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  • ATTN 2K Sports: Why do you hate Sony? (Don King's Prizefighter Announced)
    2K Games, and specifically 2K Sports have announced Prizefighter, a new boxing game hoping to rival EA's Fight Night franchise. Don King, the great boximg promoter and game cover-senior [...]
  • Blizzard Opens Free Character Moves
    In an obvious bid to help ailing low-population servers where one faction has more or less wiped out the other, with not enough new players to help fill the gaps, Blizzard has opened up free [...]
  • A New Way to NDA
    Rhyming not intentional but awesome regardless. All this talk about the NDA on PotBS being lifted got me thinking. NDAs are annoying with the way they are currently handled. Don't get me wrong, [...]
  • Most (ub)dangerous games for kid´s
    Anybody can put together a list of games that parents shouldn't buy their young children for Christmas. Well, excuse me not everybody, I told you a few days ago about the top Prosecutor Kym [...]
  • Darth Vader Wii: $15,000
    If you have $15,000 just lying around the house, and haven't picked up a Wii yet, may I suggest you pick up this lovely piece of technological artwork? According to the seller this is one of [...]
  • Because we all are a bit like sheep
    "Because we all are a bit like sheep" Yeah that is how Jean-Claude Van Damme explains the sheep spell in World of Warcraft, sort of! Here is the new commercial in the "What is your game series” [...]
  • New Releases: Week of December 9th, 2007
    Last week's release list of games wasn't too shabby, no notable big name titles, just an overall list of quantity. The week before that however, it was just sad. Well, it looks as though it is [...]
  • Jonathan Coulton's "Still Alive" (it's Sunday, people)
    If you've played Portal, then you already know about this song so I really don't have to explain it to you. If you haven't played Portal, however, well... actually, no. If you haven't [...]
  • Amazon "10 Days, 10 Deals" Starts Today, Get a PS3 + Remote + Stranglehold = $399
    Amazon seems to have an offer up called the "10 Days, 10 Deals." Starting today, each day a different deal will be going on. Right now is a pretty nice PS3 bundle, where you can buy a PS3 40GB, [...]
  • BioShock Wins Game of the Year - Full VGA Winners List
    I am honestly *slightly* shocked that BioShock, as beautiful game as it was, has turned out to be the winner in this years Video Game Awards. Despite my little personal issues with BioShock, I am [...]

Hot Off The Press

  • Wreaths Across America
    The Wreaths Across America began 15 years ago when Worchester Wreath Company in Maine began a tradition of placing wreaths on the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery. Over the years, Worcester [...]
  • Nicole Richie Out Shopping
    Just Jared has some great pictures up of Nicole Richie out and about this weekend with a female friend doing some shopping. She looks great this far along in her pregnancy, although I'm not a fan [...]
  • CSI Miami ‘Guerillas in the Mist’ Promo Pics (6×11)
    Tripp Back in a suit. YEAH!!!!! More pics after.... Episode Details are HERE. Photo Source [...]
  • Starting the week off with....
    Hmmm... to find the right photo...well, I chose a few random photos. I drove around town and did about a 128 pictures today. My other computer was working very slow and I took too much [...]
  • The Gift of Fitness
    Along with a cozy sweater, here are some key fitness gadgets you should add to your gift wish list this holiday season. Write down hand weights or a weighted vest, an exercise ball, resistance [...]
  • 12 Days of Cookies
    In my house Christmas has always meant one thing. Cookies. Cookies of every shape and size and flavor. Plain sugar cookies, decorated sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, [...]
  • An UAE Landowner?
    PR-Inside reported that Justin Timberlake was so impressed with the sunsets that he has purchased land in The United Arab Emirates. Apparently Justin is not the only one doing it. Arabian News [...]
  • Christmas and Materialism
    April from Life as a Christian Woman asks, “How do you achieve a balance between the two?” The purpose of Christmas to me is to celebrate Jesus’ birth and to spend time with family and [...]
  • Number 1 In DVD Sales
    Justin Timberlake’s FutureSex/LoveShow: Live From Madison Square Garden is a hot commodity this week. The DVD has outsold the number one album in Australia this week. Over 20,000 were sold [...]
  • WIP: Scheherazad
    Make Art Monday!   [...]