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Win a TON of Wing Commander!

by JW


Let’s get one thing straight — Wing Commander is awesome. Even now, it stands as one of the best space shooters to ever exist. Hell, it even made Mark Hammill semi-relevant again for a few years. Now we’re on the verge of a new era in Wing Command, as Electronic Arts has just recently released it’s Wing Commander Arena. To promote their new addition to the Arcade line-up, EA is holding a little contest.

The biggest damn contest I’ve ever seen!

EA is giving one lucky winner a Sega Genesis (w/ Sega CD), a SNES, a 3DO, a Playstation, a Game Boy Advance and a Gateway P1 PC, as well as copies of every Wing Commander available on each console! Oh, that doesn’t include the Xbox 360 Elite and 11,000+ MS Points you’ll be getting.

To enter, go HERE, and you can read the full list of stuff after the break.

One Sega Genesis w/Sega CD

* Two Controllers
* Four-way Controller Adapter
* Wing Commander (Sega CD)

One Super Nintendo

* One Controller
* Wing Commander (SNES)
* Wing Commander: Secret Missions (SNES)

One Playstation Console

* One Controller
* Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (Playstation)
* Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom (Playstation)

One Panasonic 3DO

* Two Controllers
* Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger (3DO)
* Super Wing Commander (3DO)

One Game Boy Advance

* Wing Commander Prophecy

Gateway 2000 Pentium One PC w/Windows ‘95

* One CRT Monitor
* One Mouse
* One Keyboard
* One Set of Speakers
* Wing Commander
* Wing Commander: Deluxe Edition
* Wing Commander II: Vengence of the Kilrathi
* Wing Commander II: Vengence of the Kilrathi Deluxe Edition
* Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger
* Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom
* Wing Commander Academy

One Xbox 360 Elite console and 11,200 Microsoft Points


Two runners up will receive 11,200 points for Xbox LIVE!

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