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Xbox 360 Failure Rate at 30%?!

by JW


It’s no secret that the Xbox 360 has had a checkered history when it has come to console quality. Peter Moore, aka Bald Chuck Norris has thrown out single-digit numbers in regards to the percentage of 360 consoles that have experienced the Red Ring o’ Death (3-5%, if memory serves). But now a new report from Smarthouse claims that the failure rate for the Xbox 360 could be as high as 30%! And in addition to that, there is some controversy regarding the repair policy of the Xbox 360. First paragraph of the Smarthouse article reads as follows:

Retailers are claiming that Microsoft has had to handle a failure rate of over 30% with their Xbox 360 console. More than 100 consumers have written to SmartHouse complaining of either poor service from Microsoft or total failure of their gaming console. One consumer was even given back a refurbished unit in exchange for their original Xbox console

Now I can tell you from personal experience that I’ve had two different Xbox 360 consoles die on me. Paco famously had his die, before the towel trick brought it back to life. Some of our friends have had upwards of four or five die on them. So the 30% number is definitely believable, and needs to be addressed immediately.


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6 Responses to “Xbox 360 Failure Rate at 30%?!”

  1. 30% of Xbox 360 consoles are made of FAIL at Destructoid Gaming Blog Says:

    [...] Xbox360Rally and I got by with a little help from my [...]

  2. -->Magdalena --> Says:

    I also had two dying on me

  3. Per Says:

    I have had my 360 for 2 years and hevent experienced Red Ring of death even once.. Stop abusing your consoles!

  4. I am x-box Fan » Xbox 360 Failure Rate at 30%?! Says:

    [...] read more | digg story [...]

  5. Joe Says:

    I ended up just ditching the whole 360 due to problems constantly. I’m a ps3 fan now all the way. I’d rather wait for a game to come out then have to worry about my console dying on me and coughing out some cash to get it fixed..

  6. bob Says:

    i’ve had my xbox since the day they came out and i havnt had 1 prob. well 1, ok. ps3s have a kinda ring of death 2. the red/green light flash’s really fast in red (so don’t buy 1 if u have sezures or a gaming curse!

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