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I see in the future many Halo 3 related articles - like this: The Halo 3 Multiplayer Public Beta Official Guide

by PacoDG

(note: I make no apologies for reusing this pic, I like it)

As my main man JW posted that Halo has finally got a release date. Now we have news on something coming a little sooner… the Halo 3 Beta.

Well good ol Frankie at Bungie has set up a whole “Welcome to the Beta” mini site. Topics being covered are things such as “Getting Started” .. changing appearance, the Saving of films (!), and other basic stuff as controls/voice, and matchmaking and parties. Oh, and you may like the sections titled “Weapons and Vehicles” as well as “Equipment”. And let me not forget the links to the 3 levels offered with must see pictures.

My Xbox, though worked again for a while, has conked out again. I got my Beta email, I am going to rent-a-cent or Costco tomorrow, even if I have to call in late to work. Well for all of you who hae started, enjoy you lucky bastards! Now let me go cry myself a river. While I do that, head over to the official Halo 3 Beta forums to hear whatever you have to say.

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