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How to… Bypass the Xbox 360 Mod Detection

by JW


Hey, are you a modder? Did you mod your Xbox? You did? …dumbass. You may have noticed that your Xbox Live account has gotten the Ban Hammer from Microsoft. Does this surprise you? Doesn’t surprise me one bit. BUT… if you are a Modder AND own the HD-DVD drive… you can get around the ban. How? A new firmware hack for the DVD drive allows you to bypass all of the current Microsoft detection protocols, thus allowing you back on Xbox Live.

On a personal note: You people are scum. Not you modders — those of you who make kick ass case mods are awesome. But those of you who hack the console so you can get a leg-up on the competition are scum. Period. And Microsoft will find out how to break your balls until you knock this childish crap off.


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2 Responses to “How to… Bypass the Xbox 360 Mod Detection”

  1. phil Says:

    I agree with you. People who mod so they are better than others should be banned. Others are just amazing.

  2. Cody Says:

    Hey does anyone know how to hack the family timer?

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