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Xbox 360 Elite SOLD OUT!

by JW


Remember when we told you that Circuit City was taking pre-orders on the Xbox 360 Elite at their website? Yeah, they’re not anymore — because they’ve all been claimed.

If you go to the Circuit City website, you will see the order button has been replaced with a “Coming Soon” image. So, for those of you who said they weren’t expecting the 360 Elite to be a success… in your face!

I also think the Xbox 360 Elite may be the final nail in the PS3 coffin. Now you have a system that looks just as good as the PS3 in many aspects, with a superior hard drive and HDMI. I know I’ll be getting one… eventually. I just won’t be trading my current 360 in to get it.

But this begs the question: No one thought the Xbox 360 Elite to be anything near successful — by selling out at Circuit City, has it already surpassed expectations?

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12 Responses to “Xbox 360 Elite SOLD OUT!”

  1. e:leaf Says:

    Circuit City hasn’t been taking pre-orders on the Elite for well over a week now. I walked in last Monday (4.9.2007) to find that they stopped taking pre-orders the day before because of high demand.

    As far as the Elite being a success, it’s hard to tell. How many units was CC allotted? If it’s just a few hundred, then I would say no. But if it’s thousands, then maybe. One must also consider the liklihood that scalpers are in the mix to try and get their profits (although I think that they will be wasting their time this time around). I know that I’ll be at my local Best Buy on the 29th early in the day to see if I can pick one up (I want the HDMI so that I can watch my HD DVDs in 1080p, and the HDD so that I can download HD content from XBLM). Then I’ll play it for a couple of weeks and make sure that it doesn’t crap out on me (my Xbox took a dump last night and gave up the ghost via the RRoD).

    It seems perfectly clear that MS has a bad design on their hands. The system is great, if it wasn’t so likely to fail. There are far too many reports of the RRoD for these to be isolated incidents. A game console should not be taking a dump after 1.5 years, nevermind thousands and thousands of them. If MS isn’t careful, they just may have a class action suit on their hands. I, for one, know that I am not happy about having to get my system repaired after just 17 months of use (and only abut 6 heavy months).

    Anyways, after I make sure the new Elite is going to work out, it’s off to GameStop to sell them my Premium for the $250 USD and use that towards my next 5 games.

  2. na Says:

    Anyone who buys a Xbox 360 elite is a moron. Its almost as expensive as the PS3 and does not even have a high def. HD DVD player in it. Thats so dumb… Spend a few more bucks get the PS3 with the Blu-ray in it

  3. PrecogElite Says:

    I’m not surprised. The ones that complained, and still complain, the most are those that already have a 360 and think they are owed something from Microsoft.

    I am one of those who preordered from Circuit City the second day they were taking them. This will be my first 360.

  4. Jag Says:

    “Anyways, after I make sure the new Elite is going to work out, it’s off to GameStop to sell them my Premium for the $250 USD and use that towards my next 5 games.”

    GameStop will be cancelling the $250 trade in promotion 2 days BEFORE the Elite is even released. ;)

  5. desslok Says:

    I didn’t think the Elite was shipping with a built in HD DVD player? Did I miss something or did you already buy the external drive for $200? Between the built-in BlueRay drive and the ability to play my 25+ existing PS2 games, the PS3 seems like a better deal to me. Especially since I will probably wait another year or so before I buy one. So the price will most likely either dip, or the console will get an upgrade between now and then.

  6. Roger Says:

    maybe learn how to post images in the proper dimensions so they don’t show up blurry and look like crap.

  7. John M Says:

    It’s quite clear that nobody cares about either HD format right now, so who cares about Blu-ray? Sony got it wrong on so many levels with their new toy. By the time people are buying HD en masse, the Xbox 720 will be out, lol.

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  9. Motorcycle Guy Says:

    I think the fact they didn’t include HD-DVD in it may be the nail in HD-DVD’s coffin.

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  12. xbox 360 elite deals Says:

    I agree Xbox 360 is best and Xbox 360 Elite will be even better, 360 live is brilliant too with loads to do on line much better feature and way better exclusive games. PS3 is over priced and controllers are a bit weird. PS3 will be out of date and destroyed by Elite.

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