????? ??? ??? ?????? ?? ????” (or “Industry Insider” for those of you who actually HAVE a translator built in to your internet browser), Ninja Gaiden Deuce will be shown using an Xbox 360 console. He went on to say that the game will be shown on the Xbox 360 because of the good relationship Team Ninja has with Microsoft.

The Insider went on to point out that Microsoft wants to get the game released on their platform first due to it’s potential to push consoles in Japan.

[Gamespot Korea] (Original)
(Other English Reports)
[MaxConsole] (English 1)
[Gamers-Creed] (English 2)

After the break is the most comprehensible translation of the original Gamespot Korea article I could find.

‘Of the Korean bamboo hat enemy percentage which will bloom in [we] series ‘ it is a action game enough and ‘[nin] the guy to sleep up-to-date work ‘ ‘of the series which is burnt [nin] the guy to sleep 2 it is burnt (provisional name) ‘September 19th which comes is held ‘east longitude game show 2007 (TGS 2007) ‘from is the prospect which will distinguish the first features.

One well-informed person who the Japanese game industry is well versed “from this time ‘TGS 2007 ‘ the flag great work of the Japanese tech wool ‘[nin] the guy to sleep 2 it is burnt ‘ 17th revealed the first line in the whole world-wide game pans the plan which will be visible “.

To follow in the well-informed person, be opened to the public ‘[nin] from this time and TGS the guy slept 2 it is burnt ‘ was decided upon with the fact that it makes public in XBOX 360 versions, PS3 versions it is not confirmed that it became known.

The former workth person ‘[nin] the guy to sleep it is burnt and ‘ after come into the market first with case XBOX, it is an expansion pack standing and ‘[nin] the guy to sleep the poem which is burnt there is the E ‘ come into the market with PS3.

The industry specialists in order for the relationship of soft each star to do considerably with the tech wool and the microphone, ‘[nin] the guy to sleep 2 it is burnt ‘ come into the market first with XBOX 360, with PS3 comes into the market follow in hereafter situation and it will be decided with the fact that.

Live 4 the tech wool will freeze ‘place [tu] five [e] recently’, ‘DOA [ik] streams 2′, it makes back XBOX 360 games with concentrating, also the majority of the next term work field is producing with XBOX 360 games.

One industry executive “’[nin] the guy to sleep 2 it is burnt ‘ is a possibility to increase the sale volume of the machinery and tools and ‘[khil] tie frame ‘ selfish because of the [le], it means MS will hope the monopoly of XBOX 360. If ‘[nin] it says but that the guy to sleep 2 it is burnt ‘ come into the market becomes with PS3 ‘[nin] the guy to sleep the poem which is burnt with the fact that in the E ‘ wife rum expansion pack format come into the market in following all. It talked “.

…see why this was rebranded? It kind of hints towards the Ninja Gaiden 2 at TGS, but at the same time… “flag great work of Japanese tech wool”? …what the hell does that MEAN?!

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