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JW’s Notes: ATTN Xbox LIVE Subscribers: Stop Your Bitching!

by JW


(as written, by me, at 1PStart)

It’s no secret that this past week or so Xbox LIVE has been giving a lot of people issues. Whining and complaining has occurred on countless message boards, and I’m sure even a few tears have been shed by the overly zealous Halo 3 jackasses. Well, I address each and every one of you who feel they have been wronged by Microsoft, and demand compensation when I say…

Stop your bitching.

Let me tell you right now I have no problem with the whining and crying and bitching and moaning about Xbox LIVE being down. You paid for it; you’ve earned the right to complain when it doesn’t work. The problem I have is with those of you who are demanding compensation for the lost week. I’m sorry to inform you that, frankly, you haven’t lost enough money compared to time to demand any kind of compensation. Do the math: If your Xbox LIVE has been sluggish for a week, you’ve lost all of $0.96. Where would you spend all of that?

This is the same thing I saw on World of Warcraft when I was unfortunate enough to have an account. If there was a single day of bad lag, for whatever reason, everybody would storm the Blizzard message boards and bitch out the developers, often times threatening to quit if they weren’t given something.

In the end, though… you aren’t going to do anything. You’re going to bitch and moan to your message board friends but in the end your threats of quitting unless compensated are ultimately empty. So just shut your mouth, grab a Juicy Juice, watch a little TV or (God forbid) go outside. After the servers are up and running again, you’ll hop right back into your Call of Duty 4 game and forget about this entire ordeal.

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One Response to “JW’s Notes: ATTN Xbox LIVE Subscribers: Stop Your Bitching!”

  1. Merrell Says:

    There are server issues I understand but MS server is down more often than PS3.

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