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J.W.’s Notes: April Fools Day

by JW

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You know, a lot of people have been writing my previous post regarding a Microsoft and Gamestop rumor as an “April Fools” prank. Well, I’ll say this much: I don’t acknowledge April Fools Day. April Fools Day is a day in which people who otherwise can’t pull a fast one on people get to say and do the stupidest [censored for the kiddies] and get away with it by simply blurting out “April Fools!” Sorry, I don’t play that game.

Now, I know you’re gonna assume everything you read today is some part of an elaborate April Fools joke. Not here. I’m above simple pranks. Hell, half the time this site is a joke in and of itself so I don’t need to try and prank you guys.

Oh, by the way — no “t3h w31rd” this week. Heartbreaking, I know, but you know what? Nothing happened this week. Absolutely-freaking-nothing.

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One Response to “J.W.’s Notes: April Fools Day”

  1. Paul Says:

    RIGHT ON! April Fools is for idiots! I hate April Fools, especially when it comes to magazines or what not pulling pranks when they aren’t published on April Fools day. Hey morons, April fools is only one day a year.

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