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Halo 3’s Campaign Makes Grown Men Weep

Saturday, July 28th, 2007


I don’t know much about Bungie’s Curtis Creamer. I know that he’s an employee of Bungie, and a Producer on Halo 3. I also know that, with a name like Creamer, he was probably picked on in grade school. Thankfully we’ve moved beyond that sort of childish behavior (sans the picture), and will not be making any jokes at his expense. Because he could probably cream me in a fight. *snickers*

Seriously, though. Creamer was the most recent honoree of the “Meet the Team” feature at Bungie’s official website, and in the interview he gave us, the people, a few insights regarding the Halo 3 Single-Player.


Inafune on Dead Rising 2: “We’re not making it right now.”

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007


In an interview with Game Informer, Capcon great Kenji Inafune (aka the Father of Mega Man) sat down with Game Informer’s Billy Berghammer to talk about the present, and future of Capcom.

During the interview, Berghammer asked the question all Xbox 360 owners are curious about — will there be a Dead Rising 2? Inafune didn’t waste time to crush all our hopes and dreams by flat out saying no.

This is something we hear a lot from the press—Dead Rising 2, and we’re not making it right now, but it is something I would love to make.

So there you have it, kiddies — No Dead Rising 2 on the slate any time soon.

The interview itself is a fascinating read, as GI picks Inafune’s mind about Okami, the possibility of resurrecting old Capcom IPs for this generation, and whether or not there is still a place for 2D gaming in this, a 3D age. You can read the whole interview by clicking the link below.

[Game Informer Online]

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Peter Moore Bitch-Slaps Sony Once More For Old-Time Sake

Friday, July 20th, 2007


Good Lord, I’m going to miss Peter Moore. Like… really miss Peter Moore. For reasons much like this one.

In an interview with MCV, Peter Moore took one last pot shot at Sony and it’s PS3. In the interview, Moore had some words for both Nintendo and Sony, praising Nintendo’s innovation while criticizing the cocktease Sony game us with their temporary price-drop.

They need to find a way to get to $399 and then see what happens. I’m not sure the 80GB model is going to have a profound effect. I’m also not sure what they’re going to do with all that extra space. I was expecting an announcement of a full video download service, but it just isn’t there.

This is why Peter Moore owns you, and everyone who looks like you.

But, Moore was not all hostility. When asked about Nintendo, Moore had nothing but kind words for the Big N.

The numbers bear it out. Nintendo deserves more respect. Maybe they’re still a bit weak on third parties – their record has never been great in that area – but they’re doing something about that and looking to address it. At his conference Reggie (kicker of ass, taker of names) said he was aware that some rivals had indicated that DS and Wii would turn out to be fads. Well I, for one, certainly don’t think that. Maybe he was referring to something that Sony has said. I’ve been a fan from day one.

I have to say, he’s right. About Sony, anyways. A temporary $100 drop in price for a SKU they’re taking out of service is hardly enough. As for his comments on Nintendo, all I can say is “different strokes for different folks”.


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R.I.P. - Peter Moore (2003-2007) - Mini-FAQ

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Oh man, more MooreSince his leaving and then hiring announcements that took place yesterday, video game blogs and news sites worldwide had time to make sure something was said about this pretty big news in between all the E3 recaps taking place. There is no denying, this is pretty random huge news. With all the many sites out there, some having more exclusive information than others, it was hard to keep track of things you may have already read about the situation. So here is the Official Unofficial Peter Moore (2003-2007) Mini-FAQ. As moore news becomes available, it will of course be posted.

Why leaving?
-“it’s all about family” Peter takes time to go into a good amount of detail that being with his family in Cali is priority number one. - Major Nelson Podcast 2007-17-07 (Small note: This podcast is only 12min25sec, if you liked Moore, this is a nice audio of his final goodbye, gives many props to Microsoft and Don Mattrick)
Did the 3 year warranty have no part?
-“Peter’s reason to leave Microsoft was not related to the warranty question, John Riccitiello has tried several times to recruit Peter to EA. We’ve been working on the agreement with Peter for several weeks prior to the announcement. EA regulatory filing will show that we struck an employment agreement in early June.” - Multiplayerblog.com
How much is EA paying to leave M$?
-“EA is helping with relocation, providing an annual salary of $550,000 and also offering a whopping bonus of $1.5 million. (Paid Better than President of the U.S.)” - GameDaily BIZ

