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Killer Instinct 360 - Now there is a good idea

by PacoDG


Whilst browsing among this world wide web, I came upon a blog post, “What Happened to Microsoft Europe’s Xbox 360 Killer Instinct?” The article will go on to bring up facts, comparisons, and just about all the reasons one could think of that I believe Rare needs to make a good game to give their name justice once again.

*weaps tears at Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and now.. that XBLA Jet game, I can’t even remember its name*

Yes, a Killer Instinct on 360, we already know it would support online play, hell, take it to the next level and have 4 player fighting ala Smash Bros. There would be of course things like leaderboards, but what I would really be excited about, is seeing it in HD. Killer Instinct was always a game that showed off graphically (for its time), so I could see them trying to do that again.

P.S. I wouldn’t mind if it was still a 2D fighter or they evolved into 3D.


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6 Responses to “Killer Instinct 360 - Now there is a good idea”

  1. bladzalot Says:

    Dear god, the greatest game series ever, on the XBOX360, if done correctly, this could be a killer app…

  2. PacoDG Says:

    I completely agree, systems are so much more powerful now, the new characters they would bring.. the great levels themselves!

    I still have faith in Rare.

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  5. Brash Says:

    Won’t happen. Problem is that Killer Instinct wasn’t entirely done by rare. Nintendo helped in the production of this game and owns some rights to Killer Instinct and this is why RARE can never make another KI game unless if they got back with Nintendo or if Nintendo sells their share of the liscense to them.

    It’s just like with Donkey Kong Country.. it was done by rare & nintendo.. you will never see that on another system either.

  6. Brash Says:

    …Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Notice how Super Smash Bro’s for nintendo has combos and is so crazy like in killer instinct? That’s because nintendo was the one responsible for all the crazy and great gameplay.. rare just make is look cool. so essentially, if you want anything killer instinct-like, nintendo would be more likely to pull it off than rare. without nintendo, rare is a sub-par company.. so, microsoft can have them.. they are garbage.

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