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FREE Halo Pics+Theme - Tony Hawk Demo Up - Sonic 2 XBLA for Sale

by PacoDG

meh, not bad for a wednesday

Boot up the ol’ Xbox this stuff up for grabs today. Download your FREE Halo 3 Themes and Pics (courtesy of Best Buy, I am going to go ahead and assume their logo will be put in somewhere).

After you set that to download, get to downloading that Tony Hawk demo (Runs about a gig). Now is the time you can finally compare it with Skate, which ended up being not too shabby.

While that is downloading, you can ponder over whether you are going to purchase Sonic 2. Well, it is only 400 points, and I know I own the first one myself, but the second was always my favorite. I think I just might pick it up.

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5 Responses to “FREE Halo Pics+Theme - Tony Hawk Demo Up - Sonic 2 XBLA for Sale”

  1. qbix Says:

    I noticed these last night before I went to bed. I’m sporting the “3″ symbol one as my personal gamerpic, while keeping the mean cocoadile as my main one.

  2. PacoDG Says:

    I was liking the ‘3′ one as well, but I can’t bring myself to change my Nacho Libre one, it amuses me it was one of the free ones yet people always ask me where I got it (fools!)

  3. Hoodoo Says:

    I’m stuck at work and xbox.com is blocked. Any link to the theme/pics?

  4. PacoDG Says:

    Still not up on xbox.com last I checked. I remember there used to be another web site that took all the pics/themes images and hosted them, but I can’t think of the link right now :(

  5. Hoodoo Says:

    I believe it is dashboardthemes.com, although they have not been updating much recently from what I can tell.

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