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Fable (Original Xbox title) - Reviewed by “Xbox 360 Truth”

by PacoDG

Its the truth

Just wanted to make you readers aware of a new site to keep an eye on in the future, called “Xbox 360 Truth,” as they have started up a new feature called “BCGOTW” .. catchy, isn’t it? This stands for “Backwards-Compatible Game of the Week.” A basic, yet very good idea for an 360 site that I have yet to see done elsewhere. To start up this new feature, “Fable” has been chosen, a great title to begin with. On the site you can find current prices, a few thoughts from writer William Ward, and a link to some reviews. Maybe in the future William will add a little more of his view on the titles listed, so keep checking back to find out, like I said, this is a new site, so it is still working out its kinks.

Also, I hope everyone has kept up to date with GamesForLunch as Kyle Orland has given reviews for both the Bioshock demo and Overlord. Feel free to write him on how wrong he is for not reviewing Overlord higher (it was the PC version, this is a title that really needs a controller imo).

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One Response to “Fable (Original Xbox title) - Reviewed by “Xbox 360 Truth””

  1. Kyle Orland Says:

    Thanks for the GFL mention, Paco. I’d like to point out, though, that I did use a wired Xbox 360 pad on the PC version of Overlord when I reviewed it.

    -Kyle Orland

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