Thoughts from others:
-”Peter has contributed enormously to the games business since joining Microsoft in 2003 and we are sad to see him go. Since that time, he presided over the global launch of the Xbox 360, spearheaded a revitalized and rebranded Games for Windows business, and helped steer the console’s ascent.” - Robbie Bach (President of Entertainment and Devices Division) (VideoGameJocks.com)
-“(Getting Moore for EA Sports) is about making better and more innovative games and building the business for the future, and getting the best people is a key part of that.” - John Riccitiello (CEO of Electronic Arts) (IGN Interview with John Riccitiello)
Don Mattrick
-“(I was) surprised by Peter’s decision to leave Xbox” - (Joystiq talks with Don Mattrick and Robbie Bach)
-“We wish Peter the best of luck in his new role at Electronic Arts and look forward to working with him.” - Jack Tretton (GGL.com)

Some recent final words on a couple of games:
Metal Gear
-“..it’s a franchise that of course we would love on our box, that’s going to be Konami’s call” - Kotaku Peter Moore E3 2007 interview
Final Fantasy
-“Mr. Moore said he would “go all the way to Japan” to make Final Fantasy an exclusive on the Xbox 360 and he mentioned that there have been talks about bringing Square-Enix’s RPG series to the Xbox 360.” - Siliconera interview with Jeff Bell and Peter Moore

A quick blip on the future, Don Mattrick:
-“formerly worked for Electronic Arts before becoming an advisor to Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices Division. A 23-year veteran of the games industry, Mattrick has high hopes for the company’s future success. “I’m thrilled to join an already strong team that’s delivering truly amazing gaming experiences to customers around the world. I’ve never been more excited about the future of the industry, and firmly believe Microsoft will lead the next great innovations in gaming,” Mattrick stated, not that he’d say he thought the company’s due to bomb any time soon.” - Jim Sterling, Brit, DToider (Destructoid)

((Peter Moore image via YTMND.com user radioheadrule @ petersrolleyes.ytmnd.com))

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Hironobu Sakaguchi interview - 360 RPGs Future Here

Sunday, July 8th, 2007

The man behind some of the best RPGS did a a very quick sit down with Xboxyde, but had very good information within, here are the highlights:

  • Blue Dragon will have original Japanese voices, as well as English, French, German, and Spanish
  • 66% of 360 owners in Japan own Blue Dragon
  • Lost Odyssey will be more “hardcore” than Blue Dragon (in the difficulty department)
  • Nobuo Uematsu will be composing the Lost Odyssey music (wiki link for him)
  • Cry on is teaming up Cavia and Artoon

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Dan Paladin (Alien Hominid) Speaks on XBLA

Saturday, June 9th, 2007

AlienHominid.jpg The artist for the little yellow guy you see to your right, had a nice sit down with GameIndustry.biz touching on the Live Arcade itself, as well as delving into the benefits of being an “indie” game maker.

One of the most obvious things about the XBLA no one seems to state in print, that should help push upcoming devs into snagging an XNA account if they don’t already have one, Dan states,“XBLA has come just in time; it’s profitable and it works for everybody. The consumer pays less, the developer sees more and Microsoft has to be happy because they set it up. So everybody is happy in the end and that’s awesome.”

He speaks on an upcoming XBLA game called Castle Crashers saying “It’s a beat-em-up, a brawler of sorts, with RPG elements. It’s also an adventure. It’s 2D but you have a playfield that you can move in and out of, like River City Ransom.”

Interviews: Giorgia Vecchini

Saturday, June 2nd, 2007


Giorgia Vecchini is arguably the best Cosplayer in the world. Her costumes have won her countless first place victories, and she is by and large considered the #1 cosplayer on the planet. Oh, and I have a major thing for her.

So when I got to sit down and talk with the Italian beauty, I was as giddy as a school child. We talked mostly about her past, and cosplaying. She opened up about some of her cosplay experiences, as well as gave me a slight peek inside her personal life. It was a fascinating interview, and I hope her and I can share some time again in the near future.


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