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Look what’s on eBay!

by JW


That’s right, ladies and gents! One of these uber-rare Simpsons Xbox 360 consoles has found it’s way on eBay! The woman, who goes by the eBay name “nyugirl84″ (ARE YOU USERNAME “NYUGIRL84″!? WHERE IS ITEM #180142374199?! WHERE IS THE XBOX?! …Transformers FTW) says that she won it on an episode of TRL, and before you bug me about it — yes, I asked her why she’s decided to sell it. I’m waiting on an answer.

In the meantime, you can check out the auction at eBay, and if you’re wealthy enough… happy bidding.



This is a collector’s item and I am not a collector. I am a gamer. As much as I LOVE the Simpsons and ADORE video games, its just not what I’m looking for in a console. I want something that I can drop occasionally and that I can replace if need be. Add to that the fact that its not an elite, which is what I am currently in the market for, and I think I’ve got a pretty sound argument for resale. So its up for auction to the highest bidder.

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9 Responses to “Look what’s on eBay!”

  1. Corbin Says:

    Alright, Im not trying to bash the person or anything but, I really dont think that the auction is a legit one.

    Look at the bidders, Bidder 1 has had 100% activity with the seller and has been registered less than a day.
    It just does not feel right. I think that their doing shill bidding

    I dont know, I dont care. It could be legit it might not be. Im not too worried about.

  2. Leigh Says:

    Hi Corbin.
    Who the hell cares what you think? The auction is legit.
    I set a reserve and some dude in Germany met it. Its surprising to me that die-hard American fans will let this leave the country but whatever. Admittedly, I’m a little suspicious given his lack of activity too but as long as the funds clear in my bank account, I really don’t care.


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  4. Corbin Says:

    Leigh, Im really not that worried about it. It was just a little suspicious. I mean, He was registered for less than a day and had 100% activity with you. I really dont care, Hell if anything, I think that its a cool console and you’re lucky to have one. Like I said, It could be legit it might not be Also, I was just an opinion to the table. But congrats on the Console and how much it’s going for!

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  6. bjrjrirjurkisjdofjde Says:



  7. guess Says:

    Too, to much. Someone could paint there controller yellow and there 360

  8. antriksh jain Says:

    can i get a xbox360 for a trial
    if yes please talk me @

  9. i have the yellow one ite cold Says:

    there are so tight

